Thursday, April 30, 2009

Working on Mom's birthday gift

Good evening everyone,

It has been a rainy, dreary week. We have had one day this week with sunshine. My dh said the long-ranger forecast has chances of rain each day for the next 10 days for us. I guess I will quit complaining since I might be begging for rain in a couple of months. (grin)

I am exactly half way done with the quilting on my niece's graduation quilt. I have 3 weeks to finish it. I hope I can get it done. I work on it in the evenings, but may have to bump it up a couple of notches. LOL This week I have been getting my mom's birthday gift ready to quilt. She wants a rooster quilt. I like to change things a little, so her background will be blues.
I wasn't sure how the paper pieced sun would look with the blues, but I couldn't make a blue sun. LOL So it is what it is.
Today I got all of the pieces for the rooster drawn and fused on. Here is a little closeup of the rooster. I have to take mom to the bank and grocery store in the morning, but I should be home by noon. I hope to get appliqued around each of the pieces, the quilting lines drawn on it, and get it sandwiched tomorrow afternoon. Mom's birthday is May 26th. Once I start quilting, I don't think it will take me long. I really want to have this done for mom's birthday. She has never really shown a great deal of interest in my quilting, but she loved my first rooster quilt. So I think she will really enjoy this one. Blue is also her favorite color. (grin)
Our chicks are feathering out nicely. I had hoped to get them moved out to the chicken house this weekend, but it is so cold, damp and rainy, that I think I will wait. I really don't want to stress them now. They have done really well in the house, so what's another week? LOL
Kevin got his new laptop yesterday. He loves it. Now he wants me to make him a case for it. I told him I would be glad to do it. He wants to use a thin foam instead of batting. I told him we would probably need to go to JoAnn's to get that. (grin) So looks like I might get to go to JoAnn's again this weekend. LOL Maybe I should take stock in their company. LOL
Well, I need to get back to quilting on Amy's quilt. Everyone have a good day and wonderful weekend. I probably won't be posting again till next week. Thank you for visiting and please come again.


~Bren~ said...

LOVE the rooster for your mom!

Doina said...

Your work is beautiful! The rooster is cute!

simple country living! said...

Aww Winona, your rooster is BEAUTIFUL! I still haven't done mine yet, but your work is such an inspiration, I just might real soon!

Milah said...

I love the rooster quilt. Especially the blue, it makes the sun block pop! And it's very cheerful looking. I know your mom will smile every time she looks at it and think of you.

Laurie said...

Wonderful work as usual Winona. Hey my birthday is the day after your moms lol. May must be a good month lol. My moms is on the 17th so busy month for me as Zachary's is on the 21st.
Love your quilting my friend.


Kristie said...

Wow! That is beautiful! Where did you get the pattern and what size is the quilt??? :)

Lilly said...

Hi Winona..Thank you for the visit to my blog and your lovely comment. I am so glad you dropped by. I have enjoyed reading your blog and just love the rooster quilt. I am sure your Mom will be thrilled with it.

Sandy said...

Found your blog through Lilly's blog. Just love your rooster quilt and your graduation quilt is lovely also. Your loved ones should really enjoy these quilts.

Anonymous said...

Love that Rooster quilt.....very cool!!

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