Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fighting with my Blog!

I have had quite a time with my blog today. I got on it this afternoon and there was a little box from photobucket that appeared over my pictures, words, etc. I could not get rid of it. It said something about the image you are clicking on has been moved or deleted. Well, that was quite a pain. It was only about 2 inches square, but prevented me from reading anything. So I deleted my background. Got rid of the little box, but also got rid of my background. (eye roll here) So far today I think I have had at least 4 different backgrounds. I am still not satisfied with this one, but I'm tired of messing with it. I may work on it some more tomorrow.

Yesterday, I got my block put together and the embroidery design traced on for the Raggedy and Friends BOM. I am enjoying this one. I decided to use my blue wash out pen to trace the design. I bought some red pens to trace things for my redwork, but do you think I could find them? NO! I knew where they were before I started cleaning. I knew cleaning meant disaster. LOL Any way, here is the first block all ready to do the redwork. Ok, now I can't get my picture where I want it to be. Either Blogger is having issues or I need to take a break. (sigh)

Ok, this is where it wants me to type, so this is where I will type. I am just getting tired of nothing working tonight.

I also got my charm square quilt along charms cut and ready to make half square triangles. I decided to work on a few fun things before I put Jeremy's quilt together. 

Lisa asked me what a flimsy is. Lisa, I tried to reply to you, but you are a no reply commenter. A flimsy is

just a term given to a top that is pieced but not sandwiched or quilted. I learned the term from reading other quilting blogs. I had never heard of it either. (grin) 

Kevin and I went to Ryan's for lunch today. It was good. I think I did pretty good on picking healthier foods. I tried to eat the healthiest I could. Of course, I had to have a piece of coconut pie and a little ice cream. I love coconut pie.  Skipping that is just not an option. LOL 

 We also stopped by Hobby Lobby. I found some great fabrics in there for making my new Bow Tucks bags. I bought enough to make 3 bags. I do have 3 daughters, but at least one of these will be mine. I can make another one later. I love these black and beige fabrics.
The roll of black on top and the fabric on the right top of the picture were already in my stash. I fell in love with this red star fabric. I wanted it, but only planned to get enough fabric today to make one bag. While trying to decide what to do, I sent my hubby down the street to Office Max. I could tell he just wasn't feeling the fabric dilemma. LOL With him out of the way, I decided to get the red too. 
Once again, the roll on top and the right front fabric were already in my stash. Ok. I have enough to make 2 bags. I need to go, but wait, look at that darling pink and green fabric. Oh, I just have to have that. 
The beige fabric on top and the right front fabric were in my stash, but look how pretty that middle fabric is, with the pink and beige flowers and all the green. I had to have it, didn't I? I sure hope I like making these Bow Tucks bags, after purchasing fabric to make 3 of them. (another eye roll) Kevin never said a word while I silently sat in the passenger seat petting my pretty fabric on the way to Ryan's, but I know he was rolling his eyes too. LOL

We had rain again today. It rains every weekend. As Kevin said, we might as well live in the tropics. I don't want it to stop raining, but one weekend a month without any would be nice. Well, I guess I will try to get this to post. No promises, since things have not been going exactly as planned tonight. Thanks for visiting. Please come again. 


Coleen said...

You're not the only one having issues with blogger. I've got the little box too!

Your Raggedy block looks great!!! I love all the red fabrics


Myra said...

I had the same problem with the background disappearing and the little box. It had something to do with the site that I had my background with... I went to another site for a background from so far so good! 8-)
Your Raggedy block looks great so far and your fabrics are great!!! We all need retail therapy once in a while to keep us happy, even if hubby's heart isn't in it with us... 8-)

Bren said...

I saw that little box on several blogs. Myra is right I had to do with the background site. I think they are going pay. fabric. AND dinner out! What a day!!! Love the black and creams together. Reminds me of a quilt kit I saw called "coffee with cream". Your other fabric choices are just as wonderful. I am cracking up at how much you are adding to your list! BUSY lady!

Crispy said...

Ooo pretty fabrics!! I too LOVE the black and beige. I would have to send Bob to a hardware store so he could drool all over the "boy toys" while I drool all over the fabric LOL.

So what is a Bow Tuck bag?


Cyndi said...

Winona, you are so funny! I love to go shopping for fabric at Hobby Lobby, too, and actually have some of those same black and beige fabrics! You know what they say..."geat minds"...! LOL!!!

Sorry you had so much trouble with your blog today. I have experienced some of those frustrations with Blogger, but they always seem to work out somehow. I do like your new background, though!



Lisa said...

Thanks Winona for the explanattion on "flimsy". I have no clue why I am a no reply commenter. Hmmmm...

Love your charm squares!

And most of all.... Happy Anniversary!

jillquilts said...

Great fabrics! I can't wait to see how your bags turn out!

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