Monday, March 9, 2009

A Whole Lot of Whining Going ON!

What happened to our spring like temps.? It is back in the 30's and rained most of the weekend. The wind is also really howling. I was getting used to those 60* and 70* temps. LOL Oh well, it is still March. It was such a long weekend. We have now had 2 weekends in a row with nasty weather. Last weekend it was snow and this weekend rain. That means another 2 days of sitting in the house with dh. Now I love my husband, but it is rough when it is too nasty for him to get out and do anything. He was so happy yesterday, though. (Me, not so much.) We have the digital converter thing hooked up. He found a new station. It plays old time movies most of the time. Now I like the old westerns too, but after a couple of them, I am done for a while. We watched movie after movie. Thank goodness, I had my sewing or I would have gone insane. (Grimace!) He even got up this morning and tuned in to see what was on.... Bat Masterson, what else? LOL Then we changed the time. I do not do well with the time change. I am tired all the time till I get used to it. K changed some of the clocks and I changed some, but missed a couple. (Our alarm being one of them, so I slept in big time this morning. Sigh) Can you see why I titled this a whole lot of whining going on? LOL Oh, and just before the weekend started, dh found out he has jury duty this Wed. He has been in a bad mood ever since. I can't really blame him. I have served on 2 juries and been called at least 5 times in the past 5 years. Dh has served on one and been called to another, so not quite as bad. I know it is our civic duty, but oh how I hate it. The last jury I served on was a two-day trial. I was upset for weeks afterwards. I just do not like having to decide someone's fate. Ok, on to some better news.....

Isaiah came by to show his 'new to him' pickup to his dad. I saw it a few weeks ago, but Isaiah had trouble finding a time when both he and his dad were off. I fixed a couple of frozen pizzas for us while he was here. Not real healthy, but he enjoyed it. So there were some good parts to the weekend. LOL Here is Isaiah with his old pickup.
He is having lots of fun fixing it up. He did odd jobs like cutting wood and building fence for a farmer in his free time for this old truck. He took his dad for a ride which gave me a break. LOL
Saturday we ran errands and got groceries which at least got me out of the house for a while. I didn't need alot, so that was a relief. I also got all the laundry done up, so we can start the week clean. LOL Friday, I cleaned the litter box and guinea pig cage. I like to do all of that just before the weekend starts. So I did not have a lot of computer time Friday-Sunday.

Yesterday, while dh was watching movies, I sewed up these wallets. The snap should have been lower, oh well, they are done. LOL I made some of these for Christmas gifts last year, so decided to make up a few more. They actually are pretty easy once you figure out the first one. I found these on a wonderful tutorial here. This is really easy to follow. She did a great job in writing this tutorial up. Lots of great pictures too. Here they are opened up. You can see all of the card slots (at the bottom, room for 6 cards), yet you still have a couple of spaces for money and even some of those photo holders. This is two of them side by side in case you can't tell from my photography. LOL Here is the back. Not much to see here, but I'll show it anyway.

I also finished up a tote bag I had been working on for a few days, off and on. It is huge, like 18 inches square. I am thinking if I fill it up, I won't be able to carry it. LOL
I used a new to me method to applique the tulip in the center. I used freezer paper ironed on the back. Then I sprayed some starch in a small bowl and added a few drops of water. I used a small paint brush to put this on the seam allowance only. Then ironed the seam allowance over where it belonged. Then I removed the freezer paper and appliqued it on. It was so much easier than just needle turn, at least it was for me. LOL I found this method on a blog. So sorry that I cannot remember who the wonderful lady was that posted this technique, so I could give her credit. Here is a closeup of the tulip.
The inside has 2 pockets that I made with some of the leftover squares .
I have been working on the Savannah Star as well. I am over half done. I already have the binding made for this quilt, so as soon as I get the quilting done, I can go right to the binding. I also have 2 more wallets and 3 change purses partially done. I should have them ready to show tomorrow. Also, I know how excited you all are going to be.... I pulled some more slips off of the sweet potatoes. I have several pictures to show of them tomorrow. LOL Sometime this week, I also need to start my tomato, cabbage, pepper and eggplant seeds. I hope to have a good garden this year. I broke down and bought a few tomatoes a couple of weeks ago. Oh my, it was kind of like eating watery cardboard. I am so ready for a homegrown, juicy red tomato! Well, that is it for me today. I do apologize for the negative beginning of this post, but I guess I just needed to do a little whining. I do feel better. LOL You all are cheap therapy. (grin) Everyone have a great day. Thank you for visiting and don't forget to come back tomorrow. More sweet potato news!LOL


~Bren~ said...

Wasn't it a horrible weekend, weather wise??!! We watched 7 (SEVEN) hours worth of Kyle XY! THAT is how bored we were....and yes, thank goodness for hand quilting to get me thorugh it!
Other than sore finger tips, I am looking forward to more quilting time this afternoon. Today the sun is out but it is not warm...only in the low 50's, so I am spending the day doing some deep cleaning of floors and woodwork.
I love the pic of Isaiah and his truck. When you work hard for something it sure does mean more! Good for him!
Now if I can just hold onto my seat til those sweet potato updates!!! I WILL be giving sweet potatoes another try because of you so I hope you share some great recipes using them!

Laurie said...

LOL you are right Winona I'm definitely colder than where you are but I'll let you whine anyway lol.
Love the new projects and hope you have warmer weather soon.


Milah said...


I'm back! I'm wearing my eyes out trying to get caught up on my blog reading. First, I want to say Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I missed it.;D Second, that beagle quilt is awesome. Your husband will love it! Next, how many purses do you need girlfriend? LOL! When you find a simple one to make with inside pockets let me know, I might give one a try.
And last, (though I know I'm missing something) those sweet potatoes are looking good.;D Don't you know I've been sitting on the edge of my seat here waiting for an update! Actually, I'm going to start mine in a day or so. Hey, after coming back from Mexico I'm ready to see some green stuff and no more white and gray!
Have a good one!

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