Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

I know, it is about over. Most of  you are probably enjoying fireworks about now. I can hear the neighbors shooting off stuff as I type. I am not a fireworks fan. They are pretty, but I hate the noise. So I am content to sit in the a/c and just piddle while everyone else is out watching the fireworks and getting bitten by mosquitoes. (grin)  We have had a very nice three day weekend. Saturday, Kevin got the garden tilled while I did laundry. Sunday, we went to town and got a few things. Then Jon and Kim came to visit that afternoon. We so enjoyed spending time with them. Today I got up with the urge to use my JoAnn coupons. Now the last thing I need is more fabric, but I had that urge, don't you know. So I am sure you can guess what I did this morning. LOL
I visited JoAnn's. I saved more than I spent. Woohoo!  Here is what I got today. I laid it out on the red fabric, because it didn't show up very good on my quilt. I also bought a couple of packages of sewing machine needles.
Now I know this looks like a lot of fat quarters, but I have a plan for them. My dear friend, Teresa sent me this for my birthday. I plan to use these fat quarters to make the 111 blocks. (May have to add some. I'll see.)
I started working on this using scraps, but became frustrated when my blocks were not turning out the right size. I did a silly thing. I printed each of the 106 templates out without checking to see if my printer was set on 'no scaling'. It makes a difference. LOL So now all of these templates are too small. Chris helped me out with it, so now I am going to try again. I am debating on whether to wash the fat quarters or not before I begin. I don't usually wash, but this will be a long project. My gut is telling me to wash. What do you think?

While I was in Walmart the other day, I noticed they had a clearance on some of their precuts. They are getting another style in, so want to get rid of these. Of course, I had to help them out. I only paid $.75 each for the fat quarters and $7.00 each for the bundles of 7.
I also picked up a pretty cutter, some circle rulers, and a couple of magazines.  I think Kevin wants to keep me away from Walmart and JoAnn's. LOL
I also received these in the mail last week. I love prim, but haven't done much of it. I found this site and just had to order some of her patterns. This  is Meme's Quilts. I love her patterns. I am sure this will have to be a winter project. I am getting in over my head again with projects. LOL
Well, that is about all for me right now. Kevin has already turned in, so I suppose I should consider doing the same. We are such party animals. NOT! LOL  Thank you for visiting. Please come again. Have a great week.



Julie Fukuda said...

Glad you had a happy and productive weekend. It looks like you will have enough to keep yourself out of mischief for a while.

Crispy said...

What pretty fabrics you have found. It's good to know you are helping out the economy in your area LOL.

I took the kids into town for the fireworks show and forgot the skeeter spray...big mistake


Rosalyn Manesse said...

What a haul! You'll be sewing for a year--

Paula said...

Oh Winona, I'm so glad you helped out the Walmart by buying that fabric... *grin*..
I like to be helpful like that too! *hehe*
I'm a little jealous that your JoAnns has such pretty fat quarters~ the one I go to in Knoxville has really ugly ones- I'm not kidding. The WORST fabric they have is in fat quarters... *sigh*...
Can't wait to see what you do with all those pretty colors!

Deb said...

Oh wow, another Farmer's Wife quilter. I can't wait to see you get started on this. I'm just finishing up mine - have four more blocks to do!!

You picked up some wonderful fabrics. I wish that my Walmart sold fabric, but they don't!

Karen said...

Saving more than you spent something to brag about. I am afraid mine total would be the other way around.

Our Walmart does not have fabric any longer. I did read that Walmart is bringing back things that they discontinued from their stores. One thing is the craft department. But whether fabrics will be included was not mentioned.

Myra said...

Wow! That is a wonderful bit of goodies you've got there Winona! Good for you!! I look forward to seeing some Farmer's Wife blocks! 8-)

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