Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Controlled Scrap Baby Quilt

We had about 1/2 inch of rain last night and chances of more storms building up this afternoon, so it was a rainy day for me. I love rainy days as long as lightning and thunder aren't involved.  It means being able to work on things in the house without guilt. LOL I got some deep cleaning done this morning, then cooked up several things from the freezer. I am trying to get things used out of the freezer so I can defrost it and start over filling it this summer. I found some dry beans that I had cooked a couple of months ago and some tomatoes. I threw those together and added some onion powder, chili powder and cumin. It was pretty good. I also found some spinach. So for our lunch we had beans/tomatoes, spinach, fried zucchini, and cottage cheese. I decided to try a meal without meat. Hmmmm, Kevin asked if we had any hot dogs. LOL So I have chicken out for tomorrow. (grin) I guess he isn't a fan of meatless meals.

Last night I finished the binding on this controlled scrap baby quilt. The colorful blocks were trimmed from the ends of a scrappy strip pieced quilt. The sashing is very old fabric that I have used in many projects. I think I finally got it all used up. Then the sashing cornerstones (Is that what they are called?) are scraps from a jumper I made for myself several years ago. I loved that plaid jumper and wore it out. LOL  The border is some fabric that when I bought it, I thought , what will I ever use this on. It worked good for this quilt. Anyway, this was a fun project that I just started sewing and adding pieces as I wanted. It turned out a great size for a baby.
She heard the click of the camera. Not that Callie likes having her picture taken, but she figured it meant a quilt out on the bed for her to lay on. LOL Little brat.
"Aww, a quilt just for me!" Sorry Callie, I'm afraid not. I moved her to my ironing board so that I could get some more pictures. I think she is pouting. LOL
Here is a closeup. It hasn't been washed yet, so you may still see some of the chalk marking lines.
Of course I have to share the back. (grin)
When I started this quilt, I intended on using it to practice machine quilting. But when I got it pieced, I liked it too much to take the chance of ruining it. So I hand quilted it. That is what I am comfortable with.  I'm not sure what to share the next time. I need to get busy. LOL Everyone have a great evening. Thanks for visiting.


Granny J said...

Winona you could have a great little business making quilts. Many people like the hand quilting much better than machine quilting.

I love the colors you used for the quilt. As you know, I am an avid recycler and you made great use of materials in the baby quilt. Can't wait to see your next project.

I love that Callie has to try out every quilt. She is so cute.

Karen said...

Cats and quilts seem to go together.

Marydon Ford said...

What a beauty, Winona! Your colors are so brilliant & blend beautifully. Cats just love to snuggle everything, don't they!

Have a beau-TEA-ful week.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Bren said...

Kim doesn't like meatless meals either.
It was so good to see Callie lovin on that quilt. After her experience, I might be inclined to let her have it!!! I too, think it is a beautiful quilt. Funny how something you threw together for a practice quilt ended up being so beautiful!

Jenny said...

Lovely quilt, pretty cat!

Crispy said...

Great quilt Winona AND to use up a fabric that you had no clue what to use it on....BONUS!! Oh goody, the back of the quilt...yummy :0)


Farm Chick Paula said...

Gorgeous quilt, Winona... I can see why Callie claimed it for her own, the little stinker..
What is it with men and no-meat meals? My Hubby is the same way... about the only meal I can get by without cooking meat of some kind is when we have salad and baked potato, and even then I have to fix some microwave bacon to go on his potato... Jeez! *LOL*

Myra said...

Love the quilt Winona! Looks great! 8-)

Lisa said...

So adorable! I baste my quilts on the floor and my cat always takes up residence on the quilt. Sometimes he even stalks and chases my hand while I am basting and I end up having to lock him outside or in the bathroom while I finish.

Then there is the toddler... he thinks all quilts are needing his approval and likes to make himself comfortable while I am basting. I stick him in the high chair with graham crackers. LOL

Aliene said...

My first time here but the quilt caught my eye.
I am doing one by hand, my first! It is a Sue Bonnet that my Mom had cute out before she passed away last year. I had to do it by hand because that is the way Mom did it. Guess I'm a little old fashion. I came from Faded Ladies where I write on Thursday. Stop by my personal blog and follow my blog. I will definitely follow this one.

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