Thursday, July 1, 2010

Patriotic Shoo Fly is a flimsy.

I finished the last border last night. I had planned to add another border, but it measures 62"X80" now. This is supposed to be a lap quilt. Kevin told me it was plenty big enough. Yep, I agree. (grin) Carolyn emailed me. She said Bob's favorite color is red and he loves patriotic stuff. So this will be his. One down and 2 to go. I  pretty much have the fabric pulled for Jeremy's quilt, but still working on a design for Ivan.  Already pulled one fabric. Hazel said he likes stripes. I have a striped fabric with different greens and browns in it. I think he will like this. Anyway, here is Patriotic Shoo Fly also known as Bob's quilt. LOL
I added a little 4 inch border after this picture was taken. Here Kevin is holding it up for me.
I changed the corners on the pieced border, but the rest of it is just like my EQ7 design. It has two red corners like this and 2 blue ones.
I think I will work on a backing for this and maybe get it sandwiched and basted today. Maybe not. Basting a quilt is not my favorite part of quilting, but a necessary part, none the less. (sigh)  Here is a peak at what I am hand quilting right now. This one has been fun, just plain fun. LOL
I am also making 9 patches as leader/enders. I made these while piecing the PSF.
These are so much fun. I just love little 9 patches. They are made with 2 1/2 " squares.
You have already seen the bottom two here.
I spent the morning with mom. Got all her bills and meds ready for this month.  We had a good visit.

Our weather here has been perfect this week. Highs in the mid 80's and lows in the low 60's. We even had one night when it got down into the 50's. Wonderful weather for this time of the year in Missouri. Of course, all good things must come to an end. They are calling for rain on the 4th and a return to the heat and humidity. Oh well, we enjoyed it while we could.  Kevin is so excited. He has a 3 day weekend. The last long weekend, Memorial weekend, I spent in Lawrence and Kansas City, so he is really looking forward to this time. He has lots of projects planned and wants to grill. I plan to go buy burger, hot dogs, and chips tomorrow. We usually grill enough for several days when we grill. So maybe, no cooking for me this weekend. That is good. I don't think any of the kids are coming home. They all either have plans or have to work, so it will just be the two of us. 

Well, I guess, I'd better get off here and start Sweating to the Oldies. I did my Bible study before going to mom's this morning, but didn't have time to exercise, so need to do it this afternoon. Everyone have a wonderful day. Thanks for visiting.


Teresa said...

Hi Winona,

The patriotic quilt is beautiful! Bob is going to love it. Can't wait to see the quilts for Ivan and Jeremy. The 9 patch blocks are cute.

We're not doing much for the 4th. Maybe some grilling hb's and hd's the kids, we are buying BBQ and chickens from a local family run business.

Our weather has cooled down some too. Have a nice 4th!

Love ya,

Yvonne said...

Love the patriotic quilt! Have you tried the basting sprays for basting. They are recommending them on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms. I think they work pretty good but I don't hand quilt.

Have a happy 4th. We will be in Kansas for a family reunion.

Cathy said...

Dearest Winona,
I LOVE the patch quilt...absolutely beautiful.
Wishing you and Kevin a wonderful 4th weekend...enjoy the extra day with him. Jon is off on Monday too.
I love you my friend,

Granny J said...

That patriotic quilt is beautiful but the sunflower quilt is my favorite. I love sunflower anything. :) Congratulations on reaching 50 followers.

~Joann~ said...

winona~ Beautiful quilt top of course! YOu are so good at making things and always so busy, wish you could send some of your energy over here to my house. It seems to take me forever to get anything done craft wise. I love red white and blue things and anything patriotic.
Have a great weekend

Bren said...

LOVE the Patriotic Shoo Fly! Your SILove's will be so blessed by you this Christmas!
I have a stack of 9 patches that are screaming for me to do something with them. Do you know what you will be doing with yours??? I am thinking of setting mine on point with an "almost" solid fabric so I can showcase some hand quilting in those squares....bthw, spray basting and batting with a "press on" basting are not the best for hand quilting. It is like quilting through plastic (I hear). It is suppose to be great for machine quilting though!
Hope you have a nice 4th. I am taking 5 (FIVE) kids (by myself) to a new church (call me nuts) and then we are taking those SAME 5 kids to my MIL's house in the late afternoon for a cookout and a bon fire. That should be fun...keeping Emerson away from the fire! She is a daredevil who is afraid of NOTHING! I am bringing her stroller and will TRAP her in if she gives me one bit of concern!!! Isn't my attitude great?! LOL
Be blessed my frined!

Crispy said...

I love the Shoo Fly quilt!! Very cool to get your 9 patches sewn up at the same time too. I agree, bastin is NOT fun...which is why I use safety pins :0)


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Your red/white and blue quilt looks very vintage. I love it. I would have thought it was an antique. Very nice job!

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