Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My favorite quilt so far!

We had a light dusting of snow yesterday and some really fierce winds, but the sun is shining this morning. Of course it is only 2* out, up from -2*. This is January in Missouri. I just keep saying spring is coming. (grin)

Today I thought I would share some pictures of a quilt I made that I just love. I took my time on it. It had 12 blocks and I only pieced about 1 a week. Then the hand quilting took a long time, but it was a labor of love. LOL This quilt is called Thimbleberries Village. I just love Thimbleberries patterns. I have made many of Lynette Jensen's patterns. I have several of her books. Did I say I love Thimbleberries? I picked out all of the fabric, but stayed pretty close to the pattern.

Anyway, here is Thimbleberries Village.

Here is the back. Love those backs. LOL
back of Thimbleberries Village
As I said, this quilt was so much fun to put together. It is for our bed some day. Can you believe that I have kept very few of my quilts? Most have found homes elsewhere. I have it spread out on the bed right now. Do you see what I have to put up with? Callie is in front and Aeris in back. Good thing I love my girls so much. LOL
Here is a picture of dh holding it up for me.
Thimbleberries Village
I told you I love this quilt. As you can see, Aeris still had to get into the picture. LOL

The current project is a small table topper that I put together from a charm pack. I am just doing a simple crosshatch in the borders. Already have the center quilted. I guess I just needed something to do for fun. I am also working on Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight. http://quiltville.blogspot.com/ Hers is a beautiful quilt with lots of pieces. I am using green where Bonnie used pink. I hope I didn't make a mistake.

Cathryn called yesterday. She said Ava had received her quilt and loves it. That made my day. All 4 of the grandkids loved their quilts. What more can I ask?

Don't forget that The Biggest Loser is on tonight. I just love that show. I haven't picked a favorite yet. After last season, I figured I would let it play out for a while before I decided who to get behind. LOL

Well, this is becoming rather boring. Sorry about that. I may have to give some thought to my blog posts instead of just doing them off the top of my head. Everyone have a wonderful day and please visit again. I really appreciate all visitors.


Milah said...

Well, believe it or not the Village Quilt was my very first quilt project! I signed up to take a block of the month class in Jan. of 2000. I made my first block in class and came home and made a flying geese quilt before my Feb. class was scheduled. That was the quilt the got me started!! And guess what....I never finished it! I got ahead of myself and missed some classes that year so I condensed it and made a smaller version. It's still waiting for a binding! He He!
BTW, that was a huge quilt to hand quilt! Pretty colors too, mine were more muted.

Niki RuralWritings said...

I've just couple up on your posts of the past couple days, you have made some beautiful quilts. I enjoyed the quilt history post especially. You do beautiful hand quilting.
I hope one day mine might look half as good!

~Bren~ said...

I love that quilt too. And those girls are adorable...they are smart too. They know a comfy spot when they see it!!!
I am excited about BL tonight. I am sure I will have my favorite after tonights episode.
Bob is suppose to blow his stack!!!!

amberose said...

Wow mom That quilt is a beautiful one! I like all the different colors. They come together nicely. I'm like you the only thing that I have kept that I've made was my pineapple table topper and my dining room curtains. Everything else has found homes! Must be a crafter thing:)

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