Monday, March 30, 2009

Working on quilts.

Good day everyone,
It is another windy March day here, but it is 61* right now. Our snow storm on Saturday did not amount to much. If you lived out in Kansas you probably got dumped on, like 18-24 inches of snow, but most of it went south of us. We had a little bit of snow, but most of the precipitation that we received was in the form of sleet and freezing drizzle. The roads were pretty slick for a couple of hours, then the sun came out and melted it away. So hopefully that is the last winter storm for the season. Now I get to wait again for the garden to dry out enough to work.

We had a good weekend. Dh spent most of it piddling on the computer or watching movies. I spent it sewing and quilting. Not much else we could do, so we both did what we enjoy doing. We were in the same area, so we could talk to each other. I found this cute little baby quilt, all cut out. I think I cut it out about 1 1/2 years ago but never sewed it together. So as of yesterday afternoon, it is a flimsy.
This went together really good. In fact I thought I would get the whole thing done without even having to rip out anything. Nope, not to be. I just could not believe that I cut the border one inch short. (sigh) I have my own way of doing borders. Usually it turns out great, but not yesterday. I sewed the star block on one end of the border, then sewed up to about 10 inches shy of the other end. Then I laid out my other star block, measured, added 1/4" and cut. The thing I did wrong, was I went by the inner dark blue border seam instead of the outer. So I was about 1 inch short. (another sigh) What to do...I had enough fabric to cut another border strip. but it would mean a lot of ripping out. Did I really want to do that? Nope. So I ripped the star block off the end of the border, sewed another small piece of border fabric on the border, then added the star block back. Here is how it turned out. If you are right on top of it, you can tell, but it isn't very noticeable from a distance.
I thought about putting some applique animals in the big white blocks, but I have decided not to do that. I think I will do a lot of quilting in them. I have a beautiful feathered circle quilting template. What do you think? This is intended for a little boy. Will the feathered circle be too girlish? Another thought is to do a cross hatch in 1/2 to 1 inch squares. I supposed that would look better for a little boy. I am in the baby quilt making mode. LOL Lots of babies due this year in our family. My brother has 6 sons, no daughters. Two of them are expecting babies. I figured there is a good chance of at least one boy. I plan to make a couple of pink quilts to have on hand too. It never hurts to have baby quilts ready. I am down to three blocks and the borders on my Peter Rabbit Challenge baby quilt. I haven't done alot of work lately on the Savannah Star, so no progress on it. I did start another quilt this morning. This is a Froggy quilt. I had bought the fabric for this several years ago. I was planning on making it for Ashton. He will be 6 this summer. LOL (Shows how long ago I started it.) Anyway, I had one block put together in a double nine patch design. It was before I was 'into' quilting. I didn't even have a rotary cutter and mat. I used cardboard templates, drew around them on the back of the fabric and cut them out with scissors. LOL I am thankful that I didn't cut up all of the fabric. Now I know why I never finished the original. It was blah! Not enough contrast. See what I mean. I have been stewing and thinking about this quilt for a week or so. The frog fabric is too cute to just discard (Like I would do that to fabric anyway!LOL) I also have a piece of fabric with larger frogs in it. I believe I intended it for the back. Now I just piece the backs if I don't have a big enough piece. (grin) Anyway, since I enjoyed putting the above quilt together this weekend, I decided to use the same pattern for this. Here is what I came up with. I made up one each of the two blocks to see how they would play together. I like it. I used the fabric with the larger frogs in it for the center square in a square block on the left. I added some light yellow for the light fabric in the pinwheel in a star block. I'll worry about the borders when I get these all done and put together. LOL What do you think? Isn't this a big improvement over the double nine patch that I started several years ago? So far, just making these 2 blocks has been a blast. I am finally 'feeling' this quilt. LOL I am sewing like a whirlwind. I want to have several projects pieced, sandwiched, and ready to pick up and quilt on during breaks in my day. Spring is here and that means a lot of busy work outside. When I come in from working outside, I am usually too tired to sit at the machine and piece, but I'm very seldom too tired to sit with a quilt in my lap while watching tv. LOL

I still haven't decided for sure what fabric to use for the disappearing nine patch. I laid it out with different choices.
Since these don't show up very good, I will show you some closeups. Here are choices #1 and #2.
Number one was my original choice, but now that it is together, I think it blends in too much. Here are the next two, #3 and #4. Finally, here is #5.
I asked Kevin which he liked best. He chose #4 and #5. I am leaning towards #4. That fabric is just so pretty in my opinion. What do you think? This is for an almost 18 year old girl. I just want it to be about lap size. I figured I'd cut the borders 5 inches. That should make the quilt about the size I want and also let the pattern in the border show up good.

