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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August Goal Results!

I did not reach my entire goal, but I am satisfied with what I got accomplished. I am still working on the Double Delight. I am going to finish that quilt if it kills me. LOL It is those rolling star blocks. I love the way they look, but really don't enjoy making them. I know quilting is all about having fun, but I just can't give up on this one. I have seen several of them finished and they are beautiful! I hope to spend at least a couple of hours a week working on it. I am almost ready to start sewing the blocks together.

I did finish the 2 hand quilting projects that I had started. Here is Harbor Town. I really like it. Here is the center of it.
I just love the way the lighthouse turned out.
Here is the back, although you can't really see the quilting.I also finished the D9P (Disappearing Nine Patch). This is just a lap size quilt, so it shouldn't have taken so long to quilt, but I kept putting it on the back burner for other projects. It is completely done now, though, even washed. (grin)Here is a closeup of one of the corners. Please excuse my pictures. I am not a good photographer, even though I love to take pictures.
I used a green cotton sheet for the backing. It really helps the quilting to stand out. I have used flat sheets for the backing on most of my bedsize quilts. I have never had any problems. I already shared pictures of the Green Star Quilt Along and Froggy Went a Courtin', so I won't post them again. I also have most of the applique done on the Birds and Blooms, but haven't taken a picture of it lately. So as you can see, I really was busy this past month. Now I am working on quilting Noah's Ark Quilt. I also want to start some new projects. I have several pictures to share, but will divide them up over the next few days. I think I would blog more often if it didn't take so long to upload pictures. I guess I should start bringing my handwork over to the computer to work on while the pictures are uploading. Hmm, never thought of doing that before. LOL

I now have all 12 of the Quilter's Garden blocks done. I'm ready to start putting it together. Here is block #3 called Bleeding Heart. Here is block # 4 called Cactus Flower. Well, that is it for tonight. It is September 1st. Dare I set another goal? Why not? (grin) This time my goal will be to make at least 15 posts on my blog this month. If I make the posts shorter with less pictures, I think I can do it. Tomorrow, I plan to tell you about our one day vacation. Kevin took me to Jamesport (Missouri's largest Amish community) last Friday. I had lots of fun, but I'll share that tomorrow. Everyone have a good night. Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I have a goal!

Good afternoon,

I know it has been 2 weeks since I posted, but I have been busy and didn't really have much to blog about. Now I have come up with a plan. Several quilters in blogland are trying to finish up things in August. (Big sigh!) I have so many projects to finish. After reading Bren's blog about how she continued on with her Basket Case quilt even though she had lots of problems with it, I decided I needed to finish some of these tops. Bren's Basket Case is beautiful, by the way. You should go to her blog and check it out.

So my goal for August is to get the 4 quilts (5 if I count Birds and Blooms) done to flimsy stage. I also have 2 quilts that I am hand quilting at the moment. I want to get them complete, bindings and all. I might even try to throw in a couple of shirts for Kevin. Nope, still haven't made his shirts. LOL I know this sounds like a lot, but I don't plan to let myself start another project till I have these done. So to be accountable, I am posting about it here. I will try to keep you all updated on my progress, but if I spend time on the computer, I don't have time for quilting. LOL

