Thursday, March 5, 2009

The beagle quilt is a flimsy!

What a gorgeous day it has been here in Missouri! It is currently 75* with a normal March wind. I have not been out in it as much as I had hoped. I really wanted to get K's beagle quilt ready to do the embroidery work on it. I managed to get the last border sewed on and all the little running dogs fused around it. I think it is going to be cute. Now all I need to do is a blanket stitch around all the fused pieces and some embroidery on the dog's face. Then it will be ready to sandwich and quilt. I should be able to get it done by May 9th.

Sorry for so many pictures of the beagle quilt, but I couldn't decide which ones to use, so I used them all. LOL I have been quilting away on the Savannah Star quilt. It is about half done now. I would like to get it done before I start quilting on another project, but I'll see. Sometimes I just have to start a new project. (grin)
I finished the hobo bag. I was kind of shocked at how big it turned out. Even though I cut it all out and do know how to measure, I didn't expect it to be so big. I guess I will use it to carry library books or projects when I visit the kids. I took a picture of it with my hand laying on it so you can see how huge this bag is. LOL
Here is the inside. I had this checked fabric in my stash. It was definitely not cotton. I melted part of it when I touched it with my iron. I suspected it had some polyester in it. So I had to turn the iron down for the lining and back up for the outer fabric. I am glad to get that checked fabric used up. I am not really happy with this bag, but it is done. (grin) Yesterday was an exciting day. I received a birthday gift from Bren. I did not have a thread storage case, so I will put it to good use.
She even put some thread inside of it and it is Guterman. How sweet was this! Thank you so much, Bren. I love it and already have put some of the thread to use. (grin)Well, I have about an hour till it gets dark. I really feel the need to get outside and walk around, so I am going to go ahead and post this. I hope you all have a great evening. Thanks for visiting and please come again.


Fruit of her hands said...

Winona~ Your Beagle quilt looks real good. I am sure your husband will love it. what a nice gift that Bren sent you, she is sure nice.The bag is also very pretty and very spring looking.

~Bren~ said...

Your beagle quilt is much bigger than I thought. It really did turn out wonderful. It is amazing how you can take a suggestion (from K) and turn it into an actual piece of art more wonderful than the mind can imagine! What a gift you have!!!
Your purse is darling...very spring-y.
You are welcome. Now you just need to fill that case with a rainbow of threads!I just wish UPS would not have had their "Emergency Conditions Beyond UPS Control"....yeah, right. That driver wanted to go home!!

Rosemary said...

Gorgeous quilt and I love the bag! My mother in law has been hinting that she needs a bag that size to take with her to the flea market. I love the fabric choices! (My Etsy store's avatar is daisies so I am very partial to them)!

Laurie said...

Kevin is going to love this, I know I do lol. You do such amazing work Winona. A very talented lady indeed :-)
Have a great weekend my friend.


Janice said...

Oh yeah, I can finally leave a comment. I tried a couple days ago and I had no luck. I wanted to wish you Happy Birthday. So here is a late happy birthday wish. I really like the beagle quilt. It is turning out so cute.
Way to go!!

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