Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Double Delight is a flmsy.

I spent all afternoon yesterday trying to figure out the best way to do the borders on my Double Delight. I wanted to use the same fabric for the borders that were in the quilt center, but only had a limited amount left. So I used my ruler, pen and paper and figured it out. I forgot about having EQ7 till I had it figured out. (sigh) Anyway, I used the fabric in order of the least amount I had of each of them. Did that make sense? LOL Here is the best picture I can do of the whole top. Kevin tried to hold it up, but it didn't even show the borders that way. It measures about 76"X86". I did not follow Bonnie's idea on borders, but I like it anyway. The only thing that I would have liked better would be if I had enough of the green fabric with chickens on it to put another border on it. Since I don't, it is what it is. (grin)
Here is a closeup of the top border.
Here is a closeup of the corners. Took me a while to figure out how short to cut the orangey fabric for the blocks to fit. I don't know why, but my mind just wouldn't work right. LOL
Aeris decided that it wasn't fair for Callie to be in all the pictures on my blog, so she jumped up on the DD before Callie had a chance to. Of course that irritated Callie, so then she wouldn't even get up there. LOL I tell you, it is like having two kids again. They spit and spat at each other, then curl up together and go to sleep.
I drug out all of my rulers to show you all. I think there are nine laying here. After reading all your comments, I am inclined to believe my problems with rulers are user error. LOL I must be holding my cutter to an angle or something. Anyway....I am making more of an effort to hold that baby straight when I cut. It is hard to tell, but when I cut a strip of fabric with these, then turn the strip around, you can see an area where it is bulged out. That is where my ruler is wallowed out. It isn't much, but it bothers me. As you can see, I am the queen of rulers. LOL I also have several specialty rulers. I probably have at least a dozen specialty rulers. Yes, I know, overkill. My hubby can't understand why I need so many rulers. Maybe I am a collector of rulers. LOL
The good thing about all these rulers...I bought all of them using coupons at one time or another. Otherwise, I would pass out, figuring what I spent on these. LOL

Today was the hottest day we have had in a while. Our weather guy said at 6 p.m. that the heat index was still 110*. YUCK! I have spent most of the day in where it is cool. Suppose to be some storms coming in later tonight. That will probably just make it more humid tomorrow. I spent most of the day making bindings for different projects. Also finished up the backing for Bob's quilt. Can you believe, I still have not sandwiched and basted it? Maybe this weekend. I think I have said that for the past 2 weekends now. LOL Here is what I did for the backing for Bob's quilt (Patriotic Shoo Fly).
I had enough of the red, white, and blue fabric for the length, but it wasn't wide enough and I didn't have enough of it to piece both sides. So I used fabric from the front and made a strip piece for each side.
I had about 1/2 yard of a white fabric with the pledge of allegiance on it, so I put a section in the center of each strip.
I had enough of the red, white, and blue fabric to make a binding, by doing lots of piecing.

Well, I guess that is enough from me for now. Thank you for visiting. Have a great day.


Karen said...

I'd say you have a triple delight since you were able to figure out a border with the amount of fabric that you had available.

Bren said...

Your DD turned out beautiful! Aren't you so gald you pushed through and finished it up??? Now to quilt it!!!

Bren said...

You know I meant GLAD...not gald!

Granny J said...

That DD is beautiful. Will you start hand quilting it now or will you wait for a little cooler weather?

Teresa said...

The DD turned out beautiful Winona! I love the green chicken fabric, you know how much I love chickens, LOL! Bob's quilt is going to be lovely too.

We are supposed to have a really humid day, the worse one yet, according to the local forecasters. I love summer, but can do without the humidity!

Have a great day!

love you,

Crispy said...

The Double Delight is Wonderful!! I love your inner border treatment. I'm VERY impressed with your math skills....I would have messed it up LOL.


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