Friday, April 19, 2013

I have baby chicks....

I was so excited on Palm Sunday when I found Ruby setting on a clutch of eggs. Of course, I wasn't sure she was serious, so I held my breath. Yep, she was still there the next day.
Of course we had to have a few squabbles. Yikes, she was mean at first. I got bitten when trying to mark her eggs. After that I wore gloves when I checked her. She was in one of the nest boxes, so of course the other hens just had to get up and lay beside her. Then she would steal their eggs. Well, that would have been quite a mess, so I marked a red mark on each of her eggs. Every day, I would put my gloves on, pick her up, and sit her to the side, then grab any eggs that did not have a red mark on them. LOL It became a routine for us, and she eventually quit biting me. I think we are kind of friends now. (grin)

This week she hatched out 6 babies. Unfortunately, 3 of them did not make it, but the 3 that did are buzzing around like little bees when mama calls. Aren't they cute?
Here is most of the rest of the flock, thinking I have a treat for them. I did, some strawberry stems and corn meal for the babies to scratch in. LOL I have barred rock hens and buff orpington hens and roos. I sure hope these 3 babies are all pullets. The coons really cut our flock down last summer.
Ruby loved the strawberry stems and called the little ones over. I could sit and watch them all day.
I took this picture of the ducks a week or two ago. I wonder if any of them will go broody. I think that would be neat. I also wonder if they get as mean as a hen when they set. LOL
I had a khaki campbell hen duck come up missing a couple of weeks ago. I am sure hoping she is just setting on a nest somewhere, but I doubt it. I found no feathers or anything, so maybe.

Here is our old beagle. This is Thunder and she is 15 this spring. She still tries to chase rabbits, but doesn't last long any more.
Here is Sammy. He is such a sweet buck. I am still debating over whether to get another doe and try raising rabbits. Actually just getting the manure from Sammy for the garden has made him pay for himself. LOL I think I would like to get a New Zealand doe.
Well, that is enough for now. I was inspired by Paula's post today to take some pictures of my own to share. Also Bren encouraged me to post, so I figured I might as well. I really would like to get into the habit of posting regularly again, but I have said that before. LOL I will be back to share a story about making coconut flour and some hand work. By the way, I am really loving Bloglovin. I am glad I went with this reader. Thanks for visiting. Please come again. Have a great day.


Paula said...

Oh, Winona~ those biddies made me squeeeal!! They are so much fun to watch, aren't they... give each one of those sweet chicks a kiss for me. That is, if Ruby will let you... *haha*
Thunder sure doesn't look her age. Sammy looks like a sweetheart... I think he needs a girlfriend. :)

Bren said...

I need to brush up on my chicken lingo. What is a pullet? I love how Paula called them biddies.....but was she talking about the hens or the babies? haha....for someone who has always wanted chickens I know NOTHING! ;)
I am so glad you posted. I think we need to both get back to it for our grandkids. Someday those babies of yours will read all your posts and feel such a connection to their blood! It's worth the time and effort to record their history! One day Izzie will say to her own kids, "I remember that rabbit at Grandma's house when I was just your age!"

Julie Fukuda said...

What darling chicks. No wonder mama hen is possessive. This must be the best season for animal-watching.

Crispy said...

I'm so happy you and Ruby have called a truce!! Her babies are so cute. Congrats Gramma Winona :0)


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