Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Good morning everyone,
It is cool and cloudy here today, but that is ok, because I am wanting to get my tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, and eggplant planted later. I have been watching the radar, because they keep saying we have rain coming in. In fact, we have chances of rain throughout the next week, so I would love to get my plants in the ground. Dh told me to take it easy today, but I have usually planted things during this weekend in the past, and hope to again today. (grin)

Yesterday was a fabulous day. It started out in the 40's so we hung close to the house for the first part of the day. It was Kevin's birthday so I finally got to give him the beagle quilt. He was thrilled and wanted to know when I had worked on it. LOL I told him only when he was at work. hehe I have a picture to share, but I will warn you, it is not good. I am no photographer and he hates having his picture taken. Since he posed for this and knows that I take pictures for my blog, I am assuming he knows it will be posted here. He did not tell me that I couldn't post it, so I am going to do just one picture. (grin) Here he is holding it up.
Please excuse the background. He was standing in front of one of our ratty doors. LOL I still need to get the hanging sleeve on it, then it will go behind his chair. Now to continue with our day yesterday.... We decided to go out to eat at Ryan's. I love Ryan's. This was to celebrate Kevin's birthday and Mother's Day. It was crowded, but we had fun anyway. He paid for the meal and I did the tip. I think I got the better deal. (grin) Kevin gave me some money and asked if I wanted to go to JoAnn's. Well, duh! So we went to JoAnn's. While I was inside the store, Kevin went further down the strip to Office Depot. He found a program for his new laptop and I bought a 10 inch hoop for when I am quilting smaller quilts and borders. I actually beat him back to the car. He was amazed that I was finished shopping first and only purchased one item. (grin) After JoAnn's/Office Depot, we stopped by Wal Mart, so we could get a few things. While in there, I decided to buy some bright colored fabric. I think I will make little Izabella either some jumpers or skirts for her birthday. What do you think? Think a 1 year old will like these fabrics?
Of course I found a couple of pieces to add to my stash. (grin) I also bought some snaps, webbing for Kevin's laptop bag strap, and a thing to make the strap different sizes. I think Callie approves. (Sigh) She is laying on Izzie's fabric at the moment. I just can't lay anything fabric related out without having a kitty take it over. LOL We picked up a sub and cookie at Subway. We stopped by my MIL's to visit and give her the treats. She enjoys these little treats. After we got home, I tilled with Katie while Kevin mowed with Big Red. Goodness, our ground was hard. We didn't do much with it last year, so it has been a couple of years since it has been tilled. I think I have it ready to set my plants out now, though. After coming in from our work, I decided to run up and spend some time with mom. I gave her a hanging basket with some sort of yellow flowers in it. I can't remember what they were, something that started with a 'G', but they were pretty. I spent a couple of hours visiting with mom, then came home to spend the rest of the evening with my husband. (grin) It was a good day and Kevin has told me a couple of times what a good day he had.
I almost have mom's rooster quilt done. I just have a little more quilting along the bottom border. I hope to finish it up today. I am going to dig around in my patterns in a bit and check for a jumper pattern for Izzie. A skirt will be simple, but jumpers are cute too. I hope all of the women out there have a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Whether you are actually a mother or not, I am sure you have nurtured someone. Just enjoy your day and take it easy. Thank you for visiting. Please come again.


~Bren~ said...

Happy Birthday to Kevin and Happy Mother's Day to you!

Fruit of her hands said...

Winona~ Happy Mother's day to you and Happy Birthday to Kevin, my husband is the same way about pictures...aren't men funny like that?? Sounds like you had a good day, of course any day that ends up with trips to Joann's and Walmart's fabric department are good days always!! You have some great fabric there, and I think Izzie will love the colors. The Beagle quilt turned out so pretty, you do such wonderful work.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Happy Mothers day to you Winona!!!! And Happy Birthday to Kevin!!

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