Monday, January 26, 2009

Izabella's and Noah's quilts

Well, I haven't blogged for a couple of days. Did you miss me? Come on, tell me the truth. LOL I spent the weekend with our daughter, Cathryn's family. We had a little late birthday party for Miss Ava. She wanted a Tinkerbell party, but a Strawberry Shortcake cake. So that is what she got. Hazel and her family came too. So I got to play with all 4 grandbabies. I sure felt blessed. Sorry, no pictures yet. I left my camera there. (sad face) Cathryn shipped it to me Priority today, so hopefully I will have it either tomorrow or Wednesday. Wow, I am lost without my camera. I thought of several things to do today, then thought, naw, not without my camera to take pictures. LOL I guess my life revolves around blogging now. I am hooked. I realized that I never did post pictures of Izabella's and Noah's Christmas quilts, so you will get to see them today.

I used different blues and purples for Noah's quilt. I love those colors, so I hope he does. He loves to play with cars and one day while he was here, he preferred a blue one. So I assumed blue is his color. LOL It is a Yellow Brick Road pattern. I quilted 3 different sized circles in each block. You will have to forgive Aeris. She wouldn't get off of the quilt. I put her down, but she jumped right back up. I just figured she was giving her seal of approval. (grin)
Here is a closeup, so you can see the circles a little better.
And of course, we have to have a picture of the back. I love those backs. There's Aeris again.Izabella's quilt is a Yellow Brick Road too. I used bright fabrics in it. I found this wonderful Winnie the Pooh fabric for the back. Hazel says she likes to lay on it and look at all the bright colors. That was my idea. I quilted 2 inch squares over the center and Baptist fans in the borders. This quilt should work for her for a couple of years, then I will fix her another quilt kind of like Ava's. I am thinking maybe a Sunbonnet Sue quilt, but may change my mind by then.
Here is kind of a closeup.

And of course, that beautiful pink back.
I also want to say a big 'WOOHOO!' to my friend Bren. She lost 3 pounds this week. I think she told me she has now lost 30 lbs. Isn't that great? I plan to start back on the Atkins diet tomorrow. I probably won't be real strict with it, but I just have to take some of this weight off. Nothing like a weekend spent playing with 4 grandbabies to show you how important getting healthy is. (grin) I know I keep saying this, but I really plan to start exercising as well. I was hoping for warmer weather so I could get out and walk, but that isn't happening, so I guess I will exercise right here in the house. I have to get in better shape or the garden work will kill me. (big grimace) Sorry, but I am just not brave enough to post my starting weight. Let's just say it made my mouth drop open and eyes widen this morning. I took my measurements too. Also not a pretty sight. I wrote everything down with the date. We shall see where I am in one month. My goal is to lose 10 lbs. What should my reward be if I reach my goal? Nothing to eat. That is what got me into this mess in the first place. I know. I get to buy an extra yard of fabric for every 10 lbs I lose. I like that as a reward. You notice I say an 'extra' yard. I have promised myself to not buy any more fabric till June. (Now I doubt that I will be able to keep that promise, but it sounds good. hehe) I really need to use from the stash. It is getting out of control. So, by Feb. 27th, I hope to be 10 lbs lighter. (But I sure wouldn't be upset if it was more. LOL) That is great, because my birthday is March 2nd. If I am going good, I won't be so tempted to eat bad things for my b-day.
Well, I think I need to get to bed. If my camera comes tomorrow, I will share some pictures of my weekend. If not, you will get some more oldies, but goodies. LOL Everyone have a wonderful night.


Michelle said...

Your quilts look wonderful, and I'm so glad you got some grandma time in.


a corgi said...

those are beautiful quilts! good luck with your diet; 10 pounds in a month sounds like a reasonable goal!


Fruit of her hands said...

Winona~ Your quilts are once again just gorgeous!! Good luck on the weight loss, I am up to 21 pounds lost but I have been doing Weight Watchers since before Thanksgiving. I like your idea for a reward FABRIC why hadn't I thought of that???

Milah said...

Aeris looks good in blue and purple!
Seriously, lovely quilts you've got there. And, Good luck with the weight loss and exercise. I started working out the end of December. The pounds are coming off slowly but my strength and endurance has improved so much! I'm working out 50-60 minutes a day so hopefully that garden work this summer will be a snap!

~Bren~ said...

Beautiful quilts! I can't wait to see pics of your time with the grandkids.
Since Kim is finishing the basement, my treadmill is covered with blankets. I have not had a good workout in 5 days. Better get back on it. I know you can do the 10 pounds easy! I bet it is more like 15 in the first month. I would never post my starting weight either, but you can get a weightloss ticker that shows pounds lost, not your actual weight.

Julie said...

Hi Winona. I love your quilts!

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