Well, I guess that is it for today. I sure have been quilt newsy. LOL Everyone have a good day. Thank you for visiting. Please come again.

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Friday!

Good morning everyone,

I love Fridays, because that means the weekend is almost here. This weekend will probably be pretty slow since we are supposed to have snow coming in. Everything was just getting so nice and green, now I guess it will be white for a few days. They say we are on the north edge of the storm and should only get 2-4 inches. Hope they are right. It is about 25* here and the wind is really howling, so it feels much colder. At least when it is nasty outside I can work all weekend on my quilting without feeling guilty. (grin) Dh will probably watch movies while I sew and quilt. I was so glad to get back to Internet Explorer 7. I won't be doing any more upgrades any time soon, let me tell you! LOL I did not get as much done yesterday as I hoped, so maybe I can make up for it this weekend. I want to try to get the top pieced for the disappearing nine patch today. Here are a couple of the fabrics I have pulled for the borders.
Once I get the center put together, I will see if these play nice with it. LOL If not, I have lots of different fabrics I can pull for my stash to try. Here is more of a closeup of the darker border fabric.
Here is a closeup of the lighter border fabric. I think I will put a narrow border of the green around it first, then go with a flowery border. Do any of you like either one of these? I will have to see when I get things together. They might be too much pink, but I kind of like quilts with just a few colors in them. Of course, I also like quilts with lots of colors. LOL In fact, I don't think I have ever seen a quilt that I didn't like.LOL

I was in Wal Mart last week and noticed that they had gotten in a bunch of pretty fabric. Now I know I do not need more fabric, but since the south Wal Mart has taken their fabric all out, I figure it will just be a matter of time till the north one does too. We don't have a quilting store near us. We have Wal Mart, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn's. So when I get the opportunity to get something to stock up, I do. My hubby is so good about not saying anything when I come in carrying a bag full of fabric. LOL Here is what I brought home with me last weekend. Another view of the pretty fabric. Some of this will probably become aprons or purses. Not sure yet, but I sure liked everything I brought home. I have my Peter Rabbit challenge about half quilted. I am about 3/4 done with the quilting on the Savannah Star quilt. I really need to get started on the quilting for the beagle quilt. I want to have that done by May 9th. My mom's birthday is May 26th. She has strongly hinted that she wants a rooster quilt. I haven't even started that yet. I am trying to do some block of the month quilts. I guess it is a good thing that our weather will be nasty this weekend. Maybe I can catch up on some of this. LOL
Well, my dh will be leaving for work soon, so I need to get off here and help him get around. Everyone have a nice day. If you are in the path of the winter storms, stay safe. Thank you for visiting and please come again. By the way, since I am back to IE7, I can once again get my pictures where I want them. (grin)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Disappearing Nine Patch and IE8

Hello everyone,

It has been cold and windy here, so I guess winter just wasn't ready to let go yet. In fact, they are calling for snow this weekend. I really hope they are wrong. I guess I will have to wait and see. (grin) It dawned on me yesterday that I have a niece graduating high school at the end of May. I will need a gift for her, so I decided to make a disappearing nine patch lap quilt for her. I found some pretty pink paisley-like fabric, some pink with tiny green specks fabric and some green fabric, all in my stash. I have all of the nine patches made and 5 of them cut. Now I need to cut the rest of them and lay them out in a pleasing manner, then sew them together. I also have some pretty pink, beige, and green floral fabric that I think will look fabulous as a border. Just hope I have enough of it. Since I want to make this all out of my stash, I will make do with what I have. I actually have several pinkish floral fabrics, so I know I will find something. LOL Here are the first 4 nine patches.
I had several pictures planned, but may not post them since blogger is uploading so incredibly slow. I have other things to do today. LOL I will try again. I took the nine patches and cut them in half both ways. Ok, this morning I updated to Internet Explorer 8. I so wish I had not done that. I have had nothing but trouble since. I can not even count the number of times I tried to move the above picture before it finally worked. When my dh gets home, I am going to see if he can help me figure out how to get IE7 back. I am hating this newer version. You know what they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. My dh said it was my decision whether I upgraded to 8 or not, but I know he probably wouldn't have. Now if I can just get my old one back, I will be happy and content. I am going to try once more to add a picture and if I have problems, this will be it for today. I had several pictures to share, but this is just making me too frustrated.

