Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August Goal Results!

I did not reach my entire goal, but I am satisfied with what I got accomplished. I am still working on the Double Delight. I am going to finish that quilt if it kills me. LOL It is those rolling star blocks. I love the way they look, but really don't enjoy making them. I know quilting is all about having fun, but I just can't give up on this one. I have seen several of them finished and they are beautiful! I hope to spend at least a couple of hours a week working on it. I am almost ready to start sewing the blocks together.

I did finish the 2 hand quilting projects that I had started. Here is Harbor Town. I really like it. Here is the center of it.
I just love the way the lighthouse turned out.
Here is the back, although you can't really see the quilting.I also finished the D9P (Disappearing Nine Patch). This is just a lap size quilt, so it shouldn't have taken so long to quilt, but I kept putting it on the back burner for other projects. It is completely done now, though, even washed. (grin)Here is a closeup of one of the corners. Please excuse my pictures. I am not a good photographer, even though I love to take pictures.
I used a green cotton sheet for the backing. It really helps the quilting to stand out. I have used flat sheets for the backing on most of my bedsize quilts. I have never had any problems. I already shared pictures of the Green Star Quilt Along and Froggy Went a Courtin', so I won't post them again. I also have most of the applique done on the Birds and Blooms, but haven't taken a picture of it lately. So as you can see, I really was busy this past month. Now I am working on quilting Noah's Ark Quilt. I also want to start some new projects. I have several pictures to share, but will divide them up over the next few days. I think I would blog more often if it didn't take so long to upload pictures. I guess I should start bringing my handwork over to the computer to work on while the pictures are uploading. Hmm, never thought of doing that before. LOL

I now have all 12 of the Quilter's Garden blocks done. I'm ready to start putting it together. Here is block #3 called Bleeding Heart. Here is block # 4 called Cactus Flower. Well, that is it for tonight. It is September 1st. Dare I set another goal? Why not? (grin) This time my goal will be to make at least 15 posts on my blog this month. If I make the posts shorter with less pictures, I think I can do it. Tomorrow, I plan to tell you about our one day vacation. Kevin took me to Jamesport (Missouri's largest Amish community) last Friday. I had lots of fun, but I'll share that tomorrow. Everyone have a good night. Thanks for visiting.


Crispy said...

HOORAY on getting so much sewing done!! I wish I could be half as productive LOL. Love the blocks :0)


~Bren~ said...

You really were busy! Such beautiful work too.
15 blog posts in one month from you?? I will be in blog heaven!

Karen said...

Harbor Town is oh so nice! I used elements from that pattern in a round robin I participated in one time.

Fruit of her hands said...

Winona~ Oh I just love the harbor town, lighthouses are my favorite thing!! You do such beautiful work..I will look forward to all of your posts :)

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