Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Garden Is Producing.

It is hot, hot, hot here! But I think it is about like that everywhere in the USA right now. We are in a major heat wave. I am ready for fall, but I am enjoying our garden. We have been getting some produce. I went down early this morning and picked 2 chore buckets of green beans and our first tomato! That first tomato is kind of puny, but it is always a big deal around here when we pick the first one. (grin) I have the beans all snapped and in the fridge. I will probably cook them this evening after it cools down a bit. Kevin suggested I wait, since it is so hot. No point in making the a/c work any harder than the poor thing already is. I snapped a picture of the produce from the garden.
The peppers aren't huge yet, but peppers are still $1 a piece at the store, so I decided we might as well be eating our own. I planted 9 and they are loaded. The hail we had a few weeks ago, made some bad spots on some of them, so they need to be eaten anyway. Our onions did not do well this year, but I will pull them this week. We'll use what we have. The deer have enjoyed my sweet potatoes. I planted 16, and now have 6. I hope they decide to leave those for us. (grin) The muskmelon and watermelon, that I had given up on, are finally up. Not sure if they will have time to finish, but we will see. Our pumpkin is starting to bloom and my lonely little cucumber vine is blooming as well. The corn is a tasseling and the potatoes are dying back. So things are going pretty good in the garden area.

I know of a couple of babies that are due towards the end of the year. I have a thought running around inside my head. I have been playing on EQ7 to come up with a design. I picked up a couple of fat quarter packs at Walmart. I think these will make great baby quilts. The first one is kind of neutral, so I am thinking it could be used for a girl or a boy, but preferably a boy. 
Now this one is more girly. I love these colors together.
I am spreading my wings. I used to only choose Thimbleberrie like colors to work with, but I am trying to stretch out of my comfort zone. I have become quite fond of some of the brighter colors. Can't imagine a quilt on my bed made from these colors, but for babies and children, I love 'em. Now to decide on a pattern in my EQ7. I worked on it a bit yesterday, but have not come up with a definite plan. I'll add borders and sashing from my stash.

Last week I decided to make a bag for a young woman who lives in my mom's apartment complex. She is very good to mom and always doing favors for her. I decided to make a bag for her to thank her. I chose the Phoebe Bag. This is a pattern by Rebeka Lambert and was really easy to make. I used some of the fabric that my friend, Cyndi sent to me. The young woman who this is intended for loves cats. (grin) 
Isn't this cute? I did not have a magnetic fastener, so resorted to the old standby...velcro. It works. LOL Here is the inside. I still need to hand stitch the lining together at the bottom, but otherwise, it is done.
Here is a picture that shows the gorgeous outer fabric a little better, but the first picture is truer to the real color.
Don't you think she will like it?

Well, Kevin just stuck his head in to say he might need my help in a bit. He is getting ready to build a small deck onto the front of the house. So I am going to help whenever I can. (grin) Everyone have a wonderful day. Thank you for visiting and please come again. Stay cool and hydrated. Fall is coming. LOL



Janet said...

Yum, the first tomato of the season. My tomato plants are looking good and just blooming. I hope this heat doesn't do them in. That's alot of green beans-2 buckets. I love fresh green beans. The purse is darling. She will love it--a thoughtful thank you for a thoughtful neighbor. Stay cool!!

Julie Fukuda said...

Gee whiz, my tomato doesn't even have a flower yet. Enjoy the produce and food for the eye as well.

Crispy said...

How fun to be getting fresh produce from your garden. I would be happy to have a bit of a cool down weather wise too but NO FALL yet!! Fall means winter and as wet as this summer has been the snowfall will be awful again LOL.


Paula said...

Oh~ the bag is wonderful, Winona! I checked out the link for the pattern- thanks for sharing that because I have some chicken fabric that may wake up tomorrow in a handbag. *giggle*

Glad to hear your garden is doing good... well, what the deer didn't eat... that's why we didn't even put anything out this year- the deer and raccoons ate everything we had last year.
Hope you can manage to stay cool, dear- we are supposed to get that same heat towards the end of the week. UGH!

Pat said...

Your garden produce looks yummy. First tomatoes are a big deal here, too. This year was the earliest tomato ever for us...during the last week of June!!! I like the fabric for that bag....any cat lover would be thrilled with that!

Barb said...

You have a lot of fun things going on over there. We have Thimbleberries sew daythe last Wednesday of each month if you would like to join us.

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