Now that I have all of the 9 patches cut in half twice, I need to decide how to arrange them. I have 2 or 3 different arrangements or I can just mix it all up. LOLThis is the first one.
I got the picture to go where I wanted, but it wasn't easy and is so slow. Boy, I hope I can get 7 back. Here is the 2nd arrangement. Ok, that is it for me today. It is just taking too long to get the pictures uploaded, then where I want them to be. Sorry to cut this short, but I have other things to do. Everyone have a good day. Hopefully if I can get rid of IE8, I will be back tomorrow. Thanks for visiting.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I have a new toy!

Good afternoon,
Another week has almost passed since I posted. I just can't seem to get with it enough to post more than once a week. I guess once a week is better than none, right? LOL We had a beautiful weekend here in northwest Missouri. Dh and I spent most of it outside. Now today is another story. The wind is blowing so hard that our house is shaking. We have a wind advisory in affect. Even have some storms coming in. But back to the weekend. (grin) Friday I made a quick trip to the bank and grocery store. I also wanted to get the license for our car, but the DMV was packed. I waited in line for 30 minutes and there were still 8 people ahead of me, so I just came on home. I knew we had to go to town on Saturday anyway. I was so proud of myself when I came out of the grocery store. I only bought healthy things, mostly veggies. They had several things on sale, so I stocked up. My fridge is full. That is such a good feeling. I love peppers. They had yellow, orange, red and green peppers on sale. I bought some of each. I took a picture of the bright colored ones as I was chopping them. I like to chop them up and freeze them. Then I can use them in about everything I cook. LOL I just open the bag and take out a handfull, then fasten the bag back. Works great for me. Look how pretty these are.
I have them all chopped up and in the freezer. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of them before I chopped up the orange and yellow peppers. They were so pretty. The green ones are still in the fridge waiting me to make stuffed peppers out of them. I could about live off of those. LOL I also got some zucchini, eggplant, asparagus (I only buy this in early spring as it costs too much at other times. It was $1.99 per lb.), cabbage, tomatoes, mushrooms, avocadoes, onions, cucumbers, blackberries, and several different varieties of lettuce. See, I told you I bought healthy stuff. LOL I also got a good deal on diet lean burger, $1.39 per lb. So it cost me about $65 to stock up my fridge with healthy stuff for us to eat this week. I was really happy about that.

Saturday was a busy day. We were at the license bureau 15 minutes before it opened and there was already a line. Goodness, they are a busy place. We finally got our license, I stopped at the post office, paid our insurance for 6 months, then headed off to pick up my glasses. I really like them. I got the transition lenses. It is so nice to not have to always pick up the clip ons every time I want to go outside. I also picked up the few things I needed from Wal Mart. Kevin told me he was going to look at something back in lawn and garden and for me to meet him back there when I was done. Look what he bought me. I call her Katie. LOL
Here is another view of her. Isn't she pretty? We have a wonderful 8 Horse Troybilt rear tine tiller. It is too heavy for me to run. Well, really not run, but to turn at the end of the rows. It just kills my upper back and shoulders. So Kevin has to do all of the tilling. The only bad thing about that is that he doesn't always have time to do it when I need or want it done. (grin). He had told me he would get me a tiller I could run this spring, then the economy took a dive and we decided to wait. I was disappointed, but understood. So I was really surprised when he wanted to buy this for me. I used it to till the first section of our garden. I actually tilled it 2 times. I can turn it with ease at the end of the rows. Now if the wind would just lay enough for me to plant some stuff. I figure there is no point in planting the neighbor's field. LOL While I was playing with Katie, Kevin was putting new wheel bearings in the car. He changed them both. Now that was a messy job. LOL He was rather greasy when I came up from the garden.

I am so behind on starting my indoor veggies. I usually start them by the 15th of March at least, but this year they were started on the 23rd. Should be all right, though. I would rather plant things out in the garden a little late than early anyway. Here I have things laid out ready for me to begin. I planted 4 different varieties of tomatoes, 2 varieties of sweet peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant, cabbage, and basil. They are covered with plastic and hopefully germinating. I will peek daily to check for little sprouts. I have been busy working on some quilting stuff, but nothing finished, so no pictures really. I will share a picture of a top that I made last year. I think I will get it sandwiched and ready to quilt soon. It was an online quilt along from Judy L. I'm not sure what she called it, but I call it Shadowy Stars. I don't think I have shared it on here before.
Here is a closeup of the stars. I actually love the way this turned out. I am anxious to start on it, but it will probably be at least a month. I have a few projects that have to be completed first. Well, I think that is enough for me today. I bought some pretty fabric at Wal Mart, but I will save the pictures of that for tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. I think the storms are getting closer because it is getting really dark here and I heard them say on tv that our county is under a flash flood watch. So I need to get off the computer. Thanks for visiting and please come again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It has been a week!

