Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tinkerbell and other projects!

Good evening,
I don't normally have time to post on my blog on the weekends, but find myself piddling on the computer tonight and decided I might as well make a post! (grin) Thank you all for the birthday wishes for our daughter. Cath, glad you got to have a meal without needing a bath afterwards. LOL I am sure you and Jeremy had a wonderful time!
I have been really busy this month. I have pieced together 3 wall quilts and a table runner. Yesterday, I took 2 of my redwork projects and added borders around them. I made them about 20" or so. They can be wall quilts also. Today I got all of the quilting lines drawn on these. I hope to get them sandwiched tomorrow after my Bible study. Whew! I am almost dizzy! LOL I will share pictures in the next few posts. I forgot to take pictures of the redwork quilts. Now they have the quilt markings on them, so I will wait till they are done to share. I am going full steam ahead, working on Christmas projects.

This little quilt is called Snow Treats. I just love it. I am usually only really 'in' to fall quilts, but this little winter quilt just won my heart. I machine appliqued the snowmen, then hand embroidered the faces, buttons down the front, and twig arms. I love how all the colors come together on this. It measures about 21" square. After I get it quilted, I will try to get a closeup of one of the snowmen. I can't figure out how to make my pictures so that you can click on them and make them bigger. Anyone have a simple (really simple) explanation on how to do this?
Our granddaughter, Ava Beth, wanted a Tinkerbell costume. Her mama couldn't find a costume that Ava liked, so she called and asked me if I would make Ava a costume. Well, of course, I will make my grandbaby anything she wants. LOL So Cath got everything and sent it to me. My first thought when I opened the mailer was, 'What have I gotten myself into?' LOL All of this for one costume! So I drug out the pattern instructions and started reading. Ok, not as bad as feared. I have never worked with satin. Oh goodness! That is the hardest fabric that I have ever tried to press, pin, cut out, and/or sew. It ravels and runs. It tries to slide all over the sewing machine. The iron must be set 'just right' or it either doesn't iron or 'well, I think you can figure out what happens when it is too hot.' Let's just say I am really glad I tested things on scraps first. LOL Anyway, I got the pattern pieces cut from the huge sheets of tissue paper. Folded it all up and put the unused pieces back in the envelope. Wouldn't you know, I missed one piece. (eye roll here) So I drug the tissue paper back out, found the missing piece and got it cut out. Then I heavily pinned the pattern to the fabric and carefully cut it out. Sewing it wasn't too bad. I think it turned out pretty good. It is supposed to have a sheer skirt under the pedals, but Cathryn didn't want it, so I made bloomers and figured out how to do away with the skirt. I changed a few things to make it work for me. This comes from years of sewing clothes for our kids. I will say, that if I had been new to sewing, the pattern directions would have lost me. Sometimes whole steps were left out. Here is the back. Here is a closeup of the belt. It has grommets added. This the first time I have ever put those in anything, but I figured it out pretty quick. This project took most of Thursday to complete, but it was so worth it. I emailed these pictures to Cathryn. She showed Ava. A few minutes later my phone rang. I answered it to hear Ava say, "Tinkerbell! Thank you grandma. I love you. Bye!" LOL That made all of my frustrations disappear in a blink. (grin) You grandmas out there know just what I am talking about. Ava is happy with her costume. That is all that matters! Before I go, I will share the next two blocks of the Quilter's Garden. I haven't worked any more on it for a couple of weeks. This is block # 7 called Windflower.
Block #8 is called Zinnia. Well that is it for this evening. I hope to be back next week for some more posts, but no promises. Sometimes life is just too busy to be on the computer. Everyone have a great weekend. Thank you for visiting.


Andrea said...

Wow Winona - you did a fabulous job on the Tinkerbell costume. Will look forward to seeing a photo of Ava wearing it. I know what you mean about sewing satin - it is a devil xx

Pat said... HAVE been busy!!! Great job on the Tinkerbell costume and I"m sure Ava will be so happy when Halloween rolls around.

Crispy said...

Oh Winona!! You win all kinds of awards for that wonderful costume. She's going to prancing around in it long after Halloween is over :0)


Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

The Tinkerbell outfit is adorable! I know these things can be a challenge. Last year my DIL wanted to make a costume for Jonah and picked out a lamb suit. I was finding lamb fuzz around the house for months!! Hee Hee! I told her no more fuzzy outfits! I never posted a picture of it, so maybe I'll post it this Halloween. He was so cute in his costume! I hope you'll post a picture of your GD in her outfit.

Myra said...

Darling snowman top, and great BOM blocks!!! Your little granddaughter is going to look too darn cute in that little Tinkerbell get-up!!! 8-)
You are wondering how to make you photos blow up with a click, and I am trying to figure out how to make some of mine not blow up... LOL!
Happy stitchings!

Laurie said...

Winona you know I can't wait to see your redwork projects. I just love those!!
Happy quilting my friend!

Catherine said...

What a great Tinkerbell costume!!
The two blocks are absolutely stunning.

Lisa said...

Fantastic job on the costume and the quilt blocks. I can't wait to see the redwork quilt!

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