Saturday, April 11, 2009


Good evening everyone,

I will be gone most of tomorrow, so I decided to do my Easter post tonight. I will get to spend the day with my grandbabies tomorrow, so I am quite excited. Back in Feb. I accepted a Peter Rabbit Challenge. Milah mailed Peter Rabbit panels to 4 of us and kept one for herself. She asked each of us to create a baby quilt and post it on our blog on Easter. I completed mine this week, but haven't had a chance to wash it yet, so please excuse any quilting lines you may see. LOL It turned out about 38" by 50". I chose a very simple way to put it together. Basically, a log cabin design, 3 blocks across by 4 blocks down. Here is the whole quilt. It is hard to get a picture of a whole quilt. I hope some day to have a design wall.
This panel was intended to be a book. There were only 11 pictures to use. I either had to not use one or add one. I decided to make the appliqued carrot for my 12th block. Now that I see the picture, it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb, but it is done and it is staying. (grin). Here are several more pictures of it.

I really debated with myself on how to quilt it. I almost machine quilted it with a crosshatch using my walking foot. Then I decided I'd better stick with hand quilting. I am not really good with machine quilting and don't even enjoy it much. I do enjoy hand quilting. (grin) So I quilted in the ditch around the center pictures and each log. Then I quilted around each main character/thing in each block. Here is a picture of the back, although you can't see much because I used such a busy backing.
Now that you have looked at so many of my pictures of Peter Rabbit, I am sure you would like to see the other beautiful creations in this challenge. So tomorrow, go to the following blogs and check out their designs: Milah, Bren, Christine, and Lori. I am sure we will have some interesting Peter Rabbits around. (grin)
As I said, I will be gone most of the day tomorrow, so the computer will probably not even get turned on till really late. So Milah, I hope you understand me posting a couple of hours early. I hope everyone has a HAPPY EASTER! If you are traveling, stay safe. I am sure I will have lots of grandkid pictures to post next week. (If I don't forget my camera again.) Thank you for visiting and please come again.


Milah said...

Winona, How pretty! Your fabric choices look so sweet. Great idea on the carrot! I thought about that too, but decided to go with
Easter eggs instead. And hand quilted!!! I'm surprised you've had time to get anything else done.;D

Thanks for playing and have a Happy Easter!


~Bren~ said...

Beautiful! I love the layout you chose. The carrot is perfect!!! I am also impressed that you finished it. I have the batting and backing for mine and will start it this week. It should quilt up very fast.
Have a blessed Easter my friend!!

Christine said...

It is adorable! I love the carrot. What a great idea. I think I'll make a small pillow out of my extra block.

Lori R said...

I love the sweet colors you used. And what a great idea to applique a carrot! Now why didn't I think of that?
Happy Easter!

Laurie said...

Love it Winona but then I love all the quilting you do!!!
Happy Easter my friend and enjoy those grandbabies :-)


Jayne said...

Very pretty! I like the carrot block. I'm amazed at how you quilters pick fabrics. I've looked at 3 of the 4 of them (still have to look at Milah's) and the way the fabrics go together is so pretty!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Very pastel! It is beautiful! You gals all did a great job, it is so fun to see all the different designs. I like hand quilting also, but it does take time:)

Niki RuralWritings said...

Really beautiful Winona! I love the fabrics you chose.

Ellen said...

I love it, Winona! When Wesley was a baby I had his room in a Peter Rabbit look, so I have a soft spot for Peter. :)

I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your grandbabies.

blessings, Ellen

Jennifer said...

the carrot is great! i enjoyed stopping by.

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