Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Happened?

Good day everyone,
Well, winter just wasn't ready to let go. I woke up to pouring down rain, then looked at the thermometer to see it was only 29*. Ohoh, that spells trouble. I was supposed to go get all my mom's bills figured out today and visit a bit with her. My dh didn't want me on the roads. It wasn't slick, but we didn't know which direction the temps were going and he didn't want me taking a chance. So I called mom and postponed till tomorrow. Then, once it got daylight, I went out and took this picture.
This was about 3 hours ago and it is still coming down. I think we have 2 or 3 inches on the ground so far. It won't last long, though, because it is supposed to be in the 40's this afternoon. Spring weather in Missouri is always so interesting. (sigh)

I heard someone knocking on my door a little bit ago. It was my mail carrier. He brought the package I have been waiting for. It is my yellow onion sets and Yukon Gold and Pontiac potatoes. We decided to order these from Jung's this year. We usually purchase these around here, but haven't had good luck the past few years, so decided to give Jung's a chance. Of course, it will be a while before we can get them planted. I am sure it will be at least another week if not longer before we can get in the garden. Especially since they are calling for more rain in the next week. Spring will get here some day. LOL

I finished the embroidery on the center beagle last night. Now all I need to do is blanket stitch around each of the running dogs. Then I can draw the quilting lines on and get it sandwiched to quilt. I was straightening up the pile of projects that stay beside my rocker last night. I found this table runner. It only needed a little bit of primitive embroidery around some cherries to be ready to quilt, so I finished that up.
This morning, I got it all marked for quilting and have the backing ready so I can sandwich it. I really should be working on some other projects, but this is mighty tempting. LOL Please excuse the messiness on my cutting table. I just can't work on things without leaving a mess. LOL Normally, tomorrow I would be taking Kevin's check to the bank and probably getting a few groceries, but since I have to go to mom's, I guess that will be put off till Saturday. It's just as well. Kevin's new glasses finally came in. We both ordered them the same day, but he has to have safety approved glasses where he works. So it took about 10 days longer for him to get his. We will pick them up Saturday. I know it is grocery shopping time since the fridge is getting bare. (grin) I will work on a list in a bit. Now, I guess I had better get back to the beagle quilt. I think I will sandwich this little runner and put it away for a while, or I won't get done what I need to get done. LOL Anyone else have that problem? Doesn't is look like it will be fun to quilt? This just may make me work harder on the projects I need done before May.
Everyone have a great day. If you have green grass where you are, enjoy it for me, would you? It is still snowing here, even though it is now 35*. LOL Thanks for visiting and please come again.


~Bren~ said...

UGH!!! I pray that mess is not heading this way. It is windy and chilly, but no rain or snow. No sun either though! I cannot wait for real spring to appear!
Your beagle looks wonderful!!!! When do you need to have it done? I love that table runner. I want to make one like it! I think I have that cherry pattern, but not the runner pattern. Is that from a Thimbleberries book? Which one?

Jennie said...

UGH to your snow. We are supposed to get snowy, raw weather in the up coming days. On the brightside, it was almost 70 here today. That was treat. I hope you are doing well.

Wykate said...

wowzers - that table runner is gorgeous!

womandriver said...

Found your blog from Copperswife! Congrats on your win. Glad to have found your blog. You are very talented. Quilting is something I always wanted to learn and never have.

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