First I want to finish to flimsy stage the Frog quilt. I have half the blocks done and the rest of it cut out, so hope to have it pieced by tomorrow. This is a baby quilt, so not real big. There are 12 blocks in it. The blocks measure 10 inches square finished.
Next up is my Green Star Quilt Along quilt. It was a quilt along on Amanda Jean's blog a long time ago. All that I need to do for this one is put the borders on it. It is large, queen size I think. I really love how this one looks. Just need to get those borders on it.
I have Double Delight cut out, but need to get it finished. It was a mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter. I love the way everyone elses turned out, but hate trimming. Half of the blocks have lots of trimming. I have all of the double 9-patch blocks done, but the square in a square blocks still need lots of work. These are the 2 basic blocks for this quilt. I didn't go scrappy as Bonnie did. I think it will be really pretty once it is finished. I just need to bite the bullet and get those square in a square blocks done.I started A Quilter's Garden over a year ago. It is a Thimbleberries' pattern. I have the flower blocks all cut out and 4 of them done. That is all, so this one will take the most time. Here is what it should look like, except with my fabric choices, of course.
Of course, I will continue to work on the Birds and Blooms quilt. I have the bottom applique done, so just 3 more sides of applique, then I can make and put on the border with all those HST's (half square triangles). LOL I have a new ruler for those, that is supposed to make it much easier. I hope so.
I am quite a bit over half done on the Disappearing Nine Patch. I had planned to have this one done in May. That didn't happen, so it got put on hold while I worked on other projects. It is wrinkled because it has been sort of folded beside my rocker, patiently waiting for me to get back to it. LOL Can you believe that I am having trouble figuring out which color thread I used to quilt it. Why didn't I put the thread I was using with the quilt? Hmmm, it is either white or off white. I am over half done on Harbor Town. This one has been lots of fun for me. It is basically just straight stitching. Well, there you have it. Do you think I can get all of these done in August? Maybe I am just spitting in the wind, but I thought I would be more apt to work on these if I posted about them. LOL We do have alot going on right now, but I still have lots of free time while Kevin is at work. If I don't meet my goal this month, I will just continue on in September. I definitely have plenty of handquilting to keep me busy this winter. (grin) As I said, I will try to keep you updated, but it will probably be smaller posts with less pictures. Uploading pictures on here takes a long time.
Thank you to everyone who wished us happy anniversary. We had a good time. Also thank you for visiting my blog. Please come again. Have a good day.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Win, a Finish, a Start, and a Celebration!

Good afternoon,

It is warmer here today, but still not like normal. We have had such a pleasant July this year. Pretty unheard of to have almost a week in a row of below normal temps in the middle of July! As far as I am concerned it can stay like this. I can handle highs in the low 80's LOL After today (lower 90's) it is supposed to be cool again all next week. How great is that!
Look what I won at Pat's blog! Thanks Pat, I just love it. I plan to make the Georgia Hoe Down for our bed as soon as I get a few other projects cleared out. It will probably be a winter project. I can see some magnificent quilting opportunities in those open spaces. (grin)
I finished the crocheted pink baby afghan. It was fun to have a major change of pace. I may get some more yarn and start on another afghan. I have a place for the pink to go, but won't say anything till she is here. (grin) Won't hurt to have baby afghans on hand. Lots of babies being born this year in our family. I have 3 nephews and their wives who are expecting babies. Here is the pink all folded up on my cutting table. Here it is stretched out on the bed. I think it turned out pretty good. This is a simple pattern, but looks like it was much harder. The first picture is closer to the true color, yet I think it is a little brighter than even that one. I go in spurts. My poor sewing machine thinks that something has happened to me. I haven't even turned it on this week. For shame! I have been in a hand quilting mood. I told you I wouldn't be able to resist starting on one of those small quilts that I sandwiched earlier. I am still working on the Birds and Blooms applique, but this is what I have been working on for the past few nights. Laurie, here is Harbor Town. I have the center and one of the setting triangles quilted. I may put some more quilting in the center. So far I have quilted in the ditch around the stars and sailboats. Then quilted some waves in under the boats. I am just crosshatching the setting triangles. This one has been so much fun. (Wait a minute. I say that every time, don't I? LOL) Tomorrow is a day of play for us! It is our 32nd wedding anniversary. Where does the time go? Sure doesn't seem like it has been 32 years since we took our vows in the Methodist Church that Kevin grew up in. I was a lot skinnier then. LOL Not sure what we are doing, but Kevin said when he left for work today to not plan on getting much done tomorrow around here. We are heading to town. I must admit that I have not been to the city or Wal Mart for 4 weeks. Can you believe that? I have been getting groceries from a regular grocery store in a smaller town closer to us. By watching the sales, I have been able to get groceries pretty close to what it would cost me at Wal Mart. Not to dis WM, but I would lots rather help the little store keepers than them. I am still aggravated at them for their plans to take the fabric departments out. We still have one Wal Mart that has fabric, but they say that it will be gone when they remodel again. Our closest city has about 75,000 people, yet no quilt stores. We have Wal Mart, JoAnns and Hobby Lobby. I keep hoping someone will open up a quilt store. Surely there are more quilters than me in northwest Missouri. Must be, because I always have to wait in line at JoAnns and Wal Mart to have fabric cut. Now how did I manage to ramble off the topic of our anniversary to quilt stores. (eye roll) So, anyway, I think we will probably be eating out, going to Wal Mart (yep, need some things I can't get in smaller stores), Sams Club, Lowes, Porters and wherever else takes our fancy. It would not surprise me if my sweetie suggests taking me to JoAnns. I have been trying to avoid going there, because I just don't need anything right now. Need to use up what I have. But you know that I am weak! LOL If I ramble any more in this paragraph, you all are going to abandon me. LOL Everyone have a great day and wonderful weekend. Thanks for visiting.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Harbor Town and Garage Saling!

