Thursday, June 30, 2011

Caught up on Birdie Stitches.

Good afternoon,

It is really hot here today. Supposed to be in the upper 90's with a heat index of 107*. Can you say yuck! LOL I went out to take a walk about 9. Waited too long. About 20 minutes into the walk, I was getting hot and had a cramp in my leg. So I decided to wait till the sun goes down for the rest of my walk. I may have to settle for doing a video if it doesn't cool down enough. My blood pressure is doing really good. Blood glucose is good when I eat as I should. (grin) I have lost 21 lbs. Need to kick it up a notch since I go back to the doc in about 3 weeks. Would like to lose at least 25 lbs.

Since it is too hot outside to do anything, I have been getting a little bit of sewing and handwork done. I am on the 3rd border of the pink baby quilt. I can stand to hand quilt as long as I have the ac on. (grin) I also just finished the June block for Birdie Stitches. I struggled with this one. The pattern posted didn't click with my other blocks. So I put off doing it till I saw Terry's post. She changed it. A light bulb went off in my head. Well why not? It is my quilt. I can do whatever I want. Right?  Now since I cannot draw, at all, I used parts from the June block and pieces from previous blocks to create this. I like it and it fits in with the other blocks. After all, June has been spent watching my garden grow. LOL Thanks Terry, for the idea.
Block #6
Now without going back through my blog, I cannot remember which of these blocks I have posted, so I am going to just post all of them. I know some will be repeats. Oh well.
Block #1
Block #2
Block #3
Block #4
Block #5
I also got block #6 of Henrietta Whiskers done. I will take a picture and post as soon as I get the little bit of embroidery done on it.  I came up with a way to put my Retro Nine Patch blocks together, but not sure I like how it looks. Just doesn't click with me, so it is put on the back burner while I think about it. I took a picture, but it didn't turn out good. What is new, huh? LOL  I decided to make actual 9-patch blocks using the colors that I had used in the embroidery. I think I should have separated things with sashing. Not sure what it needs, so thinking about it. Here is the rather lousy picture of it. I may try to have Kevin hold it up so I can get a better picture. Lots of times, seeing a picture helps me decide what needs to be done.
A couple of weeks ago, our son, Jon, and his friend, Kim came to visit. They brought stuff for a BBQ. We had such a fun afternoon. I just took a few pictures. Of course, Jon is like his dad and doesn't like to have his picture taken. (big sigh)
Jon was playing ball with Buddy.  Buddy loves this ball.
Here is a picture of Kim. She is a lovely young woman. Kevin and I really like her.
Well, that is it for me today. Please keep the Missouri River areas in your prayers. It is not good. Our county is having some severe floods. Several towns have been evacuated. This will go on till at least the middle of August. So a long time to be on the watch for flooding. Kevin is still able to work, but that all depends on if the river goes over the levee or breaches. Bad situation for all concerned.

Thank you for visiting. Please come again and have a wonderful day!



Julie Fukuda said...

Art teachers do not like to hear that "I can't draw" phrase. You did it and it is cute. Love the pix.

Crispy said...

I love what you did with your block and that you made it "yours". I had to laugh at your inability to draw....I hear ya on that sistah :0)

Actually I like the 4 patch and don't think sashing would be the answer. Maybe if you lay it out on something that could be used as a border fabric it would look "right".


Terry said...

Your birdie blocks look great! And good for you making up your own design for June! I just saw the July block and I like it! :0)

Just Ramblin' said...

Love all your birdie blocks. Aren't they the most fun to stitch? Like Terry, I just saw and printed off the July block and it is fun! I think you did an awesome job making the June block unique to you. Nola.

Myra said...

Wonderful Birdie blocks Winona!! Love your and Terry's idea of changing up block 6!!
Have a great 4th of July!! 8-)

Nancy said...

I love your header and the embroidered blocks you have done. Great job!

Paula said...

I love your Birdie blocks, Winona! And how neat that you made your "own" design! I love it!
The nine-patch is beautiful too.
Glad you were able to spend some time with Jon!

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