Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Walk Around the Garden!

We ended up getting quite a bit of rain during the night, so the plan to work in the garden today is put on hold. That is ok, though, we still have plenty of time to get the sweet potatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, and muskmelon planted. Of course, with all this rain we have had, the yard needs mowed again. All in good time. (grin) Anyway, I walked down to the garden this morning and got some pictures. This is probably boring to some of you, but I kind of want to keep a record of it, so I'm posting pictures of our garden.
This is the whole garden from the top of the hill. Our garden is located in a field, so it is surrounded by tall grass and weeds. We have a push mower, self-propelled mower, and weed eater. No rider, so we have to pick the areas to keep mowed. No way can we keep up with the whole 5 acres. It is times like this that I miss my goats. They did a great job of keeping weeds under control.
That is where the old rider gave up the ghost. I guess Kevin leaves it there as a landmark. LOL We planted 18 tomato plants this year. I hope to be able to make some salsa, sauce, etc.
I planted little short rows of sweet corn so it would pollinate better. The rows run north and south. We usually have a south wind during the summer.
This is the first year I have planted okra. I don't even know how to fix it. I guess I need to do some research.
I planted 3 rows of green beans back in the last week of April. It was so cold that they never came up, or so I thought. I almost tilled them out, but look at them now.
These are the sweet peppers, eggplants, and the onions and potatoes behind them.
These are the best looking potatoes we have had in years. I planted 4 rows of Pontiac and one row of Yukon Gold.
Isn't this potato bloom pretty? As you can see, I already have them hilled.
This year we decided to plant some pole beans. Now Kevin needs to get a fence up beside them so they can grow up it.
I planted cabbage as an afterthought. Kevin thought it was too late for them, but they are looking good.
The last two pictures are of our spaghetti squash....
...and zucchini. I just planted 2 hills each of these. That should give us gobs.
Kevin broke some new ground for us this year, so we could increase the garden. With groceries going up each week, I look forward to when we can eat out of the garden. I hope you all enjoyed a tour of our garden. I will be posting some updates of it as it grows. Thanks for visiting and please come again. Everyone have a wonderful day.



Janet said...

It was fun to see your garden. Mine isn't even tilled yet. DH hasn't had time to get the tiller from our neighbor. I told him he need to get it done or there will be no garden. It has been cool here and everyone that has planted says things are not growing well yet any way. You will have lots of wonderful vegetables to harvest! I love fresh from the garden produce--even zucchini.

Pat said...

I love your garden. We only have space for a handful of tomato plants, but they are doing well. We will actually have a tomato ready to eat this weekend...the earliest ever for us!

Crispy said...

I love seeing pictures of gardens, well except the ocra....ICK!! I can hardly wait until I retire so I can start doing this too, though not at the scale you do it!! LOL.


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