Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not Much Going on Here

I just haven't had much to blog about this month. I think if spring ever gets here, that will change. (grin) I plan to have a nice sized garden this year. With the prices of groceries, we need to. We had another snow storm on Thursday. Quite a bummer. All of our snow had melted and the ground was even dry. We were enjoying being outside, but winter decided it wasn't through just yet. We got about 7 inches of snow with strong north winds. It was a very wet snow, so I didn't think it would drift, but I was wrong. Kevin could not even get home Thursday night. He tried, but had to turn around once he hit our blacktop. He was able to make it home last night, but was so tired. He ate supper and went to bed. I don't think he moved a muscle all night. LOL In fact, he is taking a nap right now. He is still tired. Driving on these slick and drifted roads is stressful.

I decided a few weeks ago to make Friday nights homemade pizza night.  I have come up with my own recipe for whole wheat pizza dough.  I make up 2 pizzas and usually have enough for dinner on Saturday. Kevin likes hot peppers on his and I don't. So Kevin's is always to the right. LOL This is his pizza.
This is mine.
We do enjoy our pizza. While I was typing this, our mailman knocked on the door. He had a package for me. My birthday is next Wed. I ordered myself an early birthday present. I ordered this laptop quilting frame from Barnett's Laptop Hoops. I have not used it yet of course, but hope to tonight. I will post about how I like it later. I will say that Harry Barnett is a nice man to do business with. I emailed him to ask about this hoop and he got right back to me, answered all my questions, and said if I was interested he would get it in the mail the next day. So how could I refuse. (grin) This is a 12 inch frame. I have always used 14 inch frames, but my arms are really short and I have to struggle to reach the far side. So I measured from the inside of my elbow to the second joint in my middle finger. Exactly 12 inches. So that is what I ordered. I snapped a couple of pictures of it as soon as I got it out of the box.
I had to fold up the box, because Buddy was having a heyday with the foam peanuts. LOL
I am anxious to try out my new toy. (grin) Like I said I will do a post about it after I have used it a bit. If you are interested in anything like this, just google Barnett Laptop Hoops. I will try to get the site to post later too. Harry has lots of different type hoops to choose from. He makes them himself.  I guess that is it for me. Thank you for visiting. Please come again and have a wonderful day.


Pat said...

I will be very interested to see more about your hoop......maybe even some pictures of it in use (with the quilted piece in place). I love to hand-quilt and had borrowed hoops from a few friends but never found a "comfy" way to do it. Your pizza looks DELICIOUS!!! And....last, but by no means early "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to you!

Granny said...

I'll say Happy Birthday because I know I'll forget it on Wednesday. That is a nice birthday present.

The pizza looks delicious. We love pizza also. I need to start making it at home.

Teresa said...

Oh, I love your new background! The pizzas look yummy. Congratulations on your new hoop. Can't wait to see some of your finished items! Love you!


Crispy said...

Hmmm interesting hoop. I'm looking forward to your review.


Bren said...

I love my lap hoop. It look just like yours but has a triangle base. Couldn't quilt without it.
Your pizzas look need to share your dough recipe!

Paula said...

Love that hoop, Winona- I'll be anxious to see it in action.
Happy Birthday early- I hope you have a wonderful day.
Boy, those pizzas look yummy... my hubby and I like different things on our pizza too... we usually just get two separate smalls because we can't agree. *hehe*

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