Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

That's right, I am tired of the rain. I don't want it to completely stop, just slow down a bit. We have been having 1 or 2 storms a day for almost 2 weeks. I am so not a fan of lightning and thunder, so I have been a nervous wreck. All I get done is unplug and replug all our electronics. Several towns near us are under water. They are sandbagging the levee near my home town as the Missouri River is about to go over. Now today we are having record heat and humidity and you guessed it. Looks like another storm coming in from Nebraska. (Big Sigh)

Saturday we had 80 mile an hour winds and lots of rain. We were just about ready to head to Carolyn and Bob's house for the BBQ when the storm hit. We rode it out right here. Then lost power, so Kevin stayed home to keep the generator running. Good thing he did. We were without power for about 10 hours. Probably would have lost everything in the fridge without the generator. So things didn't go as planned. Cath, Jeremy, and the kids couldn't come, Madison wasn't there, and Kevin couldn't go. We still had fun, but missed everyone else. Carolyn had a slip and slide set up. Look how cute Izabella looked in her little swimming suit.
They were throwing the little football around and she wanted it. LOL Noah had lots of fun playing with Wesley, Bob's grandson. They are about a year different in ages, Noah being younger.
Here is Wesley. He is a good kid and played great with Noah and Izzie.
Izzie and her mama, Hazel.
We had a good time, good food, and nice visits.
Carolyn and Bob are bird lovers. This is Buddy. He says 'Pretty bird.' among other things. No idea what kind of bird he is, but he is pretty.
This is Carolyn's bird, Lucy. She is really sweet.
They also have a pair of  Love birds, who are setting on some eggs and 3 canaries. Yep, they love their birds.

The big kids even got involved with the slip and slide. LOL
Not sure what the frown on Noah's face was about. LOL I got home right after the power came back on and just before the next storm hit. Good timing on my part. (grin) I have been playing around with my EQ7. I have come up with a project that I think I am going to make. It is really simple, but simple is good. More on that tomorrow. I am still thinking about the Carpenter's Star. Still haven't decided whether to add to the top and bottom.  Thank you all for visiting. Please come again and have a great day.


Pat said...

I hate thunder and lightning, too. I mean...I could probably tolerate the thunder but the lightning really scares me...and also high winds (since we had a tree come down on our house last summer and it did $30,000 worth of damage). I wish we could just have gentle rains (no wind or lightning) every night from about 2 a.m. until about 4 a.m. That would be just right, ya know?

Granny J said...

I'm sick of rain too. We had thunderstorms last night with 60 mile an hour winds. No damage at our place but with all the rain we've had lately, a high number of counties in central Indiana are having flooding. I hope these crazy storms are over soon. I want the ground to dry out so I can get some yard work done.


Crispy said...

I'm tired of the rain too, everything is so soggy and the skeeters are horrible!! Great pics of the grands. I would have been on the slip and slide too LOL.


Quilt Hollow said...

Send me rain! It has been flippin hot here with weather that can't seem to get out of the 90's. Went to bed last night about 11pm and the weather was 82! My yard is taking a big hit as we live with a well and I just can't see wasting. I feel for you with all that rain too though...I lived in England for several years and was so tired of the rain, cold and wind!

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