Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Grandkids

It is so windy here today, cold too. That's what we get for living on top of a hill.LOL That wind just finds every crack and crevice to creap into. I put my sweatshirt on this morning. Feels pretty good too. I thought I would talk about our grandchildren today. We have 4 of them and they are the light of our lives. I love being a grandma! I will start with Ashton. He is our oldest. He is 5 and in Kindergarten. He is the one who wrote me the loving letter. He has a temper, but oh how sweet he can be. He doesn't like to have his picture taken (takes after his grandpa), so I just have to grab them where I can. LOL Ashton is our fruit eater. He also loves bread sticks. He is already into technology. Loves his computer games.
Ashton has a sister, Ava. I call Ava our little pink lady bug. She used to love bugs, then was bitten by something. After a trip to the emergency room, she no longer plays with bugs. LOL Ava will be 3 this week. I will show some pictures of her on her birthday. She is all girl. Loves her gloss (chapstick) and pink and purple are her colors. Before you ask, yes, that hair is natural. She got most of the curl in the family. LOL So far, she is the only grandchild with blue eyes. She loves meat and candy. (Gets that love of candy from her grandma.) Her daddy calls her his little Princess. She loves that. Next is Noah. Actually Noah is 2 months older than Ava. He was born in November, and she in January. (That was an exciting time. We got 2 new grandbabies in 2 months.) Noah is quiet until he gets warmed up to you. I have never seen anyone love cars like that boy does. He never gets tired of getting match box cars. He will sit on my lap for as long as I can stand it, looking at cars on the computer. Think he is going to be a mechanic? My luck, he will probably want to be a race car driver. LOL He loves Hersheys bars. (Another one who loves chocolate like grandma.) Noah likes to pose to have his picture taken. Then he wants to see it on the back of the camera. LOL
Noah's little sister is Izabella. She looks so much like Noah. Izzie was born 5 weeks premature and had to spend a week in the NICU. She is doing great now. She is almost 8 months old and such a cutey! Noah calls her Sissy. (That brings back lots of memories. I was the only girl with 3 brothers. I was Sissy all my life. To this day, my brothers all call me Sis.LOL) She is just on the verge of crawling. She is very good natured, but loves her bed.

We have been so blessed with our family. First we had 5 children who have all grown up to be wonderful adults. Now we have 4 beautiful granchildren. Does it get any better?

Now for all of you quilt lovers out there, I thought I'd throw in a picture of one of my wall quilts. This one is called My Friend's House, another Thimbleberries. It found a home with a friend.

Of course, we need a picture of the back.

Well, that is it for today. I hope you all have a great day.



simple country living! said...

Hi there Winona! Your grandbabies are beautiful! I have 10 of them myself, but only 6 live near me....sigh....ALL GIRLS! double gasp! LOL I also have a 14 yr old grandson who lives on the island of Maui, he usually spends school breaks here with us..but at the age he is now, I'm praying he doesn't get too old for that! And the remaining 3 grandkids live in Las Vegas, so we rarely get to see them...Grandchildren really are such a blessing, don't you agree?

~Bren~ said...

Those babies are CUTE!!!! Being a grandma is the greatest and I can not imagine getting 2 new ones in 2 months!! You are blessed!
Love the quilt!..I really love seeing those backs...keep showing them!

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