Thursday, July 7, 2011

Raggedy Annie and Friends

I spent today working on some things that I want to get done. I really want to start my Farmer's Wife blocks, but feel I have to get a few things finished first. I guess I am kind of making a deal with myself. LOL Anyway, I got the Birdie Stitches #7 ready to stitch and block #7 of Henrietta Whiskers done. Then I decided to finish putting my Raggedy Annie and Friends together. I just needed to make the sashing and cornerstones and sew it all together. What do you think?
Sorry about the quality of the picture. Kevin isn't here to hold it up for me, so it is stretched out on the bed. I will share a few closeups of some of the blocks.

 I am debating with myself on whether to call this done or to add borders. I have enough of the red fabric used for cornerstones (not sure if that is what they are called when it is in sashing). I actually have it cut. I only had enough to cut them 3 inches wide. It is 57" X74" right now. With the added borders it would be about 62"X79". What do you think? Should I call it done, or add the borders? Here is a picture with the border fabric kind of laid out around it.
I love how this quilt turned out. Thank you Kaaren for generously sharing the pattern with us. It will go in my pile of quilts to work on this winter.

Do you all have problems with ticks? I hate those critters. We are having such a hard time with them this summer. I took my walk this evening. Since I have come back into the house, I have picked 6 ticks off of myself. (Shiver here) I hate them! We have sprayed and they still are thick. Maybe we need to get some more guineas. They are known as tick controls.

We had about 2 1/2 inches of rain this morning. Not good with the horrible flooding we already  have. I think most of the rain is out of the forecast now, though. I'm just praying the levees can hold out.

Well, I need to get my grocery list ready. Tomorrow is town day. Everyone have a good one. Thank you for visiting. Please come again.



Andrea said...

Hi Winona - it's a really nice quilt and personally I would add the red as a border. Adds a little something I think. Enjoy your weekend xx

Crispy said...

I vote for the border, makes a nice finish to the quilt. I am shuddering with you on the ticks, I have had only one on me this year...ewwwww. I make a point of staying out of the long grass so I can usually avoid them.


Paula said...

Winona, your Annie quilt is precious! I love the colors in it.
I agree with the other two comments, a border would look nice- but it's great the way it is now, too.
We had ticks really bad a couple of months ago, I picked several off myself and a bunch off the dogs, but it seems they've not been as bad the past few weeks. I've been letting the chickens hunt them down. *hehe*
I just got back home from my "town day" errands... *UGH*.. Hope you had a wonderful day!

susiloci said...

Realmente precioso, me gusta mucho como te quedó.

Terry said...

Your Annie quilt looks wonderful! Congratulations! :0)

Just Ramblin' said...

Love you Annie quilt. I, like the others, favor the red border. It really sets the quilt off lovely. Sorry about all the ticks. Wish I was as far along as you on my Henrietta Whiskers quilt. Have all the fabric but that's as far as I am. Just ready to stitch #5 on birdie. Maybe one day I'll catch up. Nola

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