Sunday, April 21, 2013

Be Careful What You Ask Your Husband to Do!

It has been a nice day here, even with the wind blowing so fiercely. We went to visit MIL this morning. She was having a good day. That is always good news to us. We did some things around here when we got home. Kevin put a new motor on our old shredder. Now we just have to wait for fall to shred up the garden plants. It works, so he is happy. This is the second one of our machines that he has replaced the motor on this spring. We have an old Troy Horse tiller that we bought in 1999, just before Troy sold out to MTD. It has tilled miles and miles of garden for us. The motor quit a couple of years ago, so we have been using a front tine tiller and our little Mantis. One day while reading on Homesteading Today, I read the comments to a guy asking if he should repair his old tiller or just buy a new one. I told Kevin about this thread. He read it and then we decided to buy a new motor. It works so good that Kevin decided to buy another motor for the shredder. So now we are ready to work the land. LOL By the way, the tiller is still as awesome as I remembered. It does such a good job of tilling the soil. I have missed it. :)

Now I will share about last Sunday. I posted about this on Facebook, but decided to go ahead and share the story on my blog. As Bren said, someday my grandbabies might be reading this. (grin) I put a book on my Kindle that uses coconut flour in the recipes. Since coconut flour costs about $10 per pound, I asked Kevin if we could make our own flour. He researched and said yes. So I picked up a couple of coconuts for us to work up. Last Sunday was the start of a big sale at Joann's. I had mentioned this sale to him a few days earlier. After we got home from visiting with his mom, he encouraged me to go shopping at Joann's. (Yep, I should have known something was up. He actually remembered this! LOL)  I called him from the parking lot just before starting for home. He asked me to pick up cheese cloth. OK, so I went back in the store and used another coupon to buy some cheese cloth. I love those coupons. 
I got home and walked into the door to this horrible smell. Then I looked at my kitchen counter and almost fainted. It was quite a mess, so I ask, 'What you doing?' He replies, 'Working up your coconuts.'  OK. 'Well what is that horrible smell?' I ask him. His very offhand reply, 'Oh, I think I burned up your blender.' OMG I was a good wife and said nothing. He was right. Blender is dead as a doornail. Then he told me he just had a couple more bowls to wash up and everything would be cleaned up for me. Another OMG! I had sticky coconut juice everywhere. His idea of clean and mine do not meet. LOL  I was still a good wife and told him I would clean up. So I wiped down everything and swept the floor while he strained and got the ground coconut on the dehydrator.
The next day I used my Cuisinart mini grinder/chopper to grind the flour. I didn't want a repeat of the blender murder. All that work and we got just over 1/4 lb of flour. I will say, though, that this was about 3 or 4 cups of flour. It is light weight. I think I will just buy the coconut flour from now on. It would be cheaper. On the bright side, I am getting a new blender, just as soon as I decide which one I want. My old one was an Oster and I really liked it. I have always thought Oster appliances were pretty hard to kill, but not for my hubby. LOL I am actually leaning towards another Oster, that I just might hide when I leave the house. LOL Oh I forgot. He told me next time, he thought my juicer would work better. Hmmm, I don't think so! That juicer was expensive. Not sure I could remain a 'good wife' if I came home again to the horrible smell, with the words, 'Hon, I think I burned up your  juicer.' LOL So I need to be careful about what I ask my hubby for. LOL He was trying to help, but he is kind of like Tim Allen from the old show 'Home Improvement'. Everything needs more power. LOL

Here is my coconut flour. I packed it down pretty tight to get it all in this container.
We also got a couple of quarts of coconut milk, so I guess that is another plus to the story. LOL
I am still plugging along on the hand quilting of mom's quilt. I am about 3/4 done with the center. I need to have it done by May 26th, so I think I can get it done. I will share a picture when I get it done. In case I haven't posted about it (my memory is horrible any more) I am making a Carpenter's Star quilt for my mom's 75th birthday. I do have a picture of the center. I don't think I shared it on here. I put 4 borders on it, so it should fit her bed.

I wanted a change of pace, so I drug out this little mini quilt that I made last year. I quilted it in a couple of evenings in front of the tv. (grin) It is now ready for binding.
Here is a shot of the back. The quilting shows up better.
Well, I guess that is enough for now. I'll be back in a couple of days for another post. Can't do them every day because my life is just not exciting enough for a daily post. LOL Oh well, I like boring. Thank you for visiting. Have a great day and come back again.


Bren said...

"Blender murder"....ROFLOL I about died when I read that! HAHA!
I have an Oster too, and I love it! Your mom's quilt is beautiful and I LOVE the miniature you just quilted up. You are very right....this will be a post those grandkids will want to read about someday!

Julie Fukuda said...

It seems husbands are a big trade-off but a guy who can fix things is a keeper...even if he messes up the kitchen and breaks stuff. My husband messes up the kitchen daily, breaks something nearly every day ... if i count chipped dishes ... and can't even fix the cable TV after pushing the wrong button, without calling the help desk!

Crispy said...

I'm pretty sure that no where on the Oster operating instructions does it say it's hubby proof. A notation that is woefully absent from any kitchen appliance LOL.

You mom is going to love her quilt!!


Paula said...

Love your quilts, Winona~ the one for your mom is going to be beautiful!
Your "Tim Allen" story is hilarious... it reminded me of why sometimes I stop myself before I ask James to do anything... it is always overkill with him! I should keep my mouth shut, but... sometimes... *sigh* I'd just rather do it myself. (haha)

Lee said...

Lol, nothing boring about the coconut flour story, I love how you told it. I could picture my own husband attempting this and I'd have to be the 'good wife' and clean up in 99 directions! Cute mini-quilt and love the quilt for your mom, so nice!

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