Friday, June 25, 2010

Garden Update

It finally quit raining every day. I was afraid to go look at the garden, but it wasn't bad at all. I am so glad that I weeded it all before the rains started. It only took me about an hour yesterday to weed it and run the tiller through it. The biggest problem is morning glories. Those things are a pain. I went back down today to take a few pictures and found 4 or 5 that I missed yesterday. Everything is looking good. I can hardly wait for that first tomato!
The sweet potatoes are vining out. I am trying to train them to run along the hill instead of over all the garden. LOL
Zucchini is growing fast. I keep it dusted because we have a terrible time with squash bugs. I hate those pests. They have destroyed our crop many times. So I figure Sevin dust is better than no crop.
Eggplant and bell peppers are doing well. We both love eggplant. I can eat stuffed peppers every day.
The green beans are looking healthy. I can just taste them now with some onion and a little chopped bacon. My mouth is watering. Kevin and I were just talking yesterday about how nice it will be to eat out of the garden. I think we are going to try planting a fall garden in July. I was too late to plant lots of my cold loving veggies this year.
Sorry about my shadow in the picture, but I had the sun behind me. You can still see my beans. I think downsizing the garden this year was a wise decision. I am actually enjoying it again. It doesn't seem so overwhelming. I don't even mind so much using Katie, although she does tend to drag me around the garden a bit. LOL
I am about ready to head to town to get groceries. If I am not too tired and have time when I get back, I will do a post on a quilt I created in EQ7. I call it Patriotic Shoo Fly. I am using the very simple Shoo Fly block with some red, blue and white fabrics I found in my stash. Kevin says it looks nice. I have 6 blocks done and the rest cut out.

Everyone have a good day. Thank you for visiting.



Teresa said...

Your garden looks great Winona! I picked 4 cherry tomatoes yesterday. Can't wait to see your patriotic quilt.

love you,

Cyndi said...

Hi Winona! Great looking garden! You have a lot of the same veggies as me. Hubby and I downsized our garden when we moved to this house 8 years ago. We made smaller raised beds. We have tomatoes and peppers in one; zucchini in another (our plants are HUGE and we already have fruit on them!); and beans and eggplant in the other. We also already have beans and are going to pick them this weekend! I just love fresh veggies, especially when you grow them yourself!



Cathy said...

Hi Winona,
Your garden is looking great. Always love reading about your days and seeing pictures.
Love you my friend,

Crispy said...

Your garden is so wonderful Winona!! I look forward to seeing your new project :0)


Coleen said...

I love Morning Glories......send them to my house!

Your garden looks great!!!!

Granny J said...

Coleen beat me to it. I'd love to have some morning glories to plant alongside Grampys shed. I have them on my list to grow next year.

Your garden looks great.

~Joann~ said...

Winona~ Your garden is looking real nice. Love the shadow in the picture, it's almost like seeing you :) Roger bought one of those mantis thingys and used it in our backyard when it was just dirt and he really likes it. We don't garden unless weeds count! We do have two tomato bushes in containers on the back patio and will get some tomatoes but not too many. Have a great day, hope you aren't going to have to build an ark with all that rain I have been seeing on the weather channel.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love your garden and also wanted to Thank-you for your prayers on my behalf as I really need them.Hugs Darcy

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