Good afternoon,

Sorry that I just disappeared like that. Spring has arrived and I have been busy. (grin) Not sure what happened last week to prevent me from posting. Fridays through Mondays are my busiest days around here. I spend Fridays getting ready for the weekend. The weekends are spent with my dh. Mondays are spent cleaning up all the messes we made on the weekend. LOL We both got our eyes checked last Saturday and will both be getting new glasses. Wow! That was expensive. Since I am diabetic, I had to have my eyes dialated. I hate that, but it is necessary. I was so relieved when she told me I had no problems. I will be getting transition lenses since I have dry eye and the sun kills me. After our eye exams, we had to get groceries for my MIL. Dh was driving. I had to wear these lovely things.
Aren't they stylish? LOL They also hurt my ears, but I had to wear them for a couple of hours because the sun was so bright and it was giving me a headache. Believe me, I tried just wearing sunglasses, but these wrapped around so the sun didn't get in the sides. So I had to wear this fashion statement through Sam's, Aldis, and Wal Mart. I did take them off inside the stores, but did lots of squinting until I just gave up and put them back on. I am glad that chore is done for another year. Now I look forward to getting my new glasses. Kevin wanted to take a picture of me wearing these, but I wouldn't let him. (grin) Anyway, we dropped the groceries by my MIL's and I put things away for her. Kevin spent the rest of the day watching movies and I worked on my Peter Rabbit challenge by Milah. I now have my top all done, but you will have to wait till Easter to see it. LOL I might even have it quilted by then.

Sunday was spent doing some laundry and maintenance on the vehicles. Our daughter, Carolyn and her husband Bob came by for a visit. We always love seeing any of the kids. I forgot to get my camera out. I need to get used to carrying the camera so I can become a good blogger. LOL Anyway, here is a picture of Carolyn from last summer. Here is Bob, also last summer. We hadn't seen them since Christmas, so it was good to see them.

I think I promised about a week ago to show you some change purses I have made. I found a tutorial for making them here. These are the first 3 I made. I called them change purses, then a friend told me she uses hers for a verse keeper. She cuts 3X5 cards down to fit in them and writes Bible verses that she is memorizing on them. She can then carry the verses around in her 'keeper'. I thought that was a neat idea. Here is the inside of the chicken change purses/verse keepers. The inside of the pumpkin purse/keeper. I made these one day last week.
I opened them up so you could see the lining.
Guess what I did yesterday? Give up? LOL It was such a gorgeous day with a nice wind. I stripped the bed and washed everything, even the comforter. I hung all this outside. They smell so good when you can hang them on the line. Yesterday afternoon when I made the bed up, I decided it is getting too warm to keep the comforter on the bed. So I folded it up and put my Thimbleberries Village quilt on the bed. So for the first time ever, we slept under a quilt that I had made. Ahhh, it felt good. I told Kevin there was no point in making quilts and just saving them. What am I saving them for? LOL This is the first big quilt that I made. I have made lap and twin size before, but this one was huge compared to them. Of course, the cats approve. They are both laying on it right now. Aeris was on it when I took the picture. Callie soon joined her. Doesn't it look good on the bed? Something very satisfying, sleeping under a quilt that you made and hand quilted yourself. (grin)
We get groceries every other Saturday. This Saturday is the week to get them. I am making my list. I have an idea. My husband loves ketchup. We cannot find any around here that does not contain high fructose corn syrup. In my opinion, that stuff is slowly killing us. It is so hard to buy groceries any more. I have to constantly read labels. I just put it back on the shelf if it has that nasty stuff in it. We are trying to eat more natural. Anyway, I can buy a gallon of tomato sauce at Sam's without any of the nasty stuff in it. Do you think it would work to use the sauce and add the spices and honey to make some ketchup for us? I don't eat much of it, but Kevin really likes it. If I just make up a gallon at a time, I should be able to keep it in the fridge. I am sure K can eat that much before it would go bad. LOL Actually I wouldn't even mind adding sugar to it instead of honey if the honey makes it taste too strong. We do like barbeque sauce made with honey, so I figured the ketchup wouldn't be bad with it. It would definitely cost more than buying it already made, but we would avoid the nasty stuff. I hope to have a good garden this year, so I can make and can my own ketchup, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, salsa, and even pizza sauce. As you can see, we love tomato products. LOL I would love to have your opinions on this. I will probably try it. If so, I'll let you know how it turns out. We are trying to cut out 3 nasties from our diets. They are high fructose corn syrup, of course, monosodium glutamate, and partially hydrogenated oils. (Not real sure about all the spellings here, but I am sure you all know what I mean.) These 3 things are just not necessary in our diets.
Tonight is Biggest Loser, so you know where I will be. Planted in my rocker, watching tv, with a quilt on my lap. LOL I may not get a chance to post tomorrow. My MIL has asked me to come up and help her some tomorrow. She is in a power chair and finding it harder and harder to get things done, so I offered to come help her. I was surprised when she called me last night and told me she wanted to take me up on my offer. She has always helped everyone else out, but it is hard for her to sit back and let us help her now. I told her it was her season to take it easy and let us help. Anyway, not sure how long I will be there. Now I need to go make some laundry soap for MIL. I made some up a while ago and took it to her. She loved it and had me get the stuff to make her some, but she just isn't strong enough anymore to grate the soap. So I will do that in a bit so I can take it with me. I also offered to do her washing. As I said, she always was there to help me each and every time I had a baby. It is my turn to repay her for all of her help. She also taught me how to sew, crochet, cook, and can. She just lives 3 miles up the road from us, so I can help her alot if she will let me. She will be 80 on her birthday and is now very feeble. I am glad to help her.
Everyone have a great day. Thanks for visiting and please come again.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Sweet Potato Saga Continues!

