Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time for Tea!

It is absolutely beautiful here today. We are going to have a high in the 50's with a stiff southern wind. I am not even complaining about the wind because we need it to get rid of this snow. (grin) I have been just sitting outside soaking up the sunshine. Buddy has been out most of the morning. Callie and Aeris even stepped out on the steps to check things out. LOL  I could live with this kind of weather for the rest of Feb., but I know I am dreaming. It will get cold again. Probably even snow some more before spring is here. But it is getting closer!

I made this little mini quilt last week. I did the embroidery one day and made the little quilt the next. I just love it. The embroidery is another Sandi design, I think, but I changed it up some. The bricks around the center came from some pink charms that Nola sent me. The outer border and backing are from scraps sent to me by Cyndi.  This is another little design that I prepped over a year ago. When I took it out of the bin, it just screamed 'PINK' to me. LOL So I did it in pink.
Here is a closeup of the center.
Since we were talking about using fleece on the backs last week, I'll include a picture of the back.
I told you all that I start with a knot at the end of my floss, but didn't explain how I end. Paula asked me about that. I don't know if my way is correct or not, but this is what I do. I turn the piece over with the wrong side facing up. Then I whip stitch about 3 times around an existing line of stitches.. This is where the fleece helps to hold everything steady and kind of hides the ending. The floss ends up buried in the fleece. I also whip stitch around the back threads when I need to skip over to another area, if it isn't more than an inch of so. More than an inch, I end and begin again in the new area. I hope this explanation helps. It is hard to put in words what I am physically doing. Paula, if you need any more help, I will try to take some pictures to explain things better. OK? (grin)

This will be the backing. Isn't this fabric just perfect for a pink tea time? I love roses and pink.
I am working on block 2 of Birdie Stitches. I am about half done with it. I also found another BOM to do. This one is called Home Sweet Home by Paula Stoddard. I think this is the year of the BOM for me. LOL  I counted and I have 6 BOM printed off. Five of them include stitcheries. I have really developed a love for embroidery. I will try to find all the addresses to these BOM's and post them next time. By the way, just in case someone doesn't know what BOM stands for, it is block of the month.

Only one more thing to do before closing....  Happy Birthday Cyndi! I hope you are having a good one.

Thanks for visiting. Please come again.


Cathi said...

I love that little quilt!
I use a fusible batt when doing stitchery blocks which works the same, I think, as a fleece. Thanks for explaining how you end of the floss!

Pat said...

What a gentle, pretty little quilt! I like it a lot.

Libby said...

LOVE IT!! Two of my favorite things, quilts and embroidery!

Just Ramblin' said...

Love your little quilt and glad you could use the fabric. Thanks for sharing how you end your embroidery. I'm going to give it a try. Nola

Julie Fukuda said...

Thanks for sharing your technique. We can certainly learn a lot from each other.

cozythyme said...

Hi Wilma,
I love your little mini quilt. Thanks for sharing. Nancy

Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

That is really pretty!

Crispy said...

What a pretty little project :0) I still say this is the year of UFOs but need to get off this knitting kick first LOL.


Sandi said...

Hi Winona, Lovely little quilt. So fun to see my little stitchery design on it. :-) That backing fabric is too gorgeous!! I have more BOM's started than I can remember or that I can even possible finish but I sure have fun with it all anyway! Happy Valentines Day!

Paula said...

That is a beautiful mini-quilt, Winona... the pink is perfect!
Thanks so much for sharing your pearls of wisdom with me, and yes I do think I understand- I'll give it a try step by step and see if it works out. You're the best!

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