Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March is here!

I love March. It means spring is about here, and also is  my birth month. I had a birthday on March 2nd. I read where another lady said she was going to go backward from year 40 on. Hmmm....that would make me about 27. LOL I guess it doesn't work when you have at least 2 kids that are older than that. LOL Anyway, I had planned to do a blog post on that day, but I had so many phone calls, that I never could get to it. I have been busy ever since. I have several blog posts lined up for the next week or so talking about what I have been doing. Nothing spectacular, but busy none the less. As I said, I talked on the phone most of my birthday. I heard from mom, MIL, my brothers and our 5 kids. It kept me busy answering the phone. (grin)   I made a little trip to town that morning and bought myself this little 5 inch cake and some ice cream. I am still a child at heart. LOL I have to have a cake and ice cream for my birthday!  No point in making a whole cake for just the two of us, though,  so this little one was just the right size to share.
My sweet hubby brought me a Pepsi and a Hershey bar. He gets home about 1 a.m., so I put them up till the next day. He had to work, but we celebrated before he left. He also gave me some money to spend on something when I find something I want. (grin)

I have such awesome friends. I will talk about my gifts in the order I received them. First I received these beautiful fat quarters from Joann. She said they were to help brighten my days till spring gets here. At the time I received them, we still had snow on the ground. Thank you, Joann. I love them. I've been looking through my books to come up with a pattern to make them up in.
Then I received these awesome homemade bars of soap from Bren. I have been using the oatmeal spice soap and my face feels so soft and silky. I love it. Click on the Spiced Cakes button to the right to go check out all of Bren's homemade soap and some other things too. I also got this pretty dish cloth too. I am pretty sure this was made by Charlotte, Bren's daughter. She does a beautiful job of crocheting. Thank you so much, Bren. I'll think of you every time I wash my face. (grin) Please thank Charlotte for me too.
Next to arrive was this marvelous package from my friend, Teresa. She doesn't have a blog, but reads mine and many others. I have wanted the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book ever since I saw the author on Sewing with Nancy. I love history. This book has letters from farmwives during the 1920's. It also has the the patterns for 111 six inch blocks. This will take some time, but I plan to make each of these blocks. I am sure they will make more than one quilt, because I don't really want to work with a huge quilt.
The book even has a CD with all the templates in it.
Teresa also included 1/2 yard of red fabric for me to use with some of my redwork, some patterns, and those little tins have Guttermann threads in them. Thank you Teresa. You know what I love. Looking forward to getting started on the Farmer's Wife blocks.
Here is a closeup of the Farmer's Wife.
Then I received this absolutely gorgeous tote bag and matching wallet from Cyndi. Oh goodess, her sewing is so good. She picked this fabric out especially for me. Just my kind of colors. I know these were made with love in them. Cyndi has been down with a bad knee, but she managed to make this for me anyway. How sweet is that! I already have all my things moved over into them. I can hardly wait to go somewhere so I can show them off.
I have pockets inside and lots of extra room for all my stuff. (Notice I refrained from calling my stuff junk. LOL)
Look at this wallet.
The inside has a place for bills, a place where I am keeping all the grandbabies' pictures, card slots, and a zippered section. I love it.
Isn't this just a wonderful gift? Thank you, so much, Cyndi. You did a wonderful job of picking fabric and your sewing skills are outstanding. Also thanks for the gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop. I had fun picking out some goodies. Here is one more picture of my bag. I am not a terrific photographer, but you can see how pretty it is. It also has deep outside pockets on both sides. So I can carry lots of stuff! LOL
Now I tell you, aren't these some wonderful gifts?  Life is good when you have God, your family, and awesome friends.  You all are very dear to me. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

I have been busy this week working on a few things for Kevin. I will share about them in another post because I already have 12 pictures in this one. Don't know if there is a limit, but I am sure I am about there if there is. (grin) We have had some dreary days this week. We have had rain, snow, sleet, rain, snow, and now a drizzle with lots of wind. Also had some thunder and lightning thrown in there. LOL Just normal spring weather for Missouri. As soon as the mud dries this time, we can plant some of our hardy plants. I already purchased the seed potatoes and onion sets.  We didn't plant any onions or potatoes last year and I really missed them. So I have a little over 10 lbs of Pontiac potatoes and about 3 lbs of Yukon Gold potatoes. These are my favorite 2 kinds. We usually just plant yellow onions because the others just don't keep well for us.

Well, I guess I should get this posted. I have been rather long winded. LOL Thank you for visiting. Please come again. Have a great day!


Marydon said...

So glad you had a lovely birthday & blessings, Winona. Sorry I missed it, Happy Birthday greetings. What a cute cake ... & hubby's to bring you treats.

Love the fabrics & the bag is beautiful.

Have a beautiful eve ~


Terry said...

Happy Birthday Winona! It's a good month for birthdays! Love all the goodies you got! :0)

Paula said...

I sure enjoyed seeing all your birthday goodies, Winona! What a wonderful assortment of gifts... I love the purse and wallet, and the book has piqued my interest- I'll have to look for it the next time I'm at the bookstore or JoAnns. And the little cake is just perfect- Hubby's birthday is tomorrow and I may pick him up something like that too.

Janet said...

Happy Birthday!! You certainly were treated to a wonderful array of gifts--thanks for sharing. The cake looks yummy. We still have a lot of snow here, but I am thinking of gardening too. lol

Libby said...

Happy Birthday!! You got some very neat gifts! and I love that little cake! Perfect size!

Crispy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!! It looks like you made out just fine in the gift department LOL. Personally the phone calls would have been the best part :0)


Pat said...

A belated happy birthday wish to you. I enjoyed seeing all your gifts and hearing about your birthday!!!

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