Good afternoon everyone. I know how anxiously you all have been waiting for the sweet potato update. If you aren't anxiously awaiting it, I am afraid you will probably be disappointed with this post. (grin) I hope it might help someone who wants to grow their own this summer. Ok, I took them out of the south window on Sunday. They were started about 6 weeks ago.They have really bushed out. Too bad the other sweet potato never did take off. It had some little leaves, but no roots and the leaves never did grow. It was getting smelly, so I tossed it. I have 2 more started, but I think this one will give us all the slips we will need. What are slips, you ask? hehe They are the little plants that I twist off of the sw. potato. I just grab the stem firmly down next to the sw. potato and twist and pull. Here they are all laid out. Most are about 6-8 inches tall, a few shorter.Here is the poor, almost bald sweet potato after I robbed it of its pretty slips. I never strip it of all of its slips. I am afraid it will rebel and quit putting on more. LOLAfter I twist the strips off, I remove the bottom inch or 2 of leaves. This part of them will be in water to grow roots. If you leave the bottom leaves on they get slimey and foul the water. Rotten sweet potato water smells really bad. You don't want that in your house. Here they are, all ready to go join their siblings in the jar of water. Just look at that root system of the first slips I twisted off. Too bad it isn't warm enough to plant these. I still have 2 months till they can be planted. I am afraid I might have started these too soon. Usually it takes a long time for the leaves and roots to develop, but this potato was just made for reproducing. (grin) I think if I change the water on them regularly, they will be ok. I hope anyway. Here they are, in the jar and ready to sit in the window. They love that sun. This concludes the update to the sweet potato saga. I hope it was worth your wait. LOLI don't have anything to show today about quilting. I have been quilting on the Savannah Star. I'm about 3/4 done with it, so no pictures. I did finish 2 wallets and 3 change purses yesterday. I posted a link yesterday to the wallet tutorial. I'll post is again, because it really is a great tutorial. It is here. I made these wallets from scraps. Here they are all folded and snapped. This is the inside of them. Card slots at the bottom, of course. The corn lining is on the back of the pumpkin wallet and the orange on back of the wild wallet. (grin)Here is the back side of them all opened out. I am getting better with those snaps. They come in a little kit and I have to use the hammer to get them in place. Even though, I had done a few before, I guess I had lost my touch. By the time I got all of these in, they were looking better. I think I will wait till tomorrow to share the change purses with you. Otherwise, I might not have anything to share. (grin) Tonight is Biggest Loser. I hope they don't do the cliff hanger thing any more. I didn't enjoy waiting a week to see if 2 people had to go home or if they were all safe for another week. It is cold and windy here today. We had lots of rain again last night. Some of the area rivers are reaching flood stage. Well, I guess that is all for me today. I want to eat a bowl of soup, then get back to my quilting. Everyone have a nice day. Thank you for visiting and please come back.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Whole Lot of Whining Going ON!

