Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April!

Can you believe this is the first day of April already? This year is just flying by. It is still cold here today. The weather people say we have a couple more weeks of up and down weather. Supposed to be lots more rain coming in. I can handle the rain, just not more snow. Looks like the garden will be late in getting planted this year. I will eventually get it planted.

I worked on several projects yesterday. I got another block quilted on my Peter Rabbit Challenge. I got all of the square in a square blocks done for the froggy quilt and the first step of the pinwheels done. I finished the borders on the disappearing nine patch for Amy. I even started the embroidery on Kevin's beagle quilt. I decided that I would machine applique the beagle and running dogs. After about 4 inches on one of the running dogs, I just felt it wasn't working for me. Oh goodness, have you ever had to rip out a machine blanket stitch? It is not something I would want to ever do again. Took me about 30 minutes for 4 inches. Then last night while watching Biggest Loser, I started doing a hand blanket stitch around the main beagle, only to figure out after another 4 inches that I was doing it backwards. Yep, the thread that is supposed to go along the edge of the fabric was about an eighth an inch inside the fabric. Ok, more ripping. Lets just say my ripper and I were very close yesterday. LOL I am using black DMC floss to do the blanket stitch. Then I second guessed myself and thought I should have used floss to match each piece, but you know what? I was not ripping out again, so black it is. (grin) Here is what the center looks like so far.
It isn't like I don't have lots of floss to choose from. I have 3 cases full, plus a bunch in a sack that won't fit in my trays. I guess I need to get back into counted cross stitch, but I keep telling myself the floss will keep. I have most of them neatly wrapped around bobbins and stored in cases. (grin) I started out making counted cross stitch samplers that had the names and marriage dates of our kids. Well, I have 3 daughters married and am 2 samplers behind. I also started out making birth announcements for the grandkids in counted cross stitch. I have 4 grandkids and I'm 2 behind on those. (embarrassed sigh) Maybe I should concentrate on cross stitch this summer while it is too hot to have a quilt in my lap. Hmmm, probably not, since I enjoy quilting more. LOL Plus cross stitch projects just move so slowly. I get bored before I can get them finished. Well, on to important stuff. (grin) I finished the borders on the disappearing nine patch for Amy. I know you are dying to know which fabric I picked. I took some leftover pink fabric and made little 4-patches for the corners. I hope I have enough of the green for the binding. It turned out 57 inches by 67 inches. That should be big enough for Amy to curl up under. Here is a closeup of one of the corners. This is all of the pink and pink paisley fabric that I have left. Is this cutting it close or what? LOL
Well, I think I will get back to work on the beagle quilt. I can only work on it while Kevin is at work. I also know myself well enough that I need to get it done while I am in the mood. If another project pops into my head, I will be off and running with it. LOL That is why I have so many projects going at once. If I decided Ihad to finish everything I had started before I could start another project, I wouldn't be able to work on anything new for a couple of years. LOL Everyone have a great day. Thanks for visiting and please come back again.


Laurie said...

Oh Winona you make me smile. You have stuff on the go like I do lol.
I love how the beagle is looking so far. Great job!!
Loved reading your comment you left on my blog yesterday. You write just as much as you want whenever you want. We have to keep in touch somehow right?
I bought a cross stitch of a lighthouse and the shoreline quite a few years ago and might have a 2 inch square done if I'm lucky lol. I think I should have started with a smaller one. Oh well someday I'm sure it will get done. What's the rush right?
Take care Winona and that was quite the Biggest Loser last night. I was sure the other person was going home.


~Bren~ said...

The beagle looks great. Black is the color to use!
Hope all is well. I am on the last block of my sister's quilt....I am ready to be done with it!!

~Bren~ said...

Oh I meant to add the border fabric looks beautiful on the quilt!!!

Kristie said...

You seem to stay so busy! I love the Beagle, can't wait to see more of this quilt. My oldest son has beagles and just loves them. This may give me an idea for a new quilt for him! :)

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