Friday, June 25, 2010

My Patriotic Shoo Fly

I am back from town. I was so hot by the time I got everything carried in from the car. Hmm, the ac is nice in the car, but when I have to get out I about die. I don't do well with heat and humidity. It was in the mid 90's today, but the heat index was about 104*. Way too hot in my opinion. I got everything put away, then melted in my rocker till I cooled down. I took with me a couple of those cold bags that I bought at Sams Club. I was very impressed with them. I bought a couple of roasts and some burger. I kept everything cold bunched together in my trunk. It was still cold when I got home, about 4 hours after buying the roasts. So those bags are well worth the $2 and something I paid for them.

As I told  you earlier, I have been playing around with my EQ7. I still have lots to learn, really lots and lots to learn, LOL  but I am getting there. I had EQ6 , but never worked with it much. It seemed overwhelming. Either the makers of the EQ programs are making them easier to understand or I am getting smarter. More than likely the former. (grin)  Anyway, I am going to try to figure out how to put a picture on here from my EQ7 files. Not promising that it will happen. If not, I may need your help, Crispy.

I originally named this My Kitty Quilt, because I was going to try to design a quilt with cats on it. Well, I got sidetracked. I have never made a patriotic quilt. It is almost the 4th of July. I looked in my stash and found a blue, a red and a white with little red and blue figures in it. Hmmm, it was meant to be. (grin)
Oh my goodness! It actually worked. I have been reading the book and trying to figure out how to get a picture to show up here. I may not have done it right, but it worked. Here are the fabrics I picked out from my stash. I decided that I wanted to use only from my stash for the rest of the summer. No point in having it if I'm not going to use it. Does anyone else have fabric that they just hate to cut into? I always think, I'll save it for something better. That never happens, so now I am going to use my stash.
Both the blue fabric and the red are VIP fabrics that were purchased at Walmart  sometime or another. The white isn't really a patriotic fabric, but I am using it anyway. (grin) It said Marcus Brothers on the selvage. I bought it at a garage sale. I don't have a lot of white in my stash. I like darker colors, but sometimes you just have to have some white.  The shoo fly blocks are fun to make.
I have 6 blocks made and need 20. They are all cut out and the HST's are done, but I may not get to work on them anymore till Monday. The blocks each measure 9 1/2 inches square. My program says it will be 49" X 58". I will add enough borders to make it lap size or a little bigger. I would add more squares, but I am limited on the white fabric I have. I may still change things as I go along.
Thank goodness for my level headed husband. I just keep coming up with ideas and wanting to start them. He said to pick one and at least get the top finished before I go on to something else. He knows how I can sometimes get overwhelmed. I am also working on a 9 patch. I am making the 9 patches as leader/enders as Bonnie Hunter does. I have two of them so far. I do have a design figured out, but there is no hurry with this one. I'll just work on it as I can. Here are my two 9 patches.
I have all the blocks done and half of them put together on Double Delight. It was a Bonnie Hunter mystery a year or two ago. I really need to get it put together. I finally picked out the fabric for the alternate blocks and setting blocks for my Quilter's Garden quilt. I am on my last sandwiched project. So time to get some more things sandwiched. I love to quilt in the evenings. Need to get something ready before I have the redwork barns done. Now I am just rambling. LOL Sorry. Sometimes my head gets to spinning and I ramble from one subject to another without really making sense. I know, though, that Kevin is right. I do not want to get burned out on quilting. I love it too much. (grin)

Thank you so much for all the kind comments on our garden. I am enjoying it this year and can hardly wait for the fresh veggies to get ready. I guess, I will end this here. Thank you for visiting. Everyone have a wonderful weekend.


Pat said...

I love the quilt you designed. I, too, am wondering why I was unable to succeed at learning a prior version of EQ (I had EQ5) BUT I am doing okay (so far) with EQ7. Seems like we both have the same thoughts about that!!! Hooray for both of us!!!

Granny J said...

What? No picture of Callie? Just wait until she finds out you're quilting without her help. LOL That patriotic quilt is going to be beautiful. The other blocks are really pretty too. Love all the color in them. Of course I love all the quilts you make. I keep saying that I'm going to get into quilting. Maybe this winter when it's too cold to play outside.

Crispy said...

Oooo I love your quilt!! Kudos for creating it in EQ, did you scan in your fabrics too? As you were "rambling" I had to laugh at the multiple projects you have going, it reminded me of me LOL. I'm going to have to pick up some of those cool bags, I don't have to drive a far as you but loading and unloading a cool in a pain!!


Libby said...

I love a red white and blue quilt!! Enjoy your weekend and try to stay out of this heat!! It is brutal!

Karen said...

My EQ7 is still in the box waiting for me to open it. I have purchased each update right from the beginning. I am not expert at it but it does serve a good purpose at times for me. The program has certainly come a long way from the first version.

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