Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Made It Back Again!

Can you believe that I am here two days in a row? I have been on the computer more today. It is sunny and warm outside but the wind is really blowing. I am glad I got a lot of outside work done yesterday. I had planned to do some mowing today, but mowing is miserable when the wind is blowing this strong.

I have been working on my BOM's. I am caught up with the Retro Nine Patch and ready to start this month's Birdie Stitches. I am just waiting to drag out my light box till tomorrow when the next Henrietta Whiskers should be available. I kept putting off working on the HW because I couldn't decide how I wanted to do the applique. I finally decided to fuse it on instead of doing needle turn. (I'm just not very good at needle turn.) Then I put off stitching around the pieces because I couldn't decide whether to do machine or hand blanket stitch. I decided today to do hand blanket stitch. So with the wind blowing so hard, it gave me an excuse to stay in and work on a project.  I have the first 4 blocks put together and the appliques fused on. I am working on the first block today. Here it is.
I have the stems done. I'm just starting on the blanket stitch. I hope to get this block done today. I can hardly wait for the next block to be given. I love this BOM. It has a squirrel, birds, pumpkins, leaves.... all things I love. (grin)

Last fall I started on a little wall quilt for one of my nieces. I never did get it finished. So a couple of weeks ago I drug it back out and got 'er done. Now I will be ready for my niece's birthday this fall. (grin)  This is all machine done except the binding. It was really quick to do, so I don't know what the hesitation was. LOL
Another view...
I know this is short, but I have decided that short is better than none. I am off now to do my exercises. My coaches are Leslie Sansone, Richard Simmons, and Jillian Michaels. LOL I have some good ones, huh? LOL Thank you for visiting. Please come again. Have a great day.


~JoAnn~ said...

Winona~ You are on a roll, keep it up. I love reading your blog. I come to my blog a couple of times a day but just dont' seem to have anything important enough to say. guess maybe if I ever get my behind going and start crafting again I will have something to say. Have a great evening.

Julie Fukuda said...

Oh I do love those applique pieces! That squirrel is so cute and the horse has such a nice pose. Are those purchased patterns or did you draw them yourself?

Micki said...

I love your applique blocks...Just so sweet!

Paula said...

These are so pretty, Winona~ I just love the horse! So much detail in it's hooves and mane and tail.
And the squirrel and leaves is so cute... I'm like you, I like fall stuff all year long!

Crispy said...

Goodness you have been busy!! Maybe I need some pills to get me off my behind LOL.

Love the pony did my grand daughter :0)


Myra said...

Your BOM block looks great Winona! Love the pony wall-quilt! Nice job! 8-)

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