Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Fun!

Good afternoon,

I am working right along on my goal for this month. I may not get everything done that I planned, but I am doing ok. (grin) The weather this month has helped me out. It rained again this morning, so we can't do anything outside. No outside work equals more quilting time. Right? LOL

I went through the box of pieces that I had cut out last year for Quilter's Garden. I even made sure that I had cut all the pieces needed for each block. I did find one piece missing. Not sure if I overlooked cutting it out, or if it is hiding from me. Anyway, I am so glad that I stuck all the leftover fabric for these blocks down in the bottom of the box. I needed a dark gold 4 1/2 inch square. Whew! I had a strip just over 4 3/4 inches wide leftover. I got that cut and each block's pieces put together and labled. I already had 4 blocks together and decided to make one block a day till I get it done. Today I am ready for block#8 and it is a doozy! If I counted right, it has 61 pieces in a 12 1/2 inch block. This is block #1 called Bachelor Buttons.
Number 2 is called Star Gazer.
I will show you a few more blocks next time. I think this quilt is going to turn out pretty. I haven't even picked the setting fabric yet. I may work on that this afternoon.

I wanted to share a few more pictures from our BBQ at Carolyn and Bob's. Isn't this chair fabulous? Bob's brother, Terry, made it for Carolyn. I sat in it and fell in love.(big grin) It is so comfy. I can see me sitting on the porch quilting away. Anyway, when Terry arrived, Kevin asked him if he would make one for me just like Carolyn's. He had to cut it down because Carolyn is like me and rather short. The one he made for Bob, just swamped her and me. LOL
Terry does wonderful work. I am so excited, I can hardly wait to get my new chair.
I thought you all might like to see some pictures of the deck that Carolyn and Bob just built. It is pretty big. They already had a 10X10 concrete deck on the front of the house, so they went out another 10 ft. then turned to the side with a 10X11. So it is shaped like an 'L', 10X20 ft with a 10X11 ft to the side.

Carolyn and Bob love watching birds and squirrels, so their back yard is full of birdfeeders, birdbaths, birdhouses, and squirrel feeders. Carolyn has two squirrels that visit every day. She calls them Freddie and Freddina. LOL I would call this the feeding station.Terry made this wooden feeder for them.
We saw so many different kinds of birds while we were there. It is like a sactuary. I hope you can see the red cardinal in this picture. He stayed there and ate for a long time. I really enjoyed watching all the birds. There were too many people present for Freddie and Freddina to come, though. LOL

As soon as I get Harbor Town washed, I will share a picture with you. I have been quilting away in the evenings on the Disappearing Nine Patch. I drew some motifs on it with the blue washout pencil. It has been so humid that some of the lines are starting to fade, so I really want to get it done. Haven't touched Birds and Blooms or Double Delight for a week or so, but I'll get back to them. I think I had better get my Quilter's Garden block done since they are calling for storms this afternoon. I unplug my machine when it storms. So I need to get with it. Everyone have a good day. Thanks for visiting.


blushing rose said...

What pretty squares, Winona. LOVE the deck, the bird feeders ... beautiful setting. TTFN ~Marydon

~Bren~ said...

That chair does look comfy! I love the feeders at your daughters house....the cardinal is my favorite bird. We have a few around here too. My mom has a squirrel feeder and there are babies in her tree. They are so cute! We have grey and red squirrels here...the grey are not as friendly as the red. I saw a black squirrel for the first time this year. It had a white tail!!!! Weird!
Your blocks are adorable. I love the green gingham! I can't wait to see Harbor Town!
We are getting BAD storms today and tonight. One already and another heading this way!

Karen said...

The two flower blocks are very well done. I will be watching to see more of the blocks. What kind of setting will you do?

Crispy said...

The blocks are wonderful Winona!! Is that an adarondack style chair? They are so comfy to sit in!!


Myra said...

A great chair! Those are very comfortable chairs! I know! 8-)
The deck is awesome! A real party deck! Great for family BBQs! Looks like you all had a great time there, especially the children!
Your blocks look great!
Happy stitchings!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Those quilt blocks are beautiful, Winona!! I'm sure you're finished with it by now... hope you post more pictures!
That is a wonderful deck... so big and roomy!! I would spend all my time out there. And I love those chairs too... I have a hard time getting out of them but boy, are they comfortable!!

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