Friday, April 24, 2009

Beautiful day in Missouri

Good morning everyone,

It is such a gorgeous day here. I did my laundry and hung it outside. I hung out the second load and brought the first load back to the house with me. Perfect drying weather, although the wind is blowing pretty hard. Doesn't seem so bad, though, when it is in the 80's. (grin) The sheets were kind of a pain to hang out, but I got them securely on the line (at least I hope they are secure LOL).

I got Milah's attention yesterday when I mentioned chickens. So I figured I'd better post some pictures of my new babies. I bought them at Orscheln's last Saturday. I bought 8 bantams, (I have no clue what breeds. The sign just said bantams.)2 red sex link pullets, and 2 black sex link pullets. I have had the sex links chickens before, so I know they are good layers. I made sure that I had 2 of each kind that I picked. I know it is crazy, but I wanted them to have a buddy. LOL Only 2 of the banties don't have feathers on their feet. You can see one of them above. It is the little brown chick with a stripe down's it back. These are so cute.
I took several pictures the day after I brought them home. I gave them a whole day to settle in before bothering them. Since the banties were bought straight run, I have no clue how many are girls and how many are boys. At least I hope I have some of each. (grin)
No matter how many pictures I took, I never could seem to get all 12 in the same shot. They are quick little guys. LOL I just have one more picture. I hope to move them out of the house next week some time if the warm weather holds. I grew up with banties always around us, but have never raised them myself. They seem to scratch and dig more that the regular sized chicks I have raised did. They have their water filthy all the time. I have to change it about 4 times a day, but they are a joy to watch. Milah, did you get your chicken fix? LOL I will have to take another picture of them. We have had them a week tomorrow and they have grown so much.

A few weeks ago, I won an Amazon gift card from Cheryl. Now I love books almost as much as fabric. LOL I had so much fun trying to decide what to get. I finally decided what I wanted and added some money with it. I got 3 great books. I have wanted this one for a while. I was pleasantly surprised to see how big it is. This will be a lot of reading, so much good info on eating.Then I got this one. I love Bob on the Biggest Loser, so I just had to have his book. I am about half way through it. It is another good book. Now this book, I love, love, love. I have Pint Size Traditions II, so I knew this would be a great book. I have looked through this so many times. I just want to make all of the projects. Now that it is getter hot, I want to have some little projects to work on in the evenings. This has plenty.
So Cheryl, as you can see, I did good! Thank you again, so much for the gift card. I think of you each time I look at my new books. (grin)

Remember last post when I showed you a picture of Callie laying in a box. Ohoh, look what I caught in Callie's box. Aeris looks pretty smug, doesn't she? LOL So I fixed the problem. I put another box on the bed. Now all is right with the world again. LOL Callie and Aeris each have their own box to lay in.
Well, that is it for me today. My dh has the computer set up to automatically run some sort of scan at noon every Friday. It slows everything way down while it is running. Since it is close to noon. I am getting off here. LOL I'll share my JoAnn's trip and the purse I made next time. Everyone have a good weekend. Thanks for visiting and please come again.


MYRA said...

Adorable chicks! 8-)
Bob's book! Something I will have to check out! I love watching Biggest Loser Couples right now... 8-)
That Pint Size Traditions looks interesting...
Have a good weekend!

Milah said...

Okay girlfirend, lets talk chickens.;D

What's sex link mean? I'm blushing here.;D

I'm a newbie at this....I don't get my first chicks until June 8. I'm trying to learn everything I can before then.

BTW, I love the books.....can I check them out? LOL!

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