Thursday, May 7, 2009

Laptop bag made.

Good morning all,

I think it is going to be a lovely day. It was already in the 60's when we got up. We had chances of thunderstorms this morning, but I think they have all gone south of us. It looks to be a lovely May day here in Missouri.

I made Kevin's laptop bag. I was trying to follow a pattern I found on the net and just having a horrible time with it. That was on Monday. So I just decided to quit working on it and think about it. When I got up Tuesday, I decided to just scrap the pattern and create my own. It took me about 2 hours to come up with this.My dh is very picky about not having anything that he considers 'girly'. LOL So even with my large stash of fabric, it took some looking for me to come up with a fabric that he wouldn't think was too feminine. LOL I figured this looked like a guy fabric. He told me before I started, no flowers. (grin) I lined the outside front and back with fusible fleecing. I had cut 4 pieces the same size. Two were linings and the other two were the front and back. I sewed about 3/4 of the way around with the lining and front/back, facing each other. Then I turned them right side out and pressed good. I had purchased a couple of sheets of 8"X11" thin foam at Wal Mart. I inserted one of these in each side, then finished sewing the seams. I put my walking foot on at this point. That thing is worth its weight in gold. (grin) I also sewed velcro on the outside front before sewing them together and put a large pocket on each lining side. Then I measured the laptop on the sides, only to discover that by the time I had them sewed together, it would be too snug a fit. No problem, I cut 4, 2-inch strips, the same length as the bag, ironed fusible web on one side of each pair, sewed them wrong sides together, turned right side out, and pressed. Then I sewed these sides to the front and back to make a tube, so to speak. You can kind of see one of the sides in this picture. I sewed the velcro in a different direction on the flap, so he would have more room if needed depending on what all he put in the pockets.
The flap is just 2 pieces of fabric with fusible fleece ironed to one side. (I use fusible fleece a lot when I make purses, etc. I really love this stuff.) Then I sewed around 3 sides, right sides together, turned and pressed. I sewed the flap to the back of the case, flipped it up and sewed again. I almost forgot. I also sewed the bottom seam twice to give it more strength. I haven't put straps on yet, because I wanted to see how long to make them. I think we are going to buy some webbing and use 'D' rings to make and attach the straps. Here it is with the laptop inside of it. It is a very good fit, and dh was thrilled with it. (grin) You can see the inside pockets. This meant alot to me, to be able to figure this out on my own. Kevin couldn't believe it only took a couple of hours for me to finish it. I had to work quickly because I was doing this Tuesday evening and wanted to be done in time to watch Biggest Loser. (grin) I also got the applique done on Mom's rooster quilt.

Yesterday I got all the quilting lines drawn on it, the button sewed on for the eye, all sandwiched together, and even got a good start on the quilting. Here it is, all ready to quilt. I took a closeup picture of the rooster, but the flash made it all washed out, so I will wait till I get it quilted to share that with you. I have been doing some spring cleaning. Feels good to open the house up again. Well, I need to go check on my baby chicks, then get back to quilting. Everyone have a great day. Thank you for visiting and please come again.


Kristie said...

I love, love, love, your rooster quilt! Nice job on the laptop bag! You stay so busy!

Fruit of her hands said...

Winona~ That Laptop bag is great. The rooster quilt can come and live at my house if your Mom doesn't like it!!! It sure turned out so pretty, love the colors. Where did you find the pattern, was it in a book or did you just make it up??

simple country living! said...

~Hi Winona!
I have to tell you I LOVE YOUR ROOSTER!!! I still haven't even started mine, but when I do, I will post pictures too! Hmmm...maybe a summer project!

Laurie said...

Great job on the laptop bag my friend!! Zachary wants one something like that for his. Nothing too fancy he said lol.
Happy Mothers Day Winona!


Myra said...

Hi Winona! I am still playing catch up from my weekend away!!! Seems like I will never get totally caught up!!!

Well, you've been busy!!! 8-)

Your DH will have no flowery/girly things to complain about on that Laptop bag now will he!?! lol! A man's bag indeed! 8-)

Love your rooster quilt! Awesome! And speaking of roosters, your chicks have sure grown! Wow!

Happy stitchings, and Happy Mother's day to you! 8-)

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