Friday, January 23, 2009

Some older projects

It has gotten cold here. Almost 60* yesterday and down to 19* today. Supposed to be really cold this weekend. I sure was enjoying those warmer temps, but it is January. I would rather get the cold weather out of the way to make room for a warm March. (grin) I went to town and only went to the bank, post office and 5 stores. My seed order is on its way. I about froze when I came out of Wal-Mart. I forgot to zip up my coat and put my gloves on. I was glad to get in the car and get the heater going. I picked up some groceries for my MIL. That is why I had to go to so many stores. Couldn't find what she wanted till the last one. Anyway, her groceries are delivered, mine are put away, and here I sit writing my blog. LOL I thought I would show you some older projects today. I used to do lots of counted cross stitch. All of the kids have received various pictures from me over the years. Carolyn took most of hers and had them professionally framed. Sure made them look classy. I gave this Native American girl with wolf cub to her last year for her birthday. It took me 3 years, working off and on, to get this picture done. I was kind of sick of it by the time it was done.
I made this horse picture for her many, many years ago.
I made this picture for my SIL, Bob. He is Carolyn's husband. He loves eagles and Native American things.
I also crochet. I made this shawl a few years ago. I gave it to a friend, but was looking through my old pictures and found a picture of it, so decided to share it. I loved the yarn in this. I think it was Bernat. I remember it had a silvery thread running through it. If I remember correctly, it was an easy pattern, but I made this several years ago. May not seem so easy now. LOL
Since this is basically my quilting blog, I figured I'd better show you some quilts. LOL Here are a couple of small quilts that now have new homes. I think I made these in the fall of 2007. The first one is a Thimbleberries pattern. It is called Pumpkin Patch. I really enjoyed making this quilt.
Here is the back of Pumkin Patch. The hand quilting shows up nice on this back. Like I said, this one was a lot of fun.
This quilt was made for my partner in a gift exchange in 2007. She loved blue and snowmen, so I came up with this wall quilt or table topper. Not sure what she decided to use it for.
This back doesn't show the hand quilting very good, but I liked the snowmen in this fabric so used it on the back too.

Ok, I have a surprise planned for my husband. You won't tell, right? LOL Last night he took the time to really look at the rooster quilt and loved it. He had looked at it as I was working on it, but didn't really pay much attention, like husbands do. (grin) Anyway, he was saying how much he liked it. Then he asked if I thought I could make him a wall quilt like it, but with a beagle in the center. I didn't really give him a straight answer, and I am sure he has forgotten by now. I went online and found a beautiful appliqued beagle block. K's birthday is in May. I hope to have him a beagle quilt made by then. I think he will love it. So, though I moaned and groaned about how hard the rooster quilt was, I am so glad that I did it. I learned different techniques and can now spread my wings, so to speak. LOL He knows about my blog, but doesn't read it, so I will probably share pictures as I work on it. I hope to start on it next week. What do you bet that if I share picture's of K's quilt that he will want to start reading my blog. LOL
Well, my feet are getting cold, so I'd better get off here. I probably won't have time to blog tomorrow, but you can bet I will blog all about tomorrow on Sunday, if that makes sense. (grin) Everyone have a wonderful weekend.


Milah said...

How sweet that you are going to try to make a beagle quilt for your husband. I can't wait to see this one.
I love that thimbleberrie pumpkin quilt. I haven't made that one yet.
I tried cross stitch a few years ago and I didn't have much patience for it. Now my eyes are too bad to do it. Your projects are nice.

~Bren~ said...

I use to cross stitch too. Once I started quilting nothing else would do.
The quilt for Kevin sounds interesting. Are you going to do a wall quilt or a full size cover up quilt?

Michelle said...

Before I quilted, I cross stitched too. When I get interested in something, it's 'all or nothing'. You won't believe how many hours I have sat in front of my computer. I love love love my computer and when I am home, spend more time here than anywhere (yes, even more than quilting). I read blogs, quilting and religious related, search to learn about all different kinds of subjects, and send and receive emails. I love email, and I love all the friends that 'live' inside my computer.

I love all your projects!
Have a blessed weekend!

Janice said...

That will be fun making that quilt for your husband. We have a beagle puppy. He is a fun dog. He loves my kids.
My local library is doing a class on paper piercing on a quilt. I'm excited to go to the class. I thought of you because of your paper piercing project you were working on.
Have a good weekend.

a corgi said...

hi; just found your blog; I had to check it out seeing how it was titled "Cat Lover". My silly corgi is not fond of cats, but wouldn't you know it, God sent a cat right when we needed it when a dog was attacking Koda on a walk of ours, so now I'm trying to teach him cats are really his best friend (after God of course) and that he should like them and not want to chase them out of his yard so I thought we should follow a blog that likes cats.

you do beautiful cross stitch work! years ago my sister was very involved with it (before kids) and she made birth samplers for my 2 kids; a treasured gift to this date 23/19 years later.

very nice quilting too! I'm sure your husband will like that quilt you have planned for his birthday; your secret is safe with me, I won't tell him :)

enjoy this beautiful day :)


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