Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Back to Square One March

I am back for a bit anyway. I just don't seem to be in the mood for blogging any more. Haven't been much in the mood for sewing either. I did get mom's Carpenter's Square pieced and have made good progress on hand quilting the center. I hope to have it done by the end of the month, but that will depend on how much gardening I get to do. It has been a very cold spring here so far. We planted potatoes, onions, peas, lettuce, turnips, spinach, kale, and radishes on March 19th. Then we got several inches of snow on the garden. So far, nothing is up. I am just hoping the seeds haven't rotted. Of course no asparagus is up yet either, so the soil may just be too cool.

I caught up with the Back to Square One Medallion Mystery during the first week of March. That is a very good thing, because I then took the flu or some sort of virus. I was really sick with a temperature of 102.4 off and on for 2 weeks. I have not coughed so much in a long time. My stomach got sore from all the coughing. I spent most of those two weeks in bed. I just wanted someone to put me out of my misery. LOL I always hurt all over when I have a fever. Thankfully, I am ok now. Of course once I was feeling better, I just had to push it and ate a sandwich. I know I can't eat gluten, but I did it anyway. For four days my knees hurt so bad that I could not bend them without catching my breathe. It finally got my attention. I must eat gluten free. Kevin found a gluten free bread recipe on the net for me. It isn't too bad. I said he found it on the net. That isn't quite right. LOL It is in a recipe book he purchased for his Kindle. I then purchased it for my Kindle. I think it only cost me about $1.28. It is called 'You Can Eat This: 22 Gluten Free Comfort Recipes' by Tam Linsey. I haven't tried any of her other recipes, but the bread is a winner.

We are hoping spring has finally sprung. I have cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts that desperately need to go into the garden. I am going to start hardening them off today. I only have room for 2 trays of plants under the light, so my tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant have been put on hold. I hope to get them planted today. I'll just sit the cold hardy plants on the counter at night for now. I got my hair cut last week. Then I gave Kevin a nice short haircut on Saturday and he cut Buddy's hair. Our poor little Pom gets way too hot with all that hair. He looks kind of pitiful right now, but his hair will grow out. LOL So we are all styling for spring. (grin)

Here is the center of my Back to Square One Medallion Mystery Quilt....
Here is the paper with scraps to show the fabric I am using....
I thought this might show the colors a little better. I am liking it.
This is the first quilt I have ever made with all solids. The colors aren't quite true on the computer screen. My background is a light yellow. Then I am using dark and light purple, dark and light olive green, and a royal blue. Now I am ready for April's section.

Well, I guess this is enough for today. Thank you for visiting. Please come again. Have a wonderful day.


Lee said...

Nice to see you pop in again :) Your quilt block looks very nice - I've not done one with all solids either, not sure I could without getting bored with it, but who knows, maybe someday. I hope the seeds you planted spring forth abundantly for you. I don't plant a garden (in the city) but have noticed that even out here in the southern west part of the country that flowers and leaves are happening later than 'normal'. I'm actually rather liking that - seems more like 'home' where we had more defined seasons. Be well.

Crispy said...

I'm so sorry you were feeling so awful.....knock on wood, I haven't had the flu in ages. I'm really loving that mystery block. It's cool that you are using solids.


Bren said...

The mystery block is beautiful. I am glad your blogging again.

Paula said...

That is going to be a beautiful quilt, Winona!
So sorry you were sick for so long... I hate being sick anytime but especially this time of year.
I know what you mean about blogging... seems like I got out of the notion and can't get back in lately. Maybe I will again sometime but for now that is just so much to do outside.
I heard on the news this morning about the midwest getting snow today~ I hope it misses you... ((HUGS))

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