Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Got Sidetracked

You know what they say....the best laid plans, etc. Well I got Jeremy's quilt all cut out. Made my decision on which way to do the 9 patch blocks. By the way, thank you everyone for your opinions. I decided to go with the brown blocks in the centers. That is the way I was leaning towards anyway, but just wanted some other opinions. (grin) Here is Jeremy's quilt, all cut out and ready to sew. I think I still need some border strips. I usually cut those after the center is done. 
After getting Jeremy's cut out, I decided I might as well get Ivan's cut out too. Hmmm, I wasn't really pleased with the borders, so I went back to EQ7. I like these borders much better.
 So I got Ivan's quilt all cut out.
Even with EQ7, I still have to do lots of figuring. I probably wouldn't have to, but it is just like me not trusting a calculator. I have to figure it myself. LOL You can see all of my doodles to the left.  I am using up that big 'W' and using my favorite pen. It writes in purple. (big grin)
Then I decided I really should put together one block to see if I liked it. I now have 15 out of 20 blocks put together. I just have 5 more to make. I also have the cornerstones done and the pieced borders done.
So I might as well get Ivan's quilt done first. LOL Here is what the block will look like. Not too bad, even with all that yellow in there.
I won a giveaway a couple of weeks ago. Joanne from splittingstitches, was comparing cutting charms with her new Go cutter and an ordinary rotary cutter. She sent me all of the test results, plus some charms from a charm pack and a note pad. I believe she sent over 100 charms. I will have lots of fun with these. Thanks so much Joanne.
About two months ago, Fons and Porter sent me an offer for a trial subscription to their magazine, Love of Quilting. They would send me a copy. I could look at it and decide whether I wanted it or not. I received the bill within the first 2 weeks, but no magazine. I was just about to write cancel on the bill and send it back when I finally got the magazine. Then a couple of days later I got another issue. I have decided to go ahead and send them the money since I do like it. I love this quilt in their July/August issue. So simple, but so pretty. I may do this one after I get all the other projects out of the way. I may even attempt to follow Crispy's hand piecing tutorial with it. I would probably cut it down some, though. Isn't it pretty? It is made with scraps and a 60* triangle template (both small and large).  It is called 'Nothing but Triangles'.
My dh has been putting in lots of overtime at work this month, so he was really looking forward to today. He had lots of projects he wanted to get done. We went to bed with no rain in sight, but woke up to rain. So it has been another 'in the house' day for us. Can't do what he wanted to while it is so wet outside. It seems to rain every weekend. This is unusual for us for July. We have received way more rain than normal. In fact, we have had so much rain, that the garden isn't even liking it. No ripe tomatoes yet. A few tiny green beans setting on. One eggplant and lots of zucchini blooms when the garden was checked this morning. Of course the storm we had blew over my tomatoes, cages and all. I hope they recover.

Well, I think I will get back to my sewing. Kevin keeps reminding me to take breaks. So I figured I might as well get a blog post in. LOL He takes good care of me. Thanks for visiting. Have a great evening.


Bren said...

Your blocks look great. You were sidetracked in a positive direction. I have not touched my quilting in 2 days. My callouses were damaged in all that Pine Sol water from cleaning. I knew cleaning was not good, but now I know why. It softens our quilting fingers!!!!

Cornfield Quilter said...

Hello! First I want to thank you for stopping by my blog. Thanks so much for the compliments, I just love quilting, it is my passion!
I really like Ivan's quilt you are making and I love the colors. Will have to come back and look at it when you get it finish. :D

Cyndi said...

Way to go, Winona. Getting both of those quilts cut out already is fantastic! That's the part I hate the most when I'm making a bag...all the cutting! I just want to be able to jump right in and sew!

That triangle quilt is really pretty and I'm sure you'll love making it once you get a few of your other projects done. Sorry to hear you had rain again this weekend...we had a lot of "threats" of rain, but never got a drop!

Have a great evening!



Crispy said...

Oooo I really love Ivan's blocks, the yellow in it REALLY makes it shine!! A great distraction :0)

Pat said...

Ivan's quilt looks great...that yellow really adds to it!!!

Linda said...

I really like the yellow in the block you showed...I can't wait to see it finished. That quilt in the magazine is really pretty. I hope you can make that too!

Cathi said...

Wow, are you organized! I like the design you've chosen. And that triangle one. That looks like fun to stitch!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Great quilt design. Your on a roll over there.
Fons and Porter is one of my favorite mags. I have taken it for years. You'll enjoy it Winona. Congrats on your wins too.

Riley said...

I finally found my way here & wandered back through your blog.

What a FUNNY lady you are! I especially enjoyed the car shopping entry!

The quilting plans look great, will be anxious to see them move forward.

Thank for all the nice comments you've posted to me!


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