Good morning everyone,

We had a rainy and stormy weekend, but I got alot of sewing done. (grin) Kevin had lots of plans for working outside this weekend. It didn't happen. We woke up Saturday morning to rain. Isaiah called and asked me to go garage saling with him. Kevin was going to go till he saw the radar. He knew that once the rain stopped and the sun came out, that the humidity would be terrible. He was right. LOL So I joined our son. We went to lots of garage sales, but didn't find many bargains. My favorite find was this fabric. I ended up with about 8 yards and a panel for $6. Not bad, especially since this is good quality fabric, just older. LOL
I also found 2 skirts and 5 blouses for me. I think I spent about $4 on these. So I guess I didn't do bad. I spent about $10 and came home with clothes and fabric. Here are the skirts and blouses.
Isaiah spent about the same as I did and went home with a floor lamp, 3 pairs of jeans and 5 shirts. I think he was happy with his treasures. LOL After dragging his mama all over town, he took me out for lunch. I enjoyed the day with our boy. I came home and took a 4 hour nap. My dh woke me up because he thought something was wrong with me. LOL It was an all town garage sale. So we would park and walk around the block hitting all of the sales. We did this several times. Also, we were in Isaiah's big truck. My short legs had quite a time climbing in and out of it numerous times. He had to give me a hand several times. I was completely worn out. LOL

