Monday, May 4, 2009

What a weekend!

Hello everyone,
We have had an interesting last few days. LOL My dh needed to get his driver's license renewed before his birthday next Saturday. So we got up bright and early Saturday and headed to the license bureau. We were 15 minutes early and still had at least 6 men ahead of us. (sigh) So we stood in line for almost an hour before it was dh's turn. Our state now requires a one time of proof of your identity. Doesn't matter that you have had a driver's license for almost 40 years. (frown) Anyway, dh pulls out his SS card, voter registration card, and birth certificate to proove who he is. (Eye roll here!) They will not take his birth certificate because it is not embossed. This is what his mom gave us when we got married almost 32 years ago. I have kept it in the safe with mine all these years. Now we find out it won't work. Dh was not happy, since we had just driven over there and waited an hour in line for nothing. So we went home. A little later, I went back to get groceries. While I was gone, dh's mom called and said she had fallen and couldn't get up. So he rushed up there. Her motorized chair was blocking her and he couldn't get it to move, so he picked it up to move it out of the way. That thing is heavy! Then he had to get behind her and pick her up. He was a nervous wreck because she is very fragile. Anyway he got her up and in her chair, but it threw his back out. I was able to massage and get it back in. This was all just on Saturday. We both agreed that Saturday wasn't a good day. (another sigh)

Sunday started out much better. We got the brooder house all ready for our baby chicks. They are having so much fun, running and playing. I just sit down there with them watching them play. Aren't they cute?
Some of those little banties are already running around bumping chests. LOL So I figure I have at least a couple of roosters. I just love those feathers on their feet.

While I was getting the chicks settled in, dh was push mowing. We have been trying to keep up the mowing with a push mower and weed eater. He mowed around my clothes lines. So I got all the laundry done and hung out. Then I set all my plants out in the little cold frame so they could start hardening off. They are so big. It is time to get them planted, but I never plant them before Mother's Day weekend. I bought my seeds from Jungs. They have really done well. Now I know the tomatoes don't look so great, but that is because they are getting leggy. No problem, though. I will just plant them kind of like in a trench and turn the top parts up. I have done this many times. It gives them a better root system.
The peppers and eggplant are looking good. And look at the cabbage. I told Kevin that if we don't get them planted, we are going to have heads setting on them in the house. LOL So on Sunday we got the chicks moved, alot of mowing done, laundry done, hummingbird feeder out, trash burned, and plants moved outside. By mid-afternoon we were ready to call it a day. Then one of Kevin's friends called and said he had found a heavy duty mower for sale that he thought we would like. We have very rough mowing, and as I said before, we haven't had a rider for about 3 years. We went to go look at it and came home with this. This thing is almost as old as me and weighs a ton. Kevin and his friend tried to pick up just the front end to get it up over the tailgate and they could not lift it up. We had to use ramps to drive it into the pickup. Kevin has already mowed some rough ground with it and says it does great. The newer mowers just aren't made for our kind of terrain. I know, as we have had 2 new mowers in the past 10-15 years. So, that was our weekend.
This morning at 8 a.m., I called our county health department. The lady there said we should be able to get Kevin's birth certificate and be on our way in 5-10 minutes. Yeah, right. LOL We showed her the BC that he had. She typed in all the necessary stuff. Then told us that he isn't in their system. We are like "WHAT?" So she called Jefferson City. It seems that someone in their legal department decided that a 'P' in Kevin's name wasn't a 'P', but a smudge. Even though his father had the 'P'. This was the last name. Our health department lady convinced them that it really was a 'P' and he really did exist. So they faxed the document to her. Guess what? Now they have on it that Kevin is female. Yep, my big burly husband is listed as 'Female'. By now, we didn't know whether to laugh or cry. So 3 calls and about an hour later, we finally get that straightened out. Kevin goes to pay for it with a $20 bill. She says, sorry, it has to be correct change. Luckily, I had 3 $5 bills in my purse. Goodness, what a day! But he now has an official birth cerificate, enbossed, and has his driver's license renewed until 2015! He is so relieved. I never would have dreamed it would be so hard to get your driver's license renewed. LOL
So, after all of these happenings, I did very little quilting this weekend. Now I need to get off here and make Kevin's laptop bag. So there won't be much time for quilting today either. Oh well, I will do the best I can. Won't be the first time, if something isn't done on time. LOL
Everyone have a good day. Thank you for visiting. I love the comments. I tried responding to all comments, but just haven't had time lately. I do read them, though, and really appreciate all of them. So please come again, and feel free to comment.


Milah said...

At least every thing worked out in the end. I had my birth certificate denied when we were applying for passports. I had to call the state of Kentucky (where I was born) to have a new one sent to me overnight. Boy that was expensive. Apparently since 9-11 they are using some sort of water seal to keep us from having our identy stolen.....I think. It was a hassle but it all worked out in the end.

blushing rose said...

... and we thought we had problems! What a chuckle, frustrating I am sure. Get in line with a bunch of hispanics in front of you, that say they can't speak English, the clerk holds up 5 signs indicating Stop, RED/GREEN/YELLOW lights, etc. Someone with them translates to them (you know darn good & well they speak some english) & SNAP they get their license. My kids are next in line ... my kids are handed a sheet of paper with about 50 or more (I have forgotten) questions. Doth I protested the unfair system, we should have had the same treatment as the previous non-english-speaking fella ... but it fell on deaf ears.

My hubby & I got a chuckle out of your experience. And, it is going to get worse ...

Have a great week. TTFN ~ Marydon

simple country living! said...

Hi there Winona! Thank God the thing with your hubby's birth certificate worked out finally! What an ordeal!
And your chickies are so CUTE! Don't you just love watching their comical antics?!
Well, you have a great week!
Blessings to you!

~Bren~ said...

Your title is perfect...WHAT A WEEKEND!

Laurie said...

Winona how long are your drivers licenses good for? Ours are only for 5 years but since I have a class 2 to drive the bus it's 3 years but once you turn 45 which I'm passed lol I have to renew mine every 2 years and with a medical to go with it.
I love your chicks they are so cute and the mower is great. Glad everything turned out okay for you in the end my friend.


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