Monday, January 12, 2009

My Quilting History

I thought today I would share a little about my quilting history since this is mainly a quilting blog. (grin) If it gets long, rambling, and boring, just skip today's post, but please come back later. About 15 years ago or so, I decided to make each of our 5 kids a quilt. I had never quilted, yet I decided to make 5 quilts at once. What was I thinking? I bought this book at Wal-Mart. I saw the same book at JoAnn's recently, so I know you can still get it. It is a wonderful learning to quilt book.
My first quilting book.
Anyway, I started with Carolyn's quilt. I used blues and turquoise, I believe. I never will forget the basting of that quilt. It took me hours. I almost gave up quilting right then. (grin) By this time I am realizing that no way can I get 5 quilts done by Christmas. This was probably August. So I decided to just have all the tops pieced and finish quilting them the following year. I got Carolyn's quilt done. Then I started on Cathryn's. It was baskets and used different greens and beiges. I got it finished. Hazel's was pinks and a deep burgundy. I appliqued 60 hearts with the needle turn method. I decided I was never appliqueing again. (I even forgot how to do it. I had to ask Bren how to do it when I wanted to again last year.) By the time I got Hazel's quilt finished, I was just done with quilting, but still had the boys quilts to do. I put Isaiah's off for about 5 years. His was blacks and greens. Oh my, working on black. That was rough. Poor Jon, I didn't think I would ever complete his quilt. Five years after Isaiah's and 10 years after I started it, I finally decided I wanted to quilt again. Jon, our baby was getting ready to move out. I would be all alone here in the house all day while dh worked. I needed something to do to keep from going bonkers. By this time I had some grandchildren and wanted to make quilts for them, but refused to start another till I had Jon's done. It became a joke in our family. No one thought I would ever finish Jon's quilt, but I did.
Jon's quilt
See the red border and the firecracker border? I had to add these, cause 10 years later, the quilt was too little for our over 6' son. LOL The red for this border didn't even match the other red. I didn't know how to do a binding. I just wrapped the backing around to the top. I have come a long way in 2 year. LOL Unfortunately, Jon's is the only one of the kids' quilts that I have a picture of. The others were before digital camera days. (grin)
Jon's quilt
One day, I typed in quilt bloggers. I had found what I needed. I spent days just reading all the amazing quilt blogs out there. The more I read the more I was determined to get back into quilting. I decided to make a quilt for Ashton, our oldest grandson. I used reds as the main color. This quilt was called Dashes and Dots, I believe. I got the pattern from a magazine, but have no idea which one. I had so much fun making this quilt.
Ashton's Quilt
This was the beginning of my love of quilting, just over 2 years ago. I have made many projects since then. I hope to share them with you as I blog along. If you are still here reading, thank you so much.
Now Ashton outgrew the Dashes and Dots quilt, so I made him a Yellow Brick Road quilt out of reds, blacks, and yellows for Christmas. Cathryn told me those were his favorite colors.
Ashton's quilt
I used a piece of fabric with bears on it for the borders. I had had it in my stash for many years.
Ashton's quilt
Here is the back of Ashton's quilt. I just hand quilted around each piece of the block.
back of Ashton's quilt

Well, I had better stop here, or this is going to turn into a book. Everyone have a wonderful day. I'm still having fun.


Fruit of her hands said...

Winona~ What beautiful work you do. I love the quilts. I may have to look for that book.
Have a great Monday

Milah said...

You certainly got off to a good start! Beautiful quilts! I'm sure your family loves them.

I started quilting in 2000 when my daughter was getting ready to leave for college. I know how you were feeling with wanting to fill that spare time. Now, I have so many projects I wonder if I'll ever have spare time again! LOL!

Kristie said...

Very lovely quilts!! I have made the Yellow Brick Road and I loved how easy it was to go together.

I love doing binding, I do it by hand now mostly unless it is a quilt that I plan on using alot and I do just like you. I pull it from the backing and sew it down. For years that is the only way that I knew how to do it. It seems to hold up well that way.

maggi said...

It is so nice to hear quilters' stories. Thanks for sharing.

simple country living! said...

Hi Winona!
I think your quilts are really beautiful! I am a beginner quilter with lots to learn! LOL How courageous of you to jump in feet first! LOL

~Bren~ said...

Self taught!! Amazing...we are not a common breed. LOL
I love the first quilt you did for Ashton...I have all these 9 patches and am wondering what to do with them I like that idea!
Gorgeous quilts!!!

Andrea said...

What a lovely post and very nice to meet you Winona. Our DD mystery quilts should looka little different I think. Best wishes

Sue said...

Your quilts are wonderful, Winona. I'm self taught, too, having learned everything from books and trial and error. I really don't know what I'd do without my quilting!

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