Thursday, July 15, 2010

Which Is Better?

I am getting ready to cut out Jeremy's quilt. I cut a few squares from the fabrics for the 9 patches. Now I need to figure out how to place them. Yes I know I can cut 4 1/2 inch strips, sew them together, then subcut into 4 1/2" blocks, and sew these together to make my 9 patch block, but I prefer to cut blocks and sew them together. I think I get things more accurate that way. I'm not in a race to get these done, so don't really need to speed things up. (grin) Anyway, I laid them out and took pictures. I thought maybe seeing them on my blog might help me decide which way I like best. Here is block one.
Here is block two.
Which do you like better? It doesn't really matter, since it will use the same number of squares no matter how I set them. I finally got my first copy of Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting today. So I am going to go sit down, look at my magazine, and think on this a while. Please let me know which one you like best. Thanks. Have a great day.


Granny J said...

I like the first block best. It looks darker, more masculine. Which does Callie prefer?

~Joann~ said...

Winona~ I am such a dunce when it comes to things to do with quilting. When I first looked I thought they were the same :) then I went back and looked again, see told you I was a dunce. I think wichever way you do them it will turn out beautiful like all of your quilts do.

Coleen said...

I like the second one better....the one with the brown cross and beige background.

Marydon said...

G'eve Winona ~ I, too, like the second one best. Very pretty, soft, warma colors.

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Have a lovely summer's eve.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Crispy said...

I like the dark more. Have you tried both versions in EQ? I would love to see the difference they would make :0)


Bren said...

I agree with is difficult to tell the overall look by one block. Make the quilt on EQ in both color settings and then show us. I know you have ALL kinds of time to do that!! LOL
I like the dark one more too, but I am thinking the second one may give you a nice big area to hand quilt in that would show up better once those 4 corners I said (uh I mean CRISPY said), maybe the EQ layouts will help you decide.

Teresa said...

I like the second one best, it just stands out more to me. Which ever one you choose, the quilt will turn out great!

Love you,

Pat said...

I"m not sure if you have EQ, and if you don't, I know there is that little thing-a-ma-jig (not sure what to call it) that people look through at just ONE block and it makes it look like there are many of that same block. So....I was thinking if someone can tell you what that little "thing-a-ma-jig" is and where you can get one, you can do that...look at each block that way and see how it will look with many of that block and maybe it will be easier for you to decide. I am more drawn to the first one when I see them laid out just as single blocks.

Cyndi said...

Hey Winona! Although both blocks are great, I really like the second block best - it's a bit more unexpected and different!



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