Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I had decided that I would not post today, but after reading everyone's Valentine's Day posts, it got me in the mood. (grin) Kevin and I are not big on this day, but I did sneak a Snickers bar wrapped with a love note in his lunch this morning. LOL He has to work late tonight, so I will spend the evening with Buddy, Callie, and Aeris in front of the tv with some quilting in my lap. (grin) Not a bad evening, but it would be better with my honey here.

Last night I finished block #2 of Birdie Stitches. I am really enjoying this BOM.
I added the buttons of all the BOM's that I am working on right now. They are Raggedy and Friends, Birdie Stitches, Retro Nine Patch, Things We Love, and Henrietta Whiskers. I am also working on Home Sweet Home BOM, but Paula doesn't have her button ready yet. I really have to quit finding these BOM's . LOL I am really enjoying them, though. Now to just keep all caught up with them. (grin)

We had a nice weekend. Our temps were in the 50's and lots of snow melted. Of course, now we are ankle deep in mud, but the wind will dry it. I got our bedding all washed, even the comforter and quilt. I left the quilt off the bed since it is getting warmer. We ate Subway subs. Kevin put some gravel down to make us paths where we need to go every day. Makes it much easier to get around. I cut Kevin's hair and made a loaf of whole wheat bread. Kevin made beef jerky. He says it is good. He used our dehydrator. It is an Open Country dehydrator that we bought at Cabela's last year. Sure works good.
Our house smelled so good yesterday. Made my mouth water.
I think he had five trays. Here he had already scooted them over to the side to dump them out to cool. Then he used our sealer to package them.
He plans to take them in his lunch. He can eat a few during breaks.
He has a jerky making gadget, but I forgot to get a picture of it.

I guess that is it for me today. I am off to do some quilting. Thanks for visiting. Please come again.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!


Cyndi said...

Hey there, Winona! I'm also glad to see some warmer temps - supposed to be 61 here on Thursday. Woo hoo!!!! But of course it will get cold again, and we'll probably see snow again before Spring actually gets here!

How sweet of you to slip Kevin a love-note-wrapped Snickers bar in his lunch. I'm sure he was tickled!

Happy Valentine's Day, my dear friend!



Pat said...

We don't do Valentine's Day here, either. Prices are inflated for candy, flower, AND dinners on such days. I'd rather do things year-round. LOL

Terry said...

Your birdie stitches block looks great! :0)

Crispy said...

Cute block :0) Bob was bowling and I was knitting in front of the TV, a typical Valentines day for us LOL.


Paula said...

Yummm~ I can almost smell that jerky from here, Winona! I wish I had one of those sealers... I'll bet those are the trick for jerky.
That is so sweet you wrapped a note up for Kevin in a Snickers bar... that sounds like something I would do. (The only way I know my hubby would find it is in a candy bar, if he didn't eat it first... hehe)
I love your little lovebirds~ those are adorable.
Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Barb said...

Just love your birdie block...

Libby said...

We spent Valentine's Day in too. Which is fine with me! You stitchery is so sweet! I love the fabrics that you choose, very fresh and pretty!

Micki said...

Your block is beautiful. I love gadgets and enjoyed seeing your dehydrator. I just ordered an Easiyo yogurt maker and I can't wait to get it.

Myra said...

Birdie block is looking great Winona! 8-)

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