Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you are all enjoying the 4th (at least those of us who live in the USA). It has been a very quiet, but peaceful day for us. Kevin told me this morning when I got up, to spend the day doing whatever I wanted. Hmmm, I was at JoAnn's when they opened. LOL Everything that I wanted was 50% off, plus I had that extra 10% off the total coupon. So I bought a few things. I got myself a new cutting mat. Mine is getting kind of nasty. I don't have room for a huge mat, so an 18X24 inch mat fits me perfectly. I debated on buying a 28 mm rotary cutter. Do they really help when cutting small patches? I have two 45 mm cutters, and they are working fine, so I decided to hold off on that purchase.  I did buy some more red floss for my redwork. They had very little fabric in the clearance area that I was interested in, but I did find a couple. I also found 4 little bundles of 5 coordinating fat quarters each, for half off. It is actually pretty good fabric.  I think I am going to quilt the Patriotic Shoo Fly with red cotton thread. Bren, did that shock you. I just wanted to use something other than white or natural this time. Hope I'm not making a mistake. Here is what I got this morning.
I just love the colors in those little bundles. Here is a better shot of those.
Yesterday morning I mowed while Kevin weed eated. I also went over the garden again. We have big green tomatoes, and blooms on the peppers, eggplant and green beans. Also the zucchini are getting big. I am thinking we will have some veggies from the garden soon. After the mowing, we hauled water. The place we haul water from is on the side of the firehouse in our home town. The crazy water would not shut off after we had our barrel full. Kevin was holding onto the hose, saying hit the kill switch. I was, but it wasn't responding. So I took over holding the hose and he tried to get it to stop. Nope. So we hurried uptown to try to find help. Twenty minutes later, they were still looking for someone with the key to the firehouse to shut the water off. Small towns, gotta love them. LOL I am sure several thousand gallons of water was wasted, but nothing we could do about it. After all of that excitement, we called it a day. LOL

Kevin spent the afternoon playing on the computer and watching tv. I spent it piecing a back for Bob's quilt. I am quite proud of it. I will try to get a picture of it before I put the sandwich together. I had a perfect piece of fabric for the backing. It was long enough, but not wide enough. So I improvised. (grin) Kevin said it was cool looking. After getting the backing pieced, I decided it was time to clean and oil my machine. I had another ohoh moment. I took the old needle out and laid it by the machine. Then  took the new needle and laid it out by the machine. Which one is old and which the new? Oh for pity's sake. I ended up just putting both of them back in the package and got a new needle. I'll figure it out another day. Sometimes I almost scare myself with the dumb things I do. LOL  Anyway, my machine is all ready to go for the next top. I have decided on the designs (with help from my daughters) and pulled the fabrics needed for both Jeremy's and Ivan's quilts. I'll show pictures of those tomorrow.

Kevin had the grill going when I got home from JoAnn's so we hurried up and grilled our burgers and hot dogs. Good thing we got that done, because it has been raining ever since. I am afraid the rain is going to put a damper on lots of celebrations.  We have one more day of this weekend, but it will be busy. I need to get the laundry all done and Kevin wants to repair a tire on my car. It has a slow leak. We have to air it up about once every 2 weeks, which isn't a big deal, but he wants to figure out what is wrong. I am so not looking forward to weighing in tomorrow. This weekend I have eaten, pizza, chips, ice cream and now burgers and hot dogs. I will have to work my tail off next week just to break even. LOL My trainer will really need to put me through the paces. Callie is my trainer. She sits on my tummy while I do crunches and watches from afar as I Sweat to the Oldies. Have you ever seen such a cute trainer? LOL
Well, I'd better get off here. Everyone have a fabulous and safe 4th. Thank you for visiting.


Granny J said...

That is the size cutting mat I have. I lay it on top of my sewing machine to cut since I don't have a cutting table. Love the colors in the little bundles. It looks like your trainer is resting up for a big day.

Cyndi said...

Great score there, Winona! I love your FQ bundles. Callie looks so comfy on that bag...why do cats always want to lay on the plastic bags? I have to keep them away from Buster because he also likes to chew on them!



Crispy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful 4th. We mostly just lazed around....we are such an exciting couple LOL.

Love the fabrics you found and if Bren doesn't give you permission to use red cotton thread for the quilting...I will ROFL.


Bren said...

Hmmmm red cotton??? Red is fine...I LOVE RED, but I am a bit freaked out by the cotton. Run that stuff through some bees wax or something. Didn't they have red Guttermann quilting thread??? They should have. I do think colored threads are necesssary sometimes, but heavens, it sure shows the inconsistency in my quilting. LOL The red will really accent the blocks nicely. I think red is a better choice than navy or black....oh goodness, black!!! You know how I feel about that!
That trainer of yours looks like a Jillian clone! Don't let her wear you out too badly!

Myra said...

A great haul of goodies you bought there Winona! Love the FQ bundles!
My cutting mat is 17x23". Bought 2 years before I even started to quilt... It was a package purchase at Costco... The mat is too small for my liking. I am always watching for a good buy on a bigger one!

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