Monday, July 12, 2010

Finishing up the stripping.

I am coming to the end of my stripping, at least for now. I haven't even touched the lights yet, but decided to just do this about once a week instead of all at once. My sweet husband told me last night that I needed to do something fun today. He knows I tend to do something until I am overwhelmed. So I have just a few pieces left on the ironing board to cut. Then I am going to do something fun. This morning I made a quick trip to town. I needed to go to Sears to get some bobbins and I stopped by JoAnn's. I am wondering something.... Maybe you can help me. It seems like I need to replace my ruler about every 6 months. It gets wallowed out where I cut the most. Anyone else have this problem? I thought maybe I am holding my cutter wrong or something. I know I am tired of buying rulers. The blades are expensive enough without having to get a new ruler every few months. Here is what I picked up this morning. I bought an 18 mm rotary cutter at Walmart last week for trimming little pieces, but took it back today and got this 28 mm cutter. I think the 18 mm one was too small. I used coupons for all this and saved about half. sometimes I can't find anything to use my coupons on, but today I found good use for them.
See that pink 'W' over to the left? That is a notepad that I just had to have. I thought it was so cool to have a notepad shaped like the first letter of my name. Well, it is a pain to use. I bought this several years ago and found it when I was cleaning out my sewing drawer. I decided to get it out and get it used. I am using it for scrap paper. LOL

My package from Connecting Threads came today. I ordered a 'Country fat quarter sampler' and the Bow Tucks tote pattern. I have wanted this pattern for a while, so I am excited to get it. I am hoping to use it to make bags for our daughters for Christmas. I think they will like this design. I guess before I make too many decisions, though, I should make one and see how I like it. (grin)
Here is the country fat quarter sampler. I like their fabric and love their thread. I would recommend Connecting Threads to anyone. They also have good customer support.
I noticed while cutting all of those strips that I have mostly earthy colors or maybe autumn colors. So I picked out the browns/goldens/rusts/oranges/greens charm squares that I had cut. Aren't they pretty?
Hmmm, what to do with these? Then I found this Charm Pack Quilt Along. Perfect! I don't need to buy any charms. I have more than enough. I have some light fabric. I will make this quilt along by using these earth colored charms that I cut last week. What do you think? (Please don't tell me I have a screw loose. LOL I know I am already making 3 quilts for our SIL's , plus tote bags for the girls, plus the Raggedy Annie BOM, but what is one more project?) Anyway, I think I can do it. It won't be quilted any time soon, but I think using these charms will work. By the way, I did have other colors, but picked out the blues, pinks, purples, wild flowers, etc. Also, this is just the 5" squares. Lots and lots of other sizes cut and in bins.

It was another rainy weekend. In fact we have more rain coming in. I am glad I went over the garden before these rains started, but I am sure it needs it again. Just waiting on it to get dry enough. We have some large tomatoes setting on, but they are still green. My mouth waters just thinking about them. (grin) Well, I want to go play. Thanks for visiting. Have a great day.


Karen said...

Your arm must be sore from all that cutting!

Phyllis in Minnesota said...

Love that purse pattern. I have made 3 purses from the pattern and have received many compliments. There is also a smaller version called mini bow tuck. Also love Connecting Threads fabric and threads.

quiltingnana said...

thanks for the birthday wish...your blog will be such fun to follow!

Teresa said...


I love all your new goodies! Goodness, all the projects you have lined up makes me dizzy headed, LOL! The Bow Tucks purse is really popular right now.

Can't wait to see all you make.

Enjoy your first tomato! I've been getting cherry tomatoes for a few weeks, and I picked 3 regular size over the weekend.

Love you bunches!


Pat said...

We have been getting a lot of cherry tomatoes. I can't wait for some big ones to ripen. I have seen that bow tucks pattern made up and it's really nice!

Crispy said...

Hmmmm, I don't know why you have to replace your rulers, I've had mine for YEARS. Maybe you aren't holding the cutter straight up and down? Sounds like LOTS of lovely projects to work more won't hurt a thing LOL.


Granny J said...

I'm still using the same ruler I bought when they first came out. I don't do as much cutting as you do but just checked mine and there are no nicks on the edge. Pretty colors with all the greens and browns.

Linda said...

I also don't have any problems with my ruler...your squares are great colors. I love the autumn tones. This is my first visit to your blog and I enjoyed it. Thanks!

Cyndi said...

Winona, I also have problems with my ruler. Maybe because I can't cut straight to save my live...even with the darn ruler! I find myself buying them more frequently than I like to admit!

So glad that your Bow Tucks pattern came...can't wait to see your first bag from it - I say first because most of the people that I know that have made that bag usually end up making lots of them! Have fun!



Yvonne said...

Hi Winona,
I made the Bow Tucks pattern for myself but my daughter who is 26 claimed it. I am sure your daughters will like it too. It is all about the fabric choices.

I have had my rulers forever. Did you check your blade to make sure it doesn't wobble too much?

ROZ said...

Gosh, Winona, I have the same Omnigrid rulers for years and years! Maybe the older ones were made better? I stick some "Clear Fabric Grippers" made by the Dritz company (this is not a commercial) on the backs of my rulers. I did have to replace my entire rotary cutter, though. I wore that thing out.

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