What happened to our spring like temps.? It is back in the 30's and rained most of the weekend. The wind is also really howling. I was getting used to those 60* and 70* temps. LOL Oh well, it is still March. It was such a long weekend. We have now had 2 weekends in a row with nasty weather. Last weekend it was snow and this weekend rain. That means another 2 days of sitting in the house with dh. Now I love my husband, but it is rough when it is too nasty for him to get out and do anything. He was so happy yesterday, though. (Me, not so much.) We have the digital converter thing hooked up. He found a new station. It plays old time movies most of the time. Now I like the old westerns too, but after a couple of them, I am done for a while. We watched movie after movie. Thank goodness, I had my sewing or I would have gone insane. (Grimace!) He even got up this morning and tuned in to see what was on.... Bat Masterson, what else? LOL Then we changed the time. I do not do well with the time change. I am tired all the time till I get used to it. K changed some of the clocks and I changed some, but missed a couple. (Our alarm being one of them, so I slept in big time this morning. Sigh) Can you see why I titled this a whole lot of whining going on? LOL Oh, and just before the weekend started, dh found out he has jury duty this Wed. He has been in a bad mood ever since. I can't really blame him. I have served on 2 juries and been called at least 5 times in the past 5 years. Dh has served on one and been called to another, so not quite as bad. I know it is our civic duty, but oh how I hate it. The last jury I served on was a two-day trial. I was upset for weeks afterwards. I just do not like having to decide someone's fate. Ok, on to some better news.....

Isaiah came by to show his 'new to him' pickup to his dad. I saw it a few weeks ago, but Isaiah had trouble finding a time when both he and his dad were off. I fixed a couple of frozen pizzas for us while he was here. Not real healthy, but he enjoyed it. So there were some good parts to the weekend. LOL Here is Isaiah with his old pickup.
He is having lots of fun fixing it up. He did odd jobs like cutting wood and building fence for a farmer in his free time for this old truck. He took his dad for a ride which gave me a break. LOL
Saturday we ran errands and got groceries which at least got me out of the house for a while. I didn't need alot, so that was a relief. I also got all the laundry done up, so we can start the week clean. LOL Friday, I cleaned the litter box and guinea pig cage. I like to do all of that just before the weekend starts. So I did not have a lot of computer time Friday-Sunday.

Yesterday, while dh was watching movies, I sewed up these wallets. The snap should have been lower, oh well, they are done. LOL I made some of these for Christmas gifts last year, so decided to make up a few more. They actually are pretty easy once you figure out the first one. I found these on a wonderful tutorial here. This is really easy to follow. She did a great job in writing this tutorial up. Lots of great pictures too. Here they are opened up. You can see all of the card slots (at the bottom, room for 6 cards), yet you still have a couple of spaces for money and even some of those photo holders. This is two of them side by side in case you can't tell from my photography. LOL Here is the back. Not much to see here, but I'll show it anyway.

I also finished up a tote bag I had been working on for a few days, off and on. It is huge, like 18 inches square. I am thinking if I fill it up, I won't be able to carry it. LOL
I used a new to me method to applique the tulip in the center. I used freezer paper ironed on the back. Then I sprayed some starch in a small bowl and added a few drops of water. I used a small paint brush to put this on the seam allowance only. Then ironed the seam allowance over where it belonged. Then I removed the freezer paper and appliqued it on. It was so much easier than just needle turn, at least it was for me. LOL I found this method on a blog. So sorry that I cannot remember who the wonderful lady was that posted this technique, so I could give her credit. Here is a closeup of the tulip.
The inside has 2 pockets that I made with some of the leftover squares .
I have been working on the Savannah Star as well. I am over half done. I already have the binding made for this quilt, so as soon as I get the quilting done, I can go right to the binding. I also have 2 more wallets and 3 change purses partially done. I should have them ready to show tomorrow. Also, I know how excited you all are going to be.... I pulled some more slips off of the sweet potatoes. I have several pictures to show of them tomorrow. LOL Sometime this week, I also need to start my tomato, cabbage, pepper and eggplant seeds. I hope to have a good garden this year. I broke down and bought a few tomatoes a couple of weeks ago. Oh my, it was kind of like eating watery cardboard. I am so ready for a homegrown, juicy red tomato! Well, that is it for me today. I do apologize for the negative beginning of this post, but I guess I just needed to do a little whining. I do feel better. LOL You all are cheap therapy. (grin) Everyone have a great day. Thank you for visiting and don't forget to come back tomorrow. More sweet potato news!LOL
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