Thursday, January 22, 2009

A beautiful day

I almost didn't get a blog post in today. I have been busy, although not much to show for it. LOL This morning I ironed some fabric, got a block kind of prepped for applique, answered emails and comments, read some blogs, talked to mom and my MIL, and got the quilting lines drawn on the rooster quilt. I even got it sandwiched and ready to hand quilt. I spent my evening last night slowly machine stitching around each of those pieces with black thread. It is kind of hard to see, but it is there. It called for a black button for the eye, but I didn't have a small black button so I improvised and the rooster has a blue eye. LOL OK here is the last picture I will bore you with of this project till it is completely done. I promise. (grin)
It was a beautiful day here in Missouri. It got up to about 60*. Tomorrow is supposed to start off nice, then temps drop rapidly. Anyway, I took advantage of the nice weather and took my old dogs for a walk. They are all over 10 years old, but mention a walk to them and they are teenagers again. LOL This is Midget. He is half Norwegian Elkhound and half ?He is such a great dog. He always goes with me where ever I go.
This is Thunder, the beagle and Sheba the black rat terrier. (Sheba is supposed to be pure rat terrier. I don't know if she is or not, but she is going on 16 years old and still loves to run and play.)
Here is a little closer picture of Thunder. I will try to get a better picture of Sheba some other time. It is hard to get a good picture with them bouncing around everywhere. Thunder usually takes off after a rabbit, but today she hung close.
We were walking on a wildlife area close by. Even though it is winter, I think it is beautiful.
This is a pretty little pond. Midget just loves to swim and wade in it in the summer time. I have seen lots of ducks swimming on it, even some with their little families. Maybe I can get some pictures of some ducks on it this spring. It has ice on it right now. It is so peaceful down by it.
After I got back from my walk, I took care of my chores, mended a shirt for dh, got the mail ready to go, got my grocery list ready, and then got my seed order ready. Not long now before I can start some of my plants. I am excited about the garden this year. I have always had good luck with Jung's seeds. Not sure why I haven't ordered from them in the past couple of years, but can hardly wait for my order to get here. LOL Well, that is about it for today. Everyone have a good night. Thank you for visiting.


simple country living! said...

Hi Winona~I just love your rooster! Where can I get that pattern? I just love it!

~Bren~ said...

I was a tad disappointed when I saw no post from you. It finally showed up this morning! (I turned my computer off early yesterday)
Your day sounds wonderful. It was 31 here yesterday and today should go higher. I can not wait to be able to go walk outside.
Your rooster is going to be beautiful!
I am so terrible at growing anything, my garden is always sad looking! Ask Niki!!!

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