Monday, April 27, 2009

Good rainy day!

Good afternoon,

We had such a rainy and stormy weekend. It has been raining since Saturday. Yesterday, we had some severe weather. In fact, we had a tornado sighted pretty close to us, but fortunately it did not come down. I do not like storms, so I was a basketcase. I was just glad it was Sunday and Kevin was home. It is still lightly raining. They are saying we have had 3-5 inches of rain, depending on where you are. So, the garden should be coming up. (grin) I noticed this morning that the Nodaway River is about out of its banks. I hope it doesn't flood. We are way too high for it to affect us, but I hate to see it hurt so many others.

I thought I would explain a little about our chicks. I was asked what sex-link meant. I thought I knew, but I looked it up to be sure. LOL The sex-link chicks are from mixed breeding where the females hatch out one color and the males another. Therefore, they are very easy to sex. They only are like this for one generation, though. The next generation could be any colors. The black sex-links are from a Barred Rock mother and a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire Red rooster. Both hatch out black but all of the males have a white dot on top of their heads. The red sex-links also have a RIR or NHR father and can have several different breeds for mothers. (Not each chick, but the breeders use different breed hens to get these. Clear as mud. LOL) Males hatch out white and females hatch out buff to red color. There, now you have everything that I know about the sex-link chicks. I have had some before and they were very good layers.

I bought some fabric to make myself a purse over a year ago. One day last week, I decided to just do it. So here is my Gracie bag.
This is a Lazy Girl Design. These patterns are really easy to sew. I love them. Look at the inside. I have so much room. Makes it nice when I want to carry my camera or something extra.
I think I will make a matching wallet for it when I get time, which probably won't be till some time in June. LOL As you can see, Callie approves. (grin) JoAnn's had their Daffodil sales days this past week. I made 2 shopping trips to it, but really only one was planned. I wanted to get some more Guterman hand quilting thread, so I went last Sunday. I came home with this. I prefer the lighter quilting threads. I have used navy blue and black and hated working with them. Red, pink, and yellow aren't too bad to work with, but you are limited on what you use these on. These colors are pretty neutral and can be used on about any quilt. Here is a better picture of the fabric. I don't remember now how many yards I bought, but probably about 15 yards. It was all on sale. (grin) I was perfectly satisfied with my shopping trip and had no plans for any more any time soon. Well, my husband is an enabler! He has been saving and looking for a new laptop for a long time. He found a good deal on what he wanted this Saturday, so I encouraged him to order it. Afterwards, he said he felt guilty for spending so much on himself. Now I tried to convince him that this was silly. He works hard for our money and this was money he has been saving for over a year. He insisted that I take some money and go to JoAnn's. I told him I really didn't need anything, but I am weak where fabric is concerned. (sigh) So I went back to JoAnn's last day of the Daffodil sale. Everything I bought was 50%, so I did really well.
I got 3 quilt batts, a 5 pack of rotary blades, a quilting template, a tote bag pattern and about 10 yards of fabric. Like I said, all of this was 50% off. I love it when I can get stuff 50% off. I love this tote pattern. Isn't it cute? I can make it 3 different sizes. I used my 50% coupon for this. Sorry about the flash, but I think you can still see the pattern. Here is a better picture of the fabric I brought home. I had everything laid out on the bed to take pictures of. Then I ran to get the mail. This is what I came back to find. LOL
I guess Callie thought I brought this all home for her. LOL So as you can see, I am married to an enabler. I told him that I am now stocked up on everything I need for quilting for a long time, so he must not give me money and tell me to go to JoAnn's. I am just too weak to fight the fabric temptation. I love him for his generosity, but I really want to start saving instead of spending. You know what I mean? LOL
Everyone have a great day. Thank you for visiting and please come again.


tiffibug said...

Isn't it fun to have enablers for hubbies? I really like the quilting stencil you got! My local Jo Ann's doesn't carry any quilting stencils at all. :(

Laurie said...

Oh Winona, you have to love a husband like that. It's great that you got it at 50% off and the cat sure looks like she enjoys your purchases as well lol. Happy quilting my friend!


Kristie said...

Wow! You really did some wonderful shopping!!!!! Very nice bunch of goodies!

I love your purse! I made one of those for my sister last year! She loved it! I really wanted to make one for myself but I just keep putting it off!!!!

MYRA said...

We've got a major flood in our province right now... 8-(

Wow! lots of info on the chicks! I've learned something now! Thanks! 8-)

Great looking Gracie Bag! Love it! 8-)

Great buys Winona!!! Wonderful fabrics and great looking bag pattern! Gotta love an enabler! 8-)

Happy stitchings!

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