Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Couple of Wins!

My blog reading, commenting, and posting has been pretty sporadic  this year, to say the least. I have had the good luck to win a couple of great giveaways, though. First I won this Connecting Threads kit from Billie. It is called Audrey's Sewing Accessories Kit. I think this will  really come in handy if I ever get the chance to make it. Thank you so much, Billie. It is great.
Here is the fabric for the kit.
Next I won this adorable little wall quilt kit from Paula. It is called Chicken Hearted. Isn't this just the cutest thing? I hope to start on it this week. I plan to do needle turn applique on it. I need the practice and this looks ideal for practice. Paula, I really love this little kit and can hardly wait to get started on it.
I have been doing some embroidery this week. I have all 5 of the Retro Nine Patch stitchery blocks done. I am now ready to begin block #6 of Birdie Stitches.  In between working on BOM's I did these two little stitcheries. The first one is called Apples and Blossoms.
This is called Bless Our Home. I love this design so much that this is at least the 3rd one I have done. I plan to turn these into little mini quilts. I love taking stitcheries and adding scraps around them to create a little mini. (grin)
I have been waiting for storms to get here all evening. I believe they must have gone south of us. All we have had are a few sprinkles and a couple of thunder boomers. We had a nice rain yesterday morning, so we are ok on moisture. Our garden is looking great. I'll share some pictures of it soon. Well, it is getting late, so I need to get this posted. Thank you for visiting. Please have a great night.


Julie Fukuda said...

That is such a cute chicken piece. It should be fun. Glad the garden id doing well ... await pictures. The Neighbor's gardeners came today and are working in the rain. I paid them a bit on the side to take care of the overgrown enkianthis and two trees whose branches are now out of reach in the street-side bed. I can hardly wait to see that jungle under control!

Pat said...

You have some nice wins to work on now. I love your stitcheries, too. Please take a picture once you turn the "house" one into a mini quilt, okay?

Crispy said...

Cute wins and your stitcheries are wonderful, as always. You may be sporatic in blogging but it looks like you are staying out of mischief LOL.


Libby said...

You are one lucky lady! Your stitching looks so pretty! Glad the storms missed you!

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