So other than garage sales and a nap, I didn't get much accomplished on Saturday. We went to bed and Kevin said, 'Now we have lots we have to get done tomorrow.' Didn't happen! We had more storms come through Saturday night. It was too wet and muddy to work outside on Sunday. So what did we do? Kevin watched a marathon of 'Lord of the Rings' movies. I believe it was about 9 hours worth. Me? I sewed all day! What fun I had! I got the Harbor Town top together. It is now ready to sandwich and quilt. The hardest part of this cute quilt was the picket fence border.
I just started chain piecing them and soon had the borders pieced. I decided to go ahead and use the red/white checked fabric for the triangle setting blocks. I had to be really careful with those long bias edges, but I got them fastened onto the center. I think they look OK.Then I got to have some fun. I made 3 houses and the lighthouse. I really enjoyed making that lighthouse. I am thinking about making another one and just adding some blocks around it for a small wall hanging. I think these turned out pretty good.
The fabric that I had intended for the setting triangles worked great for the lighthouse. So I guess it was a good thing that I messed up the cutting. LOL I added these to the picket fences, then to the center. My flash washed it all out. Sorry about that. As you can see, Callie approves. I added the last border and now I have a flimsie all ready for sandwiching and quilting. (grin) This is supposed to be a wall quilt, but it measures 49 inches square right now. It will take up a large wall space. After I got Harbor Town all put together, I decided to take a break from the sewing machine. I got on the computer and piddled for a while. Then my MIL called to warn me about severe weather coming in. Carolyn called after that to tell me our county was under a tornado warning. Now just to show you how differently we react....Kevin is watching a DVD (remember the Lord of the Rings marathon). He gets up, looks out the north window, then sits back down and watches his movie. Didn't even put the tv on so we could check the weather. Me, I am checking radar on the net, then put my little Walkman on so I can hear our local radio station. They are talking about the tornadoes forming in our part of the county. I am pacing back and forth from window to window. I am normally really afraid of storms, but we weren't having any wind, rain, or lightning. So I went outside to see what was going on. I was fascinated. I had never seen the clouds look like that. They were all twirling around and around. I know it wasn't too smart, but I stood out in the yard for half an hour just watching the clouds. I heard on the radio that a couple of tornadoes did form from these clouds but didn't come down. By now you all probably think I am a nutcase for standing out in the yard watching clouds that have the ability to form tornadoes, but our neighbors were doing the same thing. LOL I could see and even hear them. (grin) Anyway, all we got was some rain, but my brother, who lives in town about 10 miles away got baseball sized hail. It broke the windshield out of his new truck and dented it all up. Mom got golfball size hail. I haven't checked back with her yet today to see if it destroyed her little garden. So I am very thankful that we did not get any damage from a very stormy night.
After all of the excitement from the storms passed, I checked and saw that Dana had added the next part of her quilt along. So I decided I'd better get caught up. I plan to spend today working on it. Hopefully I will have pictures to share tomorrow of my wild quilt. LOL Now I had better get with it or I won't have any time for sewing today. Everyone have a great day. Thank you for visiting and please come again.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Harbor Town and a visit with Isaiah!

I am actually blogging 2 days in a row! LOL Will wonders never cease! I had a nice visit with our son, Isaiah, yesterday. He came and spent the afternoon with his mama. So I did not get as much done as I planned, but that is all right. I spent time with one of my babies. We checked the garden. It looks like everything is coming up. The zucchini and green beans are looking good. Then we went down to check on the chicks. (Sigh) He agreed with me. It looks like most of my banties are roosters. It figures. I lost one earlier this week. I think it was a little pullet. I just found it laying dead in their shed, no wounds or anything. So I guess we wait and see. After the chickens, Isaiah helped me carry clothes in off the line. We had a good visit.

I have been busy this morning. I made chicken noodle soup for Kevin, washed up all the dishes, and got all my chores done. Now I have the afternoon free for some quilting. (grin) I still need to finish pressing and cutting the blocks for the wild colored quilt along quilt. The quilt I am enjoying working on the most right now is a Thimbleberries pattern, called Harbor Town. This one has been fun. Here is a picture from the book, so you can see what it should look like.
Isn't this cute? Lynette Jensen has the same taste that I have. LOL I just love all of her patterns. I have the star blocks, wharf blocks and sailboat blocks all done and put together. I had a certain fabric that I wanted to use for the setting triangles. It needed to be cut 16 3/4 inches square, then cut in half diagonally. I was very careful and cut it 16 3/4 inches one way. I thought I was just as careful for cutting it the second way, but I cut it 15 3/4 inches. (Crying here!) Here is what I had intended to use. (of course, I had the fabric doubled when I cut it) Since I messed this fabric up, I had to go to my stash and try to find an alternative. What do you think about this one? I will probably end up using it. I have the picket fence border all cut and ready to sew. If I get it done in time today, I will probably work on the lighthouse block and house blocks. I may do them a little different than the pattern. I am thinking about making each house a different color instead of all the same. Maybe just different reds. I'll know as I start making them. LOL Here are fabrics for the borders. The beige is the picket fence, of course, then the blue and the final border will be the green. See, I told you I like matchy-match. LOL I know this is a short post, but the Harbor Town is calling my name. LOL Everyone have a good day. Thank you for visiting my blog and please come again.

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