Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mini-quilts and a blog break.

I have done a pitiful job of keeping up with my blog this summer. Maybe I will do better when fall gets here. (grin) I decided to take some of my embroidery work and make some very simple little mini-quilts. I had planned to come up with a different design for each of them, but I like simple, so just went with that. I am going to get them marked and sandwiched to quilt in a bit, but thought I'd do a blog post first. I may add another border to this one because it is really little. I'll decide as I mark it.
As you can see, I still love fall colors. I always turn in those directions.
I love this one.....
This isn't bad either....

This one is a little different, but I do like it...
 Now all I need to do is get them marked and sandwiched together. I have gathered all of my basting pins, and I'm ready to go. LOL

I also wanted to tell you all that I will be taking a two week break from my blog, well, from the computer really. So if you email me and don't hear back, that is the reason. We have some family issues going on that I need to take care of. Hopefully I will be back on here by the first of September. I had better get with the sandwiching. Thank you for visiting. Please come again and have a wonderful couple of weeks.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some Deck Pictures

This heat is getting me down. It was 105* yesterday with a heat index of 119*. It just doesn't get that hot here, but it is this year. Today is supposed to be even worse. I had all my outdoor things done by 8 this morning and it was already 85*. I am so ready for fall.

Last week, Kevin was home on vacation. We built a deck. Well, Kevin did most of the work, but I helped by being a go-for, clean-up specialist, adviser, and cold drink provider. LOL  We set all the posts in concrete the previous week, so they could cure a little bit before we started building. I am so proud of our new deck. It is not finished yet. We still have to put rails around it and build steps, but have to save more money before that can happen. Wow! Things are expensive. A five pound box of deck screws cost $25. Of course one box wasn't enough. LOL  We hope to continue around the east side next spring. I would love to have a deck on the east side for summer evenings.
Kevin had planned to make it 6'X8'. So that is what I thought we were doing. He didn't tell me that he decided to go ahead and make it 8'X12'. It was quite a happy surprise for me. I love our new deck. I went out on it this morning and watched the sun come up. It has a couple of coats of stain on it now, but I haven't taken any pictures since Kevin put that on. Can you see Buddy's muddy paw prints on the storm door? LOL Speaking of Buddy. He was our little helper during the building of the deck.
As you can see, he got a crew cut when the heat hit. He is much more comfortable now. His hair is so soft. I can finally use the Adirondack chair that Carolyn's BIL, Terry built for me. I love it.
I built the temporary steps while Kevin was screwing down the deck floor. Concrete blocks aren't too pretty, but they get the job done. (grin)
I'll leave you today with a picture of the view from the deck. As you can see from the approaching shade in the first picture, it is shady from about noon on. Now if it will ever cool down in the evenings, we will get a lot more use from the new deck.
Thank you for visiting and please come again. Have a wonderful day and try to stay cool.

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