Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Easter Pictures

Good day everyone,

I never did get around to posting yesterday. I cooked instead. LOL Our fridge is now full of precooked food, so I have time today to play some more. I will just share a few more pictures of my babies, then move on. They all enjoyed dying the eggs.
Once again, Izzie was too young to participate, but she enjoyed looking at her daddy's iPhone.
Ava was having fun. Noah is anxiously waiting for Aunt Cathryn to get his dye ready. Ashton waiting for some eggs. I believe that is all I have to share about our Easter get together. I want to show you some goodies I got in the mail this morning. I ordered these from Create For Less last Saturday and got them today. I think that is pretty good service. The little blue boxes are Thread Heaven. I love this stuff. I run my quilting thread through it before I put it in the needle. This is a thread conditioner and it makes the thread stronger and tangle less. I use it on all of my handwork, even embroidery and for binding. The needles are Clover golden eye size 10. They work great. The ruler is an add a quarter. It has a little 1/4inch lip along one side. It can be used with templates or for paper piecing. That is actually what I bought it for. I really hated the first paper piecing that I did, but I paper pieced the border on the beagle quilt and it wasn't so bad. So I decided to try some more. After all, I love the paper pieced stars I see. See how the lip works? I hooked it over one of my quilting templates so you could see better. I think this will make things much easier. Also I bought a raised lip or deep recessed, however you look at it LOL, thimble. I have wanted one of these for a while now, but couldn't find any locally. Here is a closeup of it. I hope I like it. I happened to think about these books the other day. Carolyn gave them to me many years ago, but I was just never interested in paper piecing. I guess now I am going to give it a try. There are some awesome quilts pictured in these books, especially the '40 Bright and Bold Paper-Pieced Blocks' by Carol Doak. She does incredible work. So it looks like I will be learning a new form of quilting. I seem to constantly be learning new things in quilting. Since I plan to start doing some paper piecing, I would need to have many copies made of the blocks I want to do. I was going to take my book to Office Depot and have them make copies for me, but Kevin said we should just buy a scanner/printer/copier so that I would have it here to use. I haven't figured it all out yet, but Kevin printed me off some blocks to play around with. I was just waiting for my ruler to get here. I had intended to show a picture of it, but blogger isn't cooperating for some reason. So I am going to end here. Everyone have a nice day. Thank you for visiting and please come again.


Laurie said...

The grandkids sure look like they had fun Winona. I'm late posting today as well but now that I see you here I might as well post lol.
I actually needed to ask a question on another blog I follow and find that as long as I'm signed into mine I don't have a problem in the comment section.
Hope you have a good one and that you get some dry weather soon.


~Bren~ said...

The kids are all so sweet! I love the pic of Ava...she has that "camera" smile!!
Paper piecing....UGH! Not my thing at all.

Anonymous said...

What adorable children. Easter is so much more fun when children are involved.

MYRA said...

You want to come and stalk my fridge with pre-cooked foods for me too! lol!
Kids doing Easter eggs...brings back memories... 8-)
Gotta have the add a quarter ruler for paper piecing! Yes! Yes! Yes! 8-)
You will love your new thimble! I couldn't live without mine! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

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