Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Ducks

   It is hot and humid here in northwest Missouri today. We are in a moderate risk for severe weather later on. We can use the rain, but I will pass on the severe weather. I have not been into our cellar in several years. I am thinking I would not have a good time in there if we get a tornado warning. We plan to work on the cellar, but have not had time yet this spring.
   My ducklings came to the post office today. I picked them up early this morning. They are so stinking cute. I know they are messy, but their personalities make up for it. LOL Here they are before I took them out of their shipping box.
   I gave my older ducks away last fall. They were so nervous and ran every time they saw me. I did research and decided to try some different breeds that are supposed to be calm and good layers. I chose Ancona, Cayuga, Welsh Harlequin, and Indian Runners. Now I know the runners are known as a bit nervous, but they just make me smile. I have already gotten a good laugh out of watching them 'run' across their shed. LOL
   I was a bit nervous, myself, on approaching Kevin with the idea of getting more ducks. After all, I had given away ducks a few months ago that we had quite a bit of money wrapped up in. But after I explained my reasoning to him, he was OK with it. (Now if I ever give these away, I will never bring up ducks again. LOL ) I ordered these from www.cacklehatchery.com I ordered them on May 20th and asked that they be shipped on June 2nd or ASAP. I never expected them to ship that quickly, but they did. We have had wonderful luck with Cackle Hatchery. They have good stock, always send extra, and their customer service is outstanding. Also, they are located in Lebanon, MO, so I am doing business with a Missouri company. (grin)
   I may not get a lot done, because I just keep finding myself down at their shed. LOL I have 4 Cayuga (black) 5 Ancona (spotted), 3 Indian Runners (orange marker on heads) and 4 Welsh Harlequin. I think they are just adorable!
   We are raising lots of chicks this year, but I will tell more about that in the next post. I needed more space, so my hubby helped me build a wall of wire to divide this shed into 2 pens. He helped me build the gate and get the framing in. I put all the wire on.
   I think it turned out pretty good. I put double wire on the bottom because that area will be used harder. I took a picture of the gate, but I think it is sideways. I will try to post it anyway. LOL
   Woohoo, I figured out how to turn it right. I also put double wire on the gate.  I hope to take regular pictures of my ducklings to keep a record of them. I really only wanted about 6, but the hatchery minimum is 15. I know I will not keep more than a couple of drakes. Too hard on the hens when there are several drakes. Time will tell how many I keep because I am sure I will keep all the hens. Have a good one.


Terry said...

Your ducks are so cute! :0)

Julie Fukuda said...

I still remember my pet duck and how it followed me everywhere like a shadow. My mother "re-homed" it one day while I was at school.

Lindsay C said...

I'll just bet those grandkids are gonna love those little guys when they come to visit!

